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Pleaz respond threw reviewing! i need a couple soo pleaz i want 2 start this soon!

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    (#) PanicFOBAcademy26 2008-12-14 01:58:55 PM

    Name: Holly

    Description: 5'8", dark red hair. green eyes that change with mood. dances, so she has an exellently toned body.

    Style: pretty much everything and anything she can get her hands on, from her bf's hoodies and jeans, to the latest thing in Hot Topic. Loves the crazy hair extensions. always know how to dress for what occasion, and loves giving makeovers to friends.

    Personality: Bubbly and fun, but also knows when to tone it down. loves to party and spend time with her boy alone. is a good listener, and always loves to make her friends laugh and smile, and cheers them up when they're down.

    ideal boy: jon, ryan, or brendon. i can't take spencer, as my friend has dibs, and there's an inside joke to where i can't see him like that anymore, it's nothing against him personally!

    hope i get picked!

    Author's response

    congrats u r jons gurl!

    (#) SeeStraightUp 2008-12-14 05:36:11 PM

    I'd like to be in it!

    Name: Chelby. (nickname: Shell, goes by that more often)

    Description: 5'7. short cute hair. Freshly dyed Blue hair, with a pink strand running down along the front. Slender, but is not a rail. She keeps her eyes an Electric blue.

    Style: Very Hot topic oriented. She loves her skinnies, black or whatever color, likes to match with her hair. Anything that could give away that she’s a rebel but still adorable, works with her. Wears only Boots, or flats. Can’t stand heels.

    Personality : Always is changing her hair color. She can be sweet, but if you make her mad, well lets just say, welcome to House of Pain. She likes to be sarcastic, and sometimes used text speak when she jokes, like "Lol, j.k." that what she uses most. Loves to party, but She's straightedge. Cuddles a lot with lovers, and very touchy with friends, likes to know their there. Listener, but loves to talk when she thinks its right. She’s an artist and plays drums.

    Ideal Boy: Spencer or Ryan. Brendon's to hyped for her.

    Hope I get in!

    Author's response

    congrats spencers gurl!

    (#) patdfan0702 2008-12-14 05:59:22 PM

    Name: Beverly

    Age: 20

    Ideal Boy: RYAN!

    Characteristics: shy around new people but completely spontaneous around people she's comfortable with. She's not the smartest and not the most talented, but she's unique in positive ways. She also gets uber hyper off of monster ; ]

    Sense of style: Nothing girly-girl but not a cross-dresser. Anything comfortable, especially big hoodies! Loves to play around with makeup, as well.

    Appearance: 5'2" (short, really lol), dark hair w/ red (almost brown) highlights, brown eyes, light skin. Not stick-thin but not overweight either.

    Loves: music, vampire books, and music (did I mention she loves music? Lol)

    Hope I get picked!!


    (#) frankismyhomefry 2008-12-14 07:34:33 PM

    Name: Kathryn... goes by Katy or Ryn though

    Age: 21

    Ideal panic member: i personally prefer Brendon or Ryan but any of the four will do... i really want to be in a story

    Looks: 5'3/5'4 ish. bright blue eyes. long dark brown hair which is cut with a lot of layers. average size. wears contact but mixes it up by wearing glasses every once in a while

    Personality/ Characteristics- not really shy but not really out going either. it all depends who she is around. the more comfortable she is the more likely she is to be spontaneous. she has a troubled past which makes it hard for her to express her feelings and show emotions. she clings to those she loves the most and is comfortable with. she loves to cuddle. she LOVES to sing though she doesnt thing she is any good at all. she also loves to draw. those are two things that are an outlet for her. most people dont really understand her. she gives good advice and is always there for her friends when they need her. she would do anything to keep those she loves from getting hurt. she always puts others before herself. she is the motherly/ nurturing type though most dont get to see it. loves to have fun with friends. likes to pull pranks on people.

    style: depends on they day seriously. she could go from wearing jeans and a tshirt to dressing up. she loves skinny jeans and vests. and she loves to steal her boyfriends clothes to lay around in. she loves hoodies. doesnt really go all out on the makeup.. just eyeliner and mascara usually does it for her. she loves to be comfortable. loves wearing skirts but get self concious in them so not many people believes she wears them.

    Loves- reading, drawing, photography, music,singing, being
    with her friends and lover

    hope this helps and hope i get picked!

    (#) flawedrainbow 2008-12-15 04:15:51 AM

    1) Stevie kaye
    2) 18 years old
    3) Ryan/ or Brendon

    Shy at first, not good around new people and it takes a while for her to warm up to them, very kind and caring, australian (wooh!), intellectual, loves to read and write, her iPod & phone are always with her.

    Brown hair, shoulder length, blue eyes, glasses, random style (one day cute dresses the next its sweats y'know?) ALWAYS wears a bangle from her mother... And that's about it.

    Hope I get picked!
    Xx Stevie Kaye

    (#) let_it_go 2008-12-15 08:14:56 AM

    Name: Harper
    Age: 18
    Boy: Brendon/Ryan

    Appearance: petite, stands at 5'3/5'4. Pale skin, with rosy lips. Two different colored eyes, blue and green. Hair is long, wavy down to just past her shoulder blades. It's a brownish blonde color, with more blonde on top. Side swept bangs across left eye. Septum peircing.

    Style: known sortof as a scene kid style, with the skinny jeans, and colorful shirts, which are almost always v neck. Loves wearing boots, and sneakers and flats. She loves wearing simple clothes, but in a fashionable way. Always wears multiple handmade bracelets on both of her wrists.

    Personality: a sarcastic, sharp witted, blunt but totally sweet girl, shows who Harper is. She's a genuine lover of people, and loves having fun. ADD and sometimes forgetful, Harper is a one of a kind make. She is definately a lover not a fighter, but she does know how to stand up for herself if it becomes necessary.

    Hope I'm picked!

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