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Sam nearly sighed with relief as she pulled in her driveway. It was definitely good to be home. It had taken Vala nearly an hour to pick out four movies at the video store. Part of that was due to being on crutches, which slowed the dark haired woman down considerably. But Vala had wanted to look at every single movie, at least it seemed that way. Sam had been amused at Vala's excitement and enthusiasm. They'd done girl's nights before, but it had been several months since the last one.

“All right, Vala, we're here.” Sam took the bag with the movies and the popcorn in one hand, so she could help her friend out of the car. They made their way up the driveway, and Sam pulled out her key. It proved to be unnecessary, as her door was surprisingly unlocked. She frowned, sure she'd locked the door. The kitchen light was also on, which shouldn't have been. She signaled for Vala to be quiet, as she crept slowly towards the kitchen. Sam could her voices, and she strained to hear them. They were male, and familiar. Her eyebrows went up as she realized who was in her home. She opened the door quickly and stepped inside,

“Mitchell? Daniel? Teal'c? What the hell is going on here?” Cam grinned at her, his eyes innocent as he handed her a cold bottle of beer. Daniel and Teal'c both looked at Cam, clearly letting him take the lead. Which was just as well, since it was all his idea. Daniel had been the most reluctant, especially since it was his emergency key they'd be using.

“Took you two long enough. We had time to pick up the beer and order pizza. It should be here any second now.” Cam answered her came into the kitchen, hobbling slowly on her crutches.

“Sam, I thought this was girls night!” She burst out, very indignant as only Vala could be. “They'll ruin everything with their shanty raids.” Everyone in the kitchen froze, turning their attention to her. Cam tried not to snicker, while everyone else looked confused. They had no clue what she meant, which happened quite frequently.

“I think you meant 'panty raids'. And we're not here for that. We brought the beer and ordered the pizza.” He walked over to Vala, smiling at her, “Even ordered one just for you, Vala. Just the way you love it.” Vala's eyes widened almost comically,

“With pineapples, shrimp and those fungus things?” Daniel made a face, he liked mushrooms, but even he didn't need to be reminded what they really were. Sam and the others merely looked amused. It was pure Vala, that was all.

“Mushrooms, Vala, they're called mushrooms. And yes, I got one with those three on it. Only for you. If Sam let's us stay, that is. Otherwise, the pizza goes with us.” Cam was very good at getting what he wanted sometimes. He could be very persuasive when the mood hit him. He turned to Sam to plead his case. “Besides, Sam, we don't have a car here. We took a cab.”

The doorbell rang, interrupting them. Cam zipped out of the kitchen, knowing it had to be the food. While he was up front paying for the delivery, Vala looked at Sam, her dark eyes nearly begging.

“Can they stay? We wouldn't have to cook, and we could have handsome men to wait on me.” Sam paused to consider the idea. She wasn't sure what she had in the fridge, since she hadn't been home in ages. Even if there was food in there, it probably wasn't edible anymore. Her pantry was probably in a similar state, as she hadn't restocked the shelves in months. She pretended to think for a few more minutes,

“I guess. But they'll have to earn their keep. The beer and pizza are a good start, but I'm sure we'll be able to make use of their muscles.” Sam could swear that if Vala didn't have a sprained ankle, she'd be jumping up and down for joy.

“Oh, I know I can.” Daniel didn't look thrilled with the prospect of being indebted to Sam and Vala. Sam believed it had more to do with Vala then herself.

“And one other thing, Vala. You and Daniel aren't going to spend the whole night bickering. We've had enough of that past few days.” Sam hoped that would work, because otherwise? Things were not going to be pretty. She was normally fairly even tempered, but had her limits like everyone. The door closed, and the intoxicating aroma of pizza filled the air. Cam came back into the kitchen carrying what looked like four boxes.

“Hey Sam, I'm going to put these on the living room table. What kind of movies did you two rent?” Sam shrugged, she wasn't about to warn him about the chick flicks they'd rented. They were the party crashers, and if they didn't like the movies, too darn bad.

“You'll see. I'll start up the first one in a few minutes.” She headed towards the living room herself, intending on moving a few things around. “Teal'c, Daniel, get in here and give me a hand.” Together, they moved the furniture around. Vala was going to need enough space for herself and her crutches.

“What were you guys planning on sleeping on? I only have two beds in here, and one of them is mine.” Daniel and Teal'c glanced at each other, before reaching behind the couch to pull out sleeping bags. They had come prepared, at Mitchell's insistence. Daniel looked sheepish, Teal'c was his usual stoic self. “That'll work. I think we can all get comfortable here.” Vala wandered in, holding the bag with the dvds awkwardly. Sam took the movies, grabbing the first one and setting it up.

“Everyone find a spot, and we'll pass out the food and beer.” Cam sat down near the television, and Sam was across from him. Teal'c claimed the couch, leaving Vala and Daniel the floor. Sam started the movie, Ella Enchanted. Cam shook his head, he should have known it would be chick movies. But he didn't say anything, much to Sam's surprise. He handed Vala her special pizza, knowing no one else would want any.

Soon they were all quietly munching hungrily, as they watched the movie. Even Cam was drawn into the plot, not that he'd ever admit it. He was quite amused by Ella's 'gift'.

“Where can we find that godmother? I think that'd be a great present for Vala.” He ducked as a pillow went right where his head had been moments ago. “Oh, come on, Vala, you know I'm kidding.” He dodged another projectile. Apparently Vala was not amused. Cam decided to be quiet for the rest of the movie. Who knew what else she'd chuck at him if he made her mad. The beer bottles were glass, and would hurt.

To Be Continued
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