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Don't worry, we all seem to have little problems.

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Chapter two =]

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“This place is huge!” Frank said as we walked back into his room. Mikey had left us at his room, and we had about thirty minutes before dinner would be served.
“Well, it was an old hospital at one point. When mom bought it, it was nothing but a dump. But we all worked hard to fix it up and make it what it is today.”
“I’m sure. You know some kids at my school get threatened to be sent here as a punishment?”
“Huh? No way, that can’t be true!”
“It is. I went to a catholic school. This place is viewed like a prison by some. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that I was sent here.”
“Whoa.” I said, surprised this place was thought of that wat. I had always thought it was a great thing that kids with problems could be sent here to get help. Then, I thought of the last thing he had said. “Why is that? You don’t seem like a bad kid at all.”
“I’ve never done anything illegal in my life, except skip school.” He said with a laugh. “It’s just my tastes and the way I act a lot of the time make it hard for me to fit in with the rest of society.”
“I doubt anyone in my family could fit in well with society then.” I laughed a little, “I mean, me and Mikey share clothes, even though he’s taller.”
Frank laughed, and I looked at the time. “Speaking of clothes, I’m gonna go change out of this uniform before dinner. Meet you in the hallway in ten.” I said, getting up.
“Okie dokies!” I walked out to the hall and over to my room across from Franks. I dug through a pile of clean clothes until I found my favorite black skinnys and the tight fitting Smashing Pumpkins shirt I had stolen from Mikey. I changed and washed my face before walking back out to the hallway. Ray was walking past, and I resisted the urge to trip him.
“Hey Fro Boy! Where ya’ goin?”
“Down to dinner early Re! Hungry tonight!”
“Good! Guess I’ll see y’all down there.” I said with a smile as he walked on.
I waited for a few minutes and finally Frank came out of his room. “I’m Hungry.” He said, a frown on his face.
“Well, the only thing keeping you from food is the walk down five flights of steps.” I laughed, linking my arm through his and walking down the hall towards the staircase.
Once we had gotten our food Frank followed me to my normal table. I sat down, Frank beside me and introduced everybody. “Frank, this is Ray, and Gerard, Bob must still be sick, and you already know Mikey.” I said, pointing them each out with a laugh. “Guys, this is Frank.”
“Er, Hi!” Frank said, the grin I was starting to love on his face.
“Hey!” Both Ray and Gerard mumbled through their food.
I saw my mom walk into the café and make her way towards us. “Hey Mom!” I said when she was close enough to hear.
“Hey there.” She said with a smile, “How are my lovely children? And you Ray!” we each mumbled an okay, “Is Bob still ill? I’ll have to send the nurse up to look at him. Oh! You must be Frank!” She said, noticing him sitting beside me.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you! I’m sure you’ll get along great with this group of kids! I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow so you can get your information about your stay and your schedules.” She said, the smile never leaving her face.”
“Yes Ma’am.” Frank said again, and this time she caught it. She hated being addressed formally by her kids and their friends.
“Oh, please, stop the formality. Call me Donna.” I guess this meant she could tell Frank was going to fit in with us just fine.
“Erm. Okay Donna.” Rank said.
I laughed, “Frank, don’t fret over it. Both Ray and Bob call her mom, and I think a few of the other students do too.”
My mom laughed a little, “Yea, that’s very true actually. Anyways, you kids enjoy the rest of your dinner. Renee, I want to talk to you when your done.”
I looked up at her confused, “It’s nothing bad dear, I just want to talk to you.” She said, patting my head before she turned away. I watched as she made a circuit around the café talking to different kids before she left.
I took one more bite of my veggie burger before I realized I wasn’t hungry anymore. Since I was finished eating I stood up, “You guys make sure Frank doesn’t get lost on his way back to his room if I’m not back before y’all leave.” I said with a laugh. The boys nodded, and I went to throw my trash away before heading to my mom’s office. When I got to her door it was open, and when she saw me she waved me in.
“Is something wrong mom?” I asked. She didn’t ask me to come to her office often, normally she just came up to my room.
“No honey, I just wanted to talk to you. How’s Mikey doing?”
“He’s doing good. He had another meltdown today when Bob accidentally got sick o him. That means he went fifteen days without a meltdown.” I smiled. I knew the medicines and therapy sessions were the main reason they were happening less often, but I didn’t care because Mikey seemed a lot happier when he wasn’t having a meltdown two or three times a week.
“That’s good. I only ask you because I don’t want to upset him by asking.”
“I know, I know, it’s not a problem. Gerard’s doing good too by the way.”
She smiled again, “I’m glad to hear it. What about you? How have you been?”
“I’ve been good. Glad I no longer have to work the check in desk.” I said with a laugh.
“Yea. I had a feeling you hated that jo. How do you like Frank? Think he’ll fit in well?”
“Y’know mom, actually, I do. I think Frank has the potential to do great things for all of us.” I smiled.
“Hm, I think so too.” She said, “How’s Ray doing? Gerard keeping an eye on him still?”
“He eats every meal, and Gerard says he’s only tried to purge once, and he caught him in time to keep him from doing so.”
She nodded this time. “That’s good. I hope he keeps up the good work.”
I laughed, “Yea, He’s been working hard. He get really grossed out when Bob puked yesterday, so I think he won’t be trying to make himself do so anytime soon.”
“Very well.” He face smoothed back into a smile. “You’ll be happy to know that Frank is in all of your classes.”
“Really? I grinned, “that’s cool. Least I’ll be able to keep an eye on him throughout the day a lot easier.”
“Yes. That will make your job easier.” She said. I thought I saw a mysterious twinkle in her eye, but when I was about to question it she spoke again and it was gone. “I guess I’ve taken up enough of your time. I’ll let you go now.”
“Okay mom.” I said as I got up and gave her a hug. “Love you.”
“Love you too sweetheart.”
I left my moms office and walked back downstairs to check and make sure the boys weren’t still stuffing their faces. They weren’t, so instead of taking the stairs back up to the fifth floor I took the staff elevator again.
I looked down the hall and saw that Franks door was open, and I could hear laugher. I decided to check on bob before heading to join them. I opened his door and saw that he was asleep, so I quietly turned and made my way to Franks room.
“You guys I could hear you down the hall. Bob’s asleep, Try not to wake him up.”
“Okay.” The four guys said, looking up at me.


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