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And So It Begins

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Joanna sets everything in motion.

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Alyssa’s POV

I waited up until three o’clock when Gerard finally walked back in. He walked over to me and gave me a hug, I was relieved that there was no alcohol on his breath; it would be another thing that would be weighing down on my overburdened conscience.

“I’m sorry sugar.”

“Where were you?”

“I went to talk to some people, and they all said pretty much the same thing. It was important that Bob had stability. I said I’d do anything to help you get Emily back, and I promise I will. So you go with Bryar to a few court dates, and maybe some other things. If it gets Emily back in our lives, I can deal with it.”

I looked into his eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Lets go to bed.”

We went up to his room where he gave me a t-shirt to change into, we climbed into his bed and he wrapped his arms around me, kissed me good night and said, “I love you.”

I turned over and laid my head on his chest, then looked up at him. My heart started to swell because I couldn’t love him any more than I did at this moment. “I love you too.”

Narrator’s POV

Joanna Brahms looked at the final typed paper, it was her petition for the courts she read the top of the paper.

Robert Bryar


Dr. Lawrence Howell
Sarah Howell



She knew this was going to blow the pants off the couple. She read the reasons for the petition.

1. Petitioner did not know his paternal right, in not knowing he never surrendered this. At the time of the birth, birth mother Alyssa Johnson hid from her parents, the adoption agency, Mr. Bryar and the Howells the paternity of the unborn child. Based on the fraudulence of this adoption and the rights of paternity of my father. I can see no reason why Mr. Bryar can not assume the responsibility that was taken away from him at the time of this transaction. Mr. Bryar is self supporting and is in a committed relationship with the above fore mentioned birth mother. It was only recently she told him of their child.

She knew it was only a start there will be a lot more filings, a paternity test, visitations with DSS but at least this was a start.

Three days later Bob had received a certified letter informing him that the first court date would be in two weeks.

Lawrence Howell was finishing up a patient before lunch when his beeper went off. He looked and saw that it was his wife. He wondered what she wanted this time. It’s always something stupid like if she could go out with friends, if she could spend three hundred dollars on a piece of clothing. But he set the rules for her, he controlled every bit of her life, and she knew the consequences if she ever defied him. He never loved her he married her because her daddy was the head of pediatrics when he started there, and now he’s on the board. It was through his recommendations that he got where he is today. He made sure that it seemed like he was taking care of daddy’s little girl, but it was all a façade. He just made sure it was all hidden very well. And after giving her herpes from one of the nurses he fucked he decided she was tainted and went after the kid. Finally she was some use besides making it look like they were a picture perfect family.

He finished the patient and went to his office where one of the student doctors from cardiac care was waiting for him. She was a pretty young thing in her early twenties. After entering he locked the door behind him. They quickly undressed and soon after he pounding into her until he released himself inside her.

After he got off of her.

“What about me?” she asked as he dismounted, cleaned himself off and started to get dressed.

“You got fingers.”

“The other girls are right you’re such an ass.”

“But I’ll see you same time tomorrow, right? I mean that is if you want a good recommendation.”

He smiled as he walked out of the room leaving her alone and naked on the couch, leaving her to her own devices for relieving her own frustrations.

Half hour later he returned to an empty office. His desk had a small stack of files he needed to sign off on. After he had done all this he decided he made Sarah suffer enough before he would deny her of what she wanted.

After a few rings he heard a faint ‘hello’. He could tell she had been crying.

“What is it now Sarah?”

“I-i-i-I got some court papers.”

His mind was reeling; he thought he covered all bases, regarding how he messed around. Was it that one instance where he was caught with that teenage girl? He was sure he bought them off.

“He’s trying to take Emily away.”

“Who is? You’re not making any sense.”

“The father,” she said so quietly he barely heard her.
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