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Tapes and Chains

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Fuck, my head hurts

Frank slowly blinked his eyes open, finding himself not in his office or his bedroom but in an un familiar place that looked very much like a dark room where photographs are developed. He looked down seeing that his torso was bare but clasped around it was a thick metal like corset.

"What the fuck?" Frank cried with worry, trying to claw at his chest only to find his hands were chained the the chair he was on.

He had no idea what was going on but he was scared.

Maybe I'm dreaming. I fucking hope I'm dreaming

After scanning the room franticly with his bloodshot eyes Frank found nothing that would be a help to him. A tape player clicked on the table not far from him and started whirring.

"Hello Frank. Your probably wondering why your here, well I'll tell you. You waste your days away at your underpayed job, snooping around in other people's business for a living, publishing their private life just to get by. That's not really living is it Frank? I'm going to give you a chance to get out of here and really live. The question is: How much blood will you shed to stay alive?

Frank let out a laugh, "Okay c'mon seriously, you had me fooled at first but now it's stupid, let me go jokes over"

Nothing happened.

"Fucks sake, I have things to do c'mon just lemme out!"

A key slowly came down from the ceiling on a string, just in front of Frank. The tape player clicked and whirred again.

"This key is for the chains on your hands, take it and free them. But be warned, don't move too far now. You see that metal trap around your chest? It is attatched to a string, so once you reach out for the key to unlock it, it will tighten around you crushing your ribs at the same time. If you try and reach it too many times your ribs will puncture your lungs causing you a slow and painful death. Good luck"

Frank reached up slowly for the key and unlocked his wrist chains, he still wasn't sure if this was real or not. He rubbed his sore wrists just as another key appeared in front of him. Ignoring the advice just given to him Frank stretched out quickly for the key, which was just out of his reach.

"Oh my god!" he shouted as the metal clasped a notch tighter around him.

He leaned back in his seat, trying to catch his breath. This time he slowly reached out although he could still feel his ribs moving in on themselves, after a few more slow attempts Frank was finding it hard to concentrate on the key and his breathing, which has become very difficult.

"Oh fuck it" he said as he lunged outwards for the key.

The corset went into overload, winding together fast and crushing Frank's ribs together. He let out an agonising groan of pain as his body fell limp, bleeding from the impact of the metal with his organs.

They key was left dangling from the ceiling as Frank's body lay crushed on the chair his legs were still chained too.


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