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Just Dancers

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Isabella meets someone new.

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The next day, Isabella got dressed as quick as she could and darted out her front door, racing to school. Letting the wind whip her hair around her face, she didn't notice the two boys walking on the opposite side of the road, casting curious glances her way.
As she reached the school steps, she prayed that Marcia and Adam weren't around to fill her head with the same silly nonsense they did yesterday. All they wanted to do was seperate her from the rest of the world and mold her into their little servant, like the rest of the pop-tarts.
But, as fate woud have it, as soon as she stepped foot through the school doors she saw Marcia waiting.

"Bella," smiled Marcia. "We've been waiting for you. Christine and I wanted to talk to you about something."

Marcia stetched her mouth into a wide smile and gripped Isabella's arm, pulling her through group after group of people. Soon enough, she pulled her to a secluded corner by the gym where two other girls waited.

Marcia loosened her grip on Isabella's arm and gestured to, who she assumed was, Christine, "We talked it over last night and decided that we'd really like it if you joined our squad. You don't have to make a decision right this minute but we'd like to have one by the end of the day tomorrow."

Isabella quirked an eyebrow and shook her head, "Why would I want to-"

"Just think about it." interrupted Christine. "I mean, you're pretty enough. And this'll give us a real reason to kick that bitch, Casey, off the team."

Before Isabella could respond, the bell went off, signalling that the first class has begun. Waving a very over-dramatic goodbye, Marcia and Christine shimmied down the hall, pushing out random people on their way.
Isabella sighed and turned on her heel, making her lonesome way to Mr. Greek's Engish 12 class.


After recieveing two tardy slips and a warning from Ms. Rafa, Isabella sprinted down the hall, racing the clock, trying not to be late for her last class of the day. Art.
Pushing open the door, Isabella smiled as she realized she was at least two minutes early and wouldn't have to go through the embarrassment of standing in front of the class while the teacher lectured her about being on time for a lesson.

"Good afternoon, Miss Willows." greeted the Art teacher, Mrs. Johnson.

Isabella nodded her hello and scanned the room for an empty seat. A bubbling feeling in the pit of her stomach errupted as she realized the only availiable seat left was net to an emoish-looking red haired girl. It wasn't that she was afraid, she was just nervous about talking to new people.
Sitting down quietly, Isabella quickly glanced to her side, taking in every feature of the girl. She wore heavy dark eye make-up and had faint freckles scattered out over her face. She was too caught up in herself to notice that the girl was now staring at her, a bemused expression playing on her face.

"What are you doing?"

Isabella blinked and stuttered off her embarrassment, "Sorry. I was just-"

"It's alright." laughed the girl. "It's not the first time I had that done to me. And not the first time a cheerleader was forced to sit by me, either."

Isabella smiled weakly and rose her eyebrows, "I'm not a cheerleader. Well, not yet anyways. Marcia wants me to join though."

"Marcia Petonie?"

"Yeah." answered Isabella. "Why?"

The girl shook her head and tried to hide the smirk on her mouth, "Don't join. Cheerleaders are just dancers that have gone retarded. You can do so much better than becomming a cheerer."

For the first time since she got to the school, Isabella actually laughed and found herself enjoying this conversation. She didn't have to fake a smile or endure the 'Who's Cool' speech that Marcia gave. She felt like... she fit in.

"What's you're name?" asked Isabella.

The girl smiled brightly and pointed to her hand which had bright red writing on it from a sharpie marker, "Abagail. Ignore the sloppy writing. Gerard tried to do it this morning."

From the mention of his name, Isabella's ears pricked like a dog's and a swelling snesation in her chest quickened her breathing, "Gerard Way?"

Abagail quirked an eyebrow and smiled, "Yeah. Why, do you know him?"

"A little," answered Isabella. "Well, not exactly. I met him on my first day. He showed me where the office was."

Realization clouded over Abagail's face as she pointed a finger in her direction, "Is your name Isabella?"

"Yes..." responded Isabella slowly, afraid of what she was going to say.

"So you're her?" grinned Abagail mischeviously. "I've wanted to meet you since Gerard mentioned you the other day. I didn't believe him at first but I guess I have no choice now."

"What are you talking about, Abagail?"

Abagail smiled slyly and shook her head, teasing Isabella with her smile, "Nothing. We'll talk about it later." Before Isabella could question further, Abagail changed the subject, "Do you wanna hang out after school?"

Isabella politely began to refuse when she quickly added, "Gerard will be there."

"Gerard?" asked Isabella. Abagial nodded and lightly pushed her arm. "I guess I could for a little while."

"Cool." laughed Abagail. "Just meet me out front by the fountain. I'm usually surrounded by a big group of idiots so just look of for them."

Sending one last last look her way, Isabella nodded and returned to her sketch, butterfly's filing her stomach as she anticipated the end of the day.


The last bell rang as students ran out the doors, shouts of excitment filling the air as Isabella stepped outside, standing taller to look over heads for Abagail. Letting her eyes scan the yard, she found her standing exactly where she said she would be. By the fountain with a huge group of boys.

Abagail waved when she saw Isabella making her way over and snapped her fingers, drawing all of the boys' attention, "Guys. This is Isabella."

Heads snapped over to her direction as jaws dropped and muffled whispers were exchanged. Isabella could understand how this might look to them since she wasn't exactly what you'd call 'outsider material'.

"Hey," pointed one of the boys. "Aren't you that girl from lunch yesterday?"

Isabella quickly recognized the boy and nodded, "Yeah. My name's Bella."

"Bella, huh?" asked the boy, extending his hand. "I'm Frank."

The boy giggled lightly when Isabella wearily took his hand, giving it a light shake. Greeting everyone in the circle, it soon came down to Gerard. Isabella smiled wider and gently waved, causing a small grin to spread out on his lips.

"I believe you two already meet, right Gee?" asked Abagail, sharply poking him in the back.

Gerard glared at Abagail for a moment before returning his gaze to Isabella, "Yeah, yesterday." Gerard smiled bigger and shyly extended his hand out to her, "Gerard."

"Isabella Willows."

Isabella gripped his hand and shuddered as a bolt of electricity ran through her veins. Isabella smiled quickly and wondered if, maybe, he felt it too.

A/N - Sorry for taking so long to update. Hopefully this makes up for it. Gerard, sadly, didn't get a big part in this one but he will in the next one. And double sorry if it was a little boring but I wanted to get this out before I went to bed. Thanks for reading. R&R please. Thank you.
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