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Chapter 23

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-Evie’s POV-

Once Bill and Holly dropped me off at the shop, I walked inside and hugged Michael who returned the hug happily.
“What’s up Kanga?” he asked as he counted the till.
“Not much hun, what about you? Much happening today?” I asked as I sat on the bench behind the counter.
“Yeah, had a few sales but that’s about it.” He replied.
“Alright,” I nodded, “want me to stay ‘till closing? I don’t have anything else to do.” I offered.
“Sure,” he smiled, showing his crooked teeth, “sounds good.”

I hung out at the store for a few more hours until we closed. Once it was time to leave, Michael offered to drive me home, which I accepted gratefully. As we drove in his car, I looked out the windows, watching the streets pass us by and we sung along to Savage Garden, an old Australian band who we both loved.

“Alright Kanga, here’s your stop.” Michael smiled.
“Thanks hun, I’ll see you later,” I smiled before giving him a one-armed hug and grabbing my bag, “bye.”

I opened my door and got out of the car before closing my door behind me and walking up to the front stairs. Adrienne wasn’t home yet because the door was still locked and her car wasn’t there so I let myself in with my key and walked upstairs to have a shower.

Once I was showered, I tied my wet hair up and pulled on a pair of pyjama shorts and tank top before pulling on Ryan’s ugg boots. They’re so comfy! As I grabbed my phone, I suddenly heard the front door open and close signalling that Adrienne was home. But something wasn’t right. I heard her sniffling...

I quickly ran downstairs, only to be met with a crying Adrienne and a guilty looking Tony.
“What did you do to her?!” I shouted at him, taking a few steps closer.
“Evie no-” Adrienne tried to say, but I interrupted her.
“Huh? This woman is basically my mother; I will not let you make her cry! Now tell me what the hell you did to her!” I shouted again, this time louder.

He was silent. He looked straight at me, studying my features once again, making my anger increase.
“You have made the woman who has looked after me for countless years cry. If you don’t explain why the hell water is leaking from her tear ducts so help me God I will crucify you!” I exclaimed, my chest heaving in anger.
“You look just like her.” Tony stated, causing my eyebrows to raise in confusion.

“Did you not just listen to me?” I asked him.
He ignored me yet again, “You have the same eyes... it’s haunting.” He said.
“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked irritated.
“Your mother.”

With those 2 words, I froze to my spot.
“E-excuse me? How the hell do you know my mother? Where you with her and my father when they ditched me in the streets to fend for myself?” I asked rhetorically.
“What?” he replied, looking at me in shock.
“Yeah, they ditched me in the streets when I was 7 years old!” I said, getting angry.

“Evie, sweetie please calm down.” Adrienne said, wiping away a few tears.
“NO!” I shouted, backing away.
“What the hell is going on? Why is Adrienne crying? And how the hell do you know who my mother is or if I look a thing like her? Tell me!” I shouted.
“I’m... I’m your father.”

I started laughing hysterically, “Right... is this one of those things like in Star Wars or something? My names not Luke buddy.” I said, crossing my arms with a smug grin.
Tony shook his head causing his shaggy brown hair to become even messier, “No. I’m serious. I’m your dad.”

My eyes widened as I turned to Adrienne who nodded at me.
“I was crying because I was happy Evie. Tony proposed the other night and told me everything about you tonight and I was so happy because now you can become a permanent member of the family. Isn’t it great? You finally have a link!” she exclaimed happily with a huge smile.

I looked between the two who were both smiling but both held a sense of fear in their eyes. I couldn’t do it. Once I looked away from the both of them, I ran outside into the cold, only in my skimpy PJ’s. I began to run to... I had no idea where I was running to; all I knew was that I had to get away.

I reached a small park and immediately collapsed with my chest heaving as I took deep gulps of air. Suddenly remembered my phone and took it out knowing exactly who I needed to call. As I dialled the numbers, a gush of wind blew past, causing me to shiver and pull my knees to my chest.

“Hello?” a voice asked, followed by a yawn.
“H-Holly?” I stuttered due to my chattering teeth.
“Evie?” she asked, sounding more alert now, “What’s wrong?”
I wiped away a stray tear that had fallen down my cheek, “I-I need you Holly.” I told her, hoping that she knew it was hard for me to say.
“Bill, wake up! Evie needs us,” I heard her say before she came back, “Eve, you there?”
“Y-yeah. I’m here.” I whispered.
“Where are you. Bill & I will come and pick you up.” She told me.

After telling her where I was, I pulled my knees closer to my chest and wrapped my arms around them as I tried to keep myself warm. A pair of headlights suddenly came into my vision, causing my head to snap up. The passenger door quickly opened and someone came running out. I had to squint my eyes due to the light, so I didn’t know quite who it was.

“Evie! Are you alright? Do I have to hurt anyone ‘cause I swear I’ll... get Bill to kick their sorry asses!” Holly exclaimed, wrapping her arms around my frame.
I stayed silent, not knowing what to say.
“Come on sweetie,” Bill’s voice cooed by my ear, “we’ll take you back to my place and we can talk alright?”
I nodded and let him help me up, and both helped me over to the car as I continued to shiver.


I followed Holly and Bill up to Bill’s apartment, with silent tears rolling down my cheeks as I clutched both of their hands for dear life. Bill only let go of my hand for a second and that was to unlock the front door before letting the both of us in. We all walked into the small living room and sat down on the couch, both of them to either side of me, asking me what happened.

“Evie babe, what happened?” Bill asked me concernedly.
I then began to sob, and told them what happened except it most probably came out in a strangled mess, not linking and hard to understand. Bill certainly didn’t. I could tell from the look on his face. But Holly- Holly and I were pro’s when it came to these certain breakdown speeches, both having been through them before.

Her eyes went wide and she quickly took me into a tight hug, petting my hair and whispering calming things to stop my tears. Poor Bill still didn’t understand what I said, but didn’t leave my side nonetheless.

“I can’t- I don’t-He-I!” I broke down in tears again, not able to form a proper sentence.
“Sweetie, what happened?” Bill asked, still confused with the whole situation.
I shook my head, and cried into my hands as Holly rubbed my back comfortingly.
“Bill,” Holly sighed, “Evie’s found her father.”
“What?!” he exclaimed, “That’s great!”

Holly shook her head and whispered something, though I couldn’t understand it.
“Ohh.” Bill muttered before taking me into his arms and cradling me gently.
He held me for the longest time, with Holly still beside me as they both talked calmly and Bill sung which lulled me to sleep, with my tears still slowly leaking down my stained cheeks.


I awoke the next morning on the couch with a thick doona covering me. I slowly sat up and clutched my head as a burst of pain shot through. Suddenly Holly was standing in front of me, holding out a glass of water and some headache tablets.
“Thought you could use these.” She smiled, handing me both items.
I smiled tiredly, but genuinely, at her, “Thanks.” I replied, taking the glass and tablets before sculling them down.

She sat beside me and faced me, “How’re you feeling?” she asked.
I thought for a moment, “I...I honestly don’t know.” I told her.
She nodded in understanding, “I have no idea about the feelings you’re going through but always remember that I’m here for you ok?”
I nodded and smiled at her before she reached over and hugged me.

“Even though this sounds stupid, I’m glad I’m here for you this time, instead of you taking care of me.” She chuckled, stroking my hair soothingly.
“Yeah... thank you for that last night... and this morning.” I said.
“Don’t worry about it babe. I’m here for you. Bill too.”

My phone began to ring, causing me to jump almost a foot in the air and for Holly to start laughing hysterically.
“Oh god your face!” she exclaimed, throwing her head back in laughter as I glared at her and searched for my phone quickly.
Once I had found it, I pressed the little green button and held it up to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked.
“Evie? Oh thank god where are you?!” Brendon exclaimed nervously.
“I-I’m with Holly, why? Did something happen?” I asked worriedly.
“No it’s just- Ryan rang his mom and asked for you, but then she said something happened last night and you ran away and didn’t come back. I was just... I was scared baby.” He whispered.
His tone broke my heart, “W-Why?” I asked him, almost matching his tone.
“Because I thought... I thought you weren’t gonna come back and I’d lose you.” He replied sadly.
A small smile graced my features, “You’re not gonna lose me.” I told him confidently.
“I was still scared y’know? I love you.” He told me and I zoned out.

He loves me?! He loves me?!

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“Evie?! Sorry Bren hold on. Oi love bird!” Holly exclaimed, catching my attention.
I blushed when I realised I had fallen on the floor and Holly had the phone held up to her ear. I quickly got up and took the phone out of her hand.
“Sorry.” I told him embarrassedly.
“It’s ok. It’s nice that by me saying that I love you can turn you into a giddy schoolgirl.” He chuckled.
I glared at Holly before something struck me.

“You did mean it right?” I asked hopefully.
“What? Of course I did. Why baby?” he asked curiously.
“I... I love you too. More than anything.” I told him happily.
“I’m glad.” He replied happily.

“So what happened last night that made you run away?” Brendon asked me curiously.
“Ohh uh... Can you grab Ryan? I want to tell the both of you at the same time.” I told him.
“Uhh ok.” He replied, and then I heard some noises followed by a door closing and some static.

“Ok, you’re on speaker.” Brendon said.
“Are you ok sis?” Ryan asked me worriedly, which caused a smile to cover my face.
He called me sis.
“I’m fine bro, I need to tell you both something though.”
“Ok.” They both replied.

I looked over at Holly who looked back at me with a comforting smile and nod.
“I-I know who my father is.” I blurted out.
“What?! Who?!” they both exclaimed.
“Ryan, remember how I was telling you about Tony? Adrienne’s boyfriend?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I don’t see-”

“Him what?” Brendon asked confusedly.
“He-he proposed to Adrienne and now they’re getting married and he confessed to her that he’s my father and then last night they told me and I couldn’t handle it so I ran away like the coward I am instead of facing my problems because I didn’t want to be left behind again!” I blurted out, as a few tears began to roll down my face.

“Tony’s your dad?” Ryan asked slowly, as if to process all of it.
I nodded, “Yes.” I croaked.
“That means... You’re gonna be my step-sister!” he exclaimed happily.
“And my best friends sister, making being with you all the more... naughtier.” Brendon said seductively, causing me to giggle.
“Gross Brendon!” Ryan complained, “That’s my sister you’re talking about! feels good to say that.” He said randomly.
“Yeah... Wait Ryan, I thought you wouldn’t have taken this as well as you- she told you he proposed didn’t she?” I asked, already knowing his answer.

“Well yeah, the other night when he did... why?”
“Just wondering.”
“Alright, well we have to go. Zack’s calling us.” Ryan told me.
“Bye baby,” Brendon said, “I love you.” He told me and I could hear the smile in his voice.
“I love you too.” I replied with my own smile before we both hung up.
Oh how I truly love him.
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