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Chapter 2

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Vixen meets her Alien...

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By the end of the show Zakuro was sweaty but still her charming, famous self. She wondered more about those attachments the lead wore. They didn’t slide off or become upset at any part of the show, her canine eyes saw. It was unreal with her movements. Something didn’t smell right, and she was going to find out what.

Getting past the guards wasn’t hard, all she had to do was show her ID to the bouncers and they let her backstage without batting an eye, if only a bit of drool. The band was discovered sprawled out on various forms of furniture in a back room to hang out. The lead was missing. Zakuro inquired where she was and was pointed to a room she had christened her personal changing room.

“Vixen?” Zakuro asked, knocking on the door once before entering. The room was dimly lit, but Zakuro found what she had been looking for. Vixen was halfway through changing out of her performance get-up and had a mark on her chest, lying on the top of her right breast: an upside-down heart shape with small diamonds around the pointed top. It resembled a paw print. She also found the ears and tail to be real too.

Vixen froze. “Wh-who are you?!” she cried, desperately trying to cover where her tail joined to her spine. Zakuro’s mind spun at a million miles an hour trying to sniff out the best way to approach the situation and convince Vixen she was trustworthy.

“You don’t understand, we are of the same kind,” she began slowly, refusing to panic which would only make matters worse. She lifted her shirt enough to show Vixen that she had the same sort of mark. “You are a Mew Mew…” The explanation took a quarter of an hour, and Vixen didn’t ask any questions at the end. She just accepted it.

“I’ve been feeling…strange, as of late,” she admitted. “This explains a lot. Thank you. But what am I to do now? I have a band, I’m famous. I can’t give up on my friends! I’m just supposed to drop all of this?” Zakuro shared her own story about her fame and choosing between her life and her new family. She suggested Vixen stay at her place that night and they’d talk to Ryou and Kiichiro the next day at Café Mew Mew.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

The next morning Vixen was awoken to Zakuro placing a tray of breakfast food on the table next to the guest bed. Zakuro’s apartment was sparsely but gorgeously decorated. The furnishings were obviously expensive heirlooms.

“Arigato, Zakuro-san.” The girl had been well-tutored in the Japanese language and spoke it fluently though she was born American and English her native tongue. She sat up and took the cup of coffee graciously. Her pajamas consisted of a cute but extremely short baby doll top with boyshorts, black with gray lace and extremely revealing. Her whole midsection was revealed.

“Are you ready to meet your new family?” Zakuro asked seriously.

Without warning, the window shattered, and a voice boomed, “We are here to destroy the new Mew!”

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Kisshu found Pai glaring at the screen accompanying his computer. “Pai, what are you doing?”

“My computer detected a new Mew Mew power, and I found her.” The screen portrayed an extremely attractive girl with long white-blond hair dressed in Gothic hooker attire, hunched over a black guitar etched with white wings along the surface. Her fingers trailed along the strings rapidly, and her face betrayed how she was feeling the music she was playing. Every note poured from her soul.

Then Kisshu noticed something else. This girl had white fuzzy ears and tail, and looked almost identical to Mew Zakuro. “Are you sure those are real?” he pointed at the screen. “They look like dress-up costume attachments. I’ve seen children wear things like those during that ningen holiday, Halloween. I think you’re losing it, Pai. Fighting those Mew Mews is making you crazy.”

“No! I know those are real!” He pressed a button and a close up on a pink mark on the girl’s chest was brought up. “That’s a Mew Mark! Mint has wings on her back, Pudding has it on her forehead, Zakuro’s is around her navel, and Lettuce’s is the center of her chest.”

“And Ichigo’s is on her thigh,” Kisshu finished. “Fine, if you think so. But what are we going to do about it?”

“Destroy her,” Pai growled.
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