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The Rape of Persephone?

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Cronus is at large showing off another one of his monsters and for some reason is trying to capture Hades and Persephone once more. But why not the heroes instead?

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Jay/Theresa Archie/Atlanta
Disclaimer: I don't own any COTT characters...sigh...I'll mention when I own something...


Persephone looked sadly at her husband's departing back as he strode away from her rooms towards his own.
"What's wrong, Persephone?"
The goddess looked up and saw Nyx, goddess of the night.
"I don't know. But lately, I've been feeling really guilty. I mean, I don't even share a bed with my husband and I can't submit to my feelings for some reason! I want to give him more love than what I'm giving him, and as of right now I'm giving him less than he deserves." the blonde took a deep breath.
"He's been nothing but good to me and yet I'm obeying mother, and won't let him have more than a small kiss. I've been a grown woman for ages now, and I'm letting my own mother STILL control me. What should I do Nyx?"
"I think you know the answer, Persephone. If you have truly become a woman then you will do what YOU want, not what your mother thinks is best. What's the old saying?"
Nyx paused, "Follow your heart."
Nyx then dissapeared in a whirl of black, leaving Persephone to make her descision.
Persephone began to cry, and after a few minutes stopped, feeling a new presence in her room.
"H-Hades? Nyx? W-who's there?"
"Boo." said a voice.
Persephone twirled around seeing a shadow behind her, but was knocked out only a second later to be thrown against her bookshelf.

But not before she felt the book shelf collapse on her... And heard a roar of rage at the door where Hades had burst in with his sword.

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