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I chimed in in havent you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!

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Whats up folks?r&r pleaz it keeps cuttin my stories off o swell dont forget R&4 HEYY PEACHES

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"SHIT the phone call got disconnected i was going to say as long as i have you by my side everything was going to be fine,no ya no stu-"

"uhh bren im still on the other line!" "oh fuck uhh hey Ry yu heard that huh?" "ya well umm thats fine because i think we should give it a shot as long as your up for it!"

"FUCK YA!" "really?!umm soo i got to study for my exams tomorrow see ya then?" "defiantly,umm i just need to try this,i love you Ryan."

"i love you to Brendon" in unison they said "good night"

~~~~next day~~~

" yo ryan" "uhh hey @pencer,hi Jon" "dude whats wrong,"Spencer said." "oh fuck here comes that fucken fag Urie" "DONT CALL HIM THAT SPENCER"

"somebodys pmsin,m Jon replied. "hey ryan uhh how did your studying go?" "good brendon." " brendon leaned in to kiss Ryan but Ryan quickly backed away and started screaming

"eww this fag just tried kissing me yuck!" Brendon was heartbroken as all the student body looked and laughed at poor heartbroken Brendon.

How could Ryan do this to him. ~~~~~~~~~=(
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