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Fate's Children

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Harry Potter will be playing a supporting role for a change, but I will try to keep things interesting.

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I don’t own Harry Potter because if I did I would certainly be making more than what I’m getting every two weeks


Stormy and Leena Lexington were identical twins. With long black hair, fair skin and sharp blue eyes, they were the envy of every girl in school and the unachievable dream of every boy. They were almost fifteen years old and had never met their father, a fact which made them furious since they knew nothing about him but his name. They convinced themselves long ago that by the time they were fifteen their mother would tell them everything there was to know about him, but their birthday was just a few months away and still they knew nothing…

“Why won’t you tell us? He’s the other half of us, we deserve to know!” Stormy yelled in frustration at their mother.

“Not won’t, can’t. I don’t know that much about him really. We were only dating for a few months when he was called away for work or something, and then he disappeared altogether. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until after he disappeared, so he doesn’t know you exist either,” Layla told her daughter calmly.

“We want to meet him. We want to see what he’s like and if he wants us once he knows about us.” Leena told her mother calmly.

Stormy and Leena balanced each other in a way that made them almost seem like two halves of a whole person. Where Stormy was wild as the earth and wanted to rage at people to make them do as she wanted, Leena was often calm and quiet like a lake before a storm. But like all lakes, Leena was deadly when angered, and you could easily drown in her tempers.

“I understand you want to know where you come from my darlings, but how would you even find him?” Layla asked her daughters “You don’t know where to look.”

“We figured we could take transport disks at Gringotts and start there. Every wizard has an account with them and if he’s in London that’s where we will start. The goblins keep a level of anonymity for clients, but we are simply asking for a clue in the right direction to our father. They can easily prove we are who we claim to be.” Leena said.

“Are you going to tell him what we are?” Layla asked quietly.

“But of course, we think you should have told him from the beginning. Besides, he will wonder why we are fifteen, not in school, and don’t use wands to do magic.” Stormy said quietly now that she had calmed down.

“Fine. Go, you have my blessing, but be careful,” Layla said hanging her head. “But not until after the muggle school year has ended. That will give you the entire summer to find him and get to know him.” Layla said as her daughters danced happily.

“That’s only a week away, I’m sure we can handle that.” Stormy said happily.

“Yes. Besides, it gives us time to pack and plan.” Leena said practically.


“Hold that thread tight my sister, it is time things began to move in the direction they need to go,” whispered a voice

“But sister, it is not his time to die. He has much to do yet,” said a second voice.

“No, it’s not. But he will spend a time in Hades whilst the gods bargain for a mouthpiece and conduit of power,” the first voice told her

“If we cut his string now he will be dead and that is final,” said a third voice practically.

“Then we shall need his cousin to push him and she does not seem to be faring well in their duel,” the second voice said with what sounded almost like a snicker.

“No! We shall not need to intervene after all; the arrogant boy danced around too much and fell!” The first voice said with surprise.

“And the funniest part is, we’ll be blamed anyway sisters. Can’t you hear their voices already whispering ‘ah cruel fates’,” the third voice commented with a snort of irony.

“His daughters won’t be happy when they find out what we have planned for them,” the first voice groaned.


On the last day of the muggle school year Stormy and Leena ran home to pack the last of their things and have a quiet dinner with their mother before they went to bed to sleep for a few hours. They’d be leaving at three in the morning because they had decided that nine in the morning was a good time to start. It gave them plenty of daylight to burn and gave most people a decent amount of time to wake up first thing in the morning. So with the six hour time difference between their home in Tennessee and London, they were going to need all the sleep they could get now.

It had already been arranged with the goblins to have a transport disk ready for them-though considering the hour they really needn’t have bothered since there were no lines. With their luggage shrunk to fit conveniently in their pockets and set with code words to grow and shrink on command, they were waiting for their mother to finish breakfast before they left.

“Remember, he doesn’t know about you, so don’t expect him to accept you immediately. It may take time for him to get used to having nearly grown daughters.” Layla told them for the hundredth time as they were walking into their closest Gringotts Branch.

“We’ll remember mom. Please quit making such a big deal,” Stormy said smiling.

“We’ll be fine, don’t worry so much,” Leena added.

“I’m your mother, I’m allowed to worry. It’s in the job description.” Layla replied with a shaky grin. “Now go, you’re wasting time. And if you have trouble finding him, look for Dumbledore, he’s the headmaster of the school your father went to as a boy. He should be able to help.”

“Bye mom.” They said together and stepped on the transport disks waiting for them.

“Be careful girls.” Layla whispered quietly.

“You’ve done the right thing; they need to do this themselves so they can grow into their fate,” a voice whispered around Layla.

“Quiet you; I’ve let them go like you asked, now unless you’re going to give me status reports on their well being quit talking to me,” Layla hissed; adding under her breath, “Goddess of children my ass.”


“Excuse me, could you help us?” Stormy asked a goblin who was walking past her.

“What do you want?” the goblin asked crankily.

“Perhaps in private if you please; we do not like to blab our business in front of crowds,” Leena said quietly.

“Follow me then; you may speak to a customer representative,” he said and led the way to an office to the side. “These young witches need assistance and do not wish to be over heard,” he said to the goblin sitting behind the desk and left.

“What can I do for you?” the goblin asked looking at them.

“First of all, we’re not witches, we’re mages,” Stormy said with a scowl.

Leena shot her sister a warning look and approached the desk. “We’re looking for our father, and we know how difficult it is to make some people believe at first, so we would like for you to provide us with a blood test and proper documentation before we begin looking.” She told him.

“And who is your father little mage girl?” the goblin asked with interest.

“Sirius Black.” Leena answered.


“BOY! Get down here and clean this living room,” called aunt Petunia. “My duddikins had his little friends over and they spilled their snacks. Clean it up before Vernon’s guests arrive for their luncheon,” she said when Harry appeared on the stairs.

“Clean it yourself,” Harry said almost too quietly to hear and went back into his room and locked the door behind him. He went back to packing his things as he listened to the sounds of Petunia running the vacuum downstairs.

Ever since the fight at the Ministry he had decided Voldemort needed to die and soon. He had been making plans for days to leave his relatives and begin searching for some way to destroy the Lestrange bitch who had killed his godfather and her handler. Ron and Hermione had agreed to help. Although Hermione was completely against running away, she agreed Dumbledore had outlived his usefulness and was obsolete to the final battle as he never gave anyone enough information to keep them alive and out of danger. She had brewed an aging potion to make the three of them look seventeen and had found enough glamour spells to disguise them anywhere. Ron was making the majority of the real tactics plans and had decided they needed to go to Gringotts and get new identities before getting new wands so that they couldn’t be tracked.

Ron and Hermione were picking Harry up on the Knight Bus at the park in his neighborhood, and Harry was sneaking out under the invisibility cloak with everything he needed in the trunk Hermione had spelled at school to shrink and grow on command. With his trunk stowed in his pocket Harry donned his invisibility cloak and climbed out the window. Safely on the ground, he strolled down to the park and thanked his lucky stars that Moody hadn’t been on that watch.


“Very well, we will administer the test and provide you with documentation for a price, but we will not point you in the direction of Sirius Black,” the goblin told them sternly.

“How much?” Stormy asked.

“Hmm… Blood test… Documentation… Personal assistance… times two… with the magical being’s first time service discount… one hundred and fifty galleons total,” the goblin answered.

“Here, take it and let’s get done with this. We’re wasting daylight.” Stormy said testily as she handed over the required gold.

“Good attitude to have. Never waste time for time is money,” the goblin said with a toothy grin as he pulled a couple of vials out of one drawer and a silver dagger from another. “Just prick your finger and add the blood to the vial, and I will administer the test for you,” he said handing them the mentioned tools. They did as they were told and he took the vials and left the room through a door behind his desk that was only large enough for a goblin.


“You’re here! I was so worried you’d be caught by your watcher!” Hermione said quietly as she hugged him and slipped a handful of vials in his coat. “Later,” she mouthed when he looked at her curiously.

“Diagon Alley, please,” Ron told the driver.

“When we enter the Leaky Cauldron, pull your hood up to cover your face and keep your head down.” Hermione instructed as the bus took off, the noise keeping anyone but Harry and Ron from hearing her.

“We’ll ask for a private meeting in Gringotts and we’ll take the potions Hermione brewed and the goblins will give us our new identities.” Ron whispered.

Harry nodded and waited for the bus to stop, he was beginning to feel ill from the jerking motion it made.


“Congratulations, you are indeed who you say you are, and I have your paperwork completed and ready to go,” the goblin said.

“Thank you.”


“James and Stephan Grim, identical twin boys and their lovely cousin Julia Grim. Here are your papers, and good luck,” the goblin said while looking at Harry who was now James.

They all had straight, neat black hair now with high cheekbones and perfect complexions. Harry’s scar was gone and he and Ron now had devastatingly blue eyes while Hermione had dark green. Both boys were built on tall, muscular frames and Hermione was slightly shorter and had the body of a super model.

“Hermione, I thought we were going for low key?” James said looking her up and down.

“Hey, looks can get you places sometimes and I’m not Hermione anymore James, I’m Julia,” she said with a sniff.

“I’m not complaining; we look cool. It’s almost like we look the same, but with enough differences we’re not really recognizable. Except you, you’re really different,” Stephan said with a cockeyed grin.

“No I’m not, I’m just taller. I left my body type alone, but I’ve been taking toning potions for months to lose the book worm look,” Julia told him.

They thanked the goblin again and left Gringotts


“We can’t just walk up to random strangers asking them to lead us to our father. They may not even know him. We need to think about this better,” Stormy said pensively.

“We could- AH!” Leena began just as a black haired boy ran into her on his way out.

“Stephan! I told you to watch where you were going! Here, let me help you, my cousin is such a klutz.” Julia said as she helped Leena off the floor and began sorting through what belonged to Ron to make sure this girl didn’t accidentally walk away with his new identity. “Daughter of Sirius Black… Oh my god!” Hermione whispered when a line on a page she picked up caught her eye.

“Sirius didn’t have any kids,” James said looking over her shoulder.

“You know our dad?” Stormy exclaimed.

“We shouldn’t talk here, too many ears, not enough cover noise. Would you mind coming with us?” James asked.

“I don’t know, we’re not supposed to go off with strangers.” Stormy said suspiciously.

“We’ll come with you, but it should be somewhere public, with lots of noise.” Leena said taking the paper from Julia. “I’m Leena.”

“Thank you. I’m Julia and these are my cousins, James and Stephan. We’ll explain as much as we can.”
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