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Haruhi's Death and Renencarnation

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sorry the ending sucks

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Haruhi’s death and reincarnation!

This story by Lindsay Crichton aka ~snow~

I do not own Ouran high school host club or caraictors!


Right After episode 26 the last episode!

Tamaki senpi was Watching the Fireworks with haruhi and thinking to himself one of his weird little ideas of hiruhi in a wedding dress with him at the alter. But instead of doing one of his freak out moments he looked at the stars, smiled and blushed. He looked in his pocket to see to velvet covered box that held a golden ring with the words, “I love you” carved in it. “haruhi can I talk to you in privet?’’ Tamaki asked. Tamaki looked at him and looked a little confused but said ok. Tamaki took her inside the building and looked out the window. “whats the matter Tamaki-senpi” Asked Haruhi. Tamaki walked over and pulled out the box got down on one knee and said “Haruhi I love you…Will..Will you marry me?” Haruhi Surprised thought for a moment, blushed and said,”I love you to so yes.” She took the ring and put it on her finger gave him a hug and they walked outside to tell everybody the news. “I hope Hikaru wont be mad..” Thought Haruhi. They told everybody, and instead of looking jealous, Hikaru smiled and said congrats.

Chapter 1

One year after episode 1

All the host from the club all joined in the music room but today wasn’t a day to be happy. The club wasn’t open even though everybody from the club was here. Exsept Haruhi. Everybody was crying even mori senpi and kyoya senpi. “Why did she have to die… I wish it was me in that car accident not her..”Cryed Hunny senpi. Around half an hour later, there was a nosie coming from behind them. They turned around to see that a Vase was falling. It hit the ground and from there heard a scream saying, “No!” The voice sounded like a girls voice but kinda lower. That’s when they noticed a white figure picking up the pieces of glass. Everybody Screamed with terror, Exsept Tamaki. “Ha..Ha..Haruhi?” He stammerd. Tamaki Got up and started walking to the figure. The figure Turned around and said, “Tamaki-Senpi?” With a better look, Tamaki Smiled and yelled, “It’s you Haruhi!” he ran to the figure. It started crying and saying, I miss you, over and over again. “you’re a ghost right…” Said tamaki. She replyed with a yes. After she replyed she disapered. Tamaki was sad again. “She is still here she isn’t going to leave us.” Everybody else came and said , “I cant believe it was her! Shes still here…”

Chapter 2

The Twins fighting (again..)

The Twins were fighting but this time they weren’t joking. They were argueing over the fact that the same girl liked them both and had been going out with both. At anougher round of--- Toss random crap at each other, A white figure appeared again. Of course, It was Haruhi. She started yelling, “you guys are so immature you guys don’t need to fight over one girl its never been a problem before!” They immeadtly stoped and because it happened in the middle of the classroom, Everything and everyone stoped what they were doing and was quiet. “It’s the ghost of haruhi..” Whispered some of the class, the rest were too stunned to say anything. The twins walked over to Haruhi and said, “Sorry… Everybody really misses you though… We think something has gone wrong with tamaki… We think you should do something…” Haruhi Smiled and said, “ I’ll see what I can do.” She then walked out the door and left for Tamaki. The twins Started getting teary eyed and Hikaru said, “I still love her though… I miss her.” His brother hugged him and said, “I know but shes always with us”

Haruhi Walked down the hall until she got to Tamaki’s class. She sighed, and walked in. The class Screamed and Tamaki ran over to her.
“Haruhi! Your back! I miss you so much..” Cried Tamaki. Haruhi hugged him, than smacked him on the forehead. “Ow!” said Tamaki. “ok so whats wrong with you the twins said your not the same..” Said Haruhi
“im fine”
“sure you are It doesn’t seem like it”
“I just really miss you..”
“don’t anymore ok?”
“because im always with you…”

Her voice then faded away with her silvery figure. Tamaki Smiled and whispered, “I love you Haruhi..”
The class still aw struck cryed “saying I miss her too..”

Chapter 3

At the beach

Kyoya walked into the room that he had the Year before and put down his stuff. He walked into the bathroom to notice that He saw Haruhi washing her face off. She said, “man I shouldn’t have had all that crab…” Kyoya Smirked, “What are you doing here again..” Haruhi turned and flinched and said, “sorry! Can I talk to you?” Kyoya nodded yes and walked back into the bedroom. Haruhi Walked over to him and said, “the Other spirts every year gather to talk about what ghosts should become new shimigamis… They choose me.” Kyoya surprised asked, “Does that mean we wont be able to see you anymore?!” Haruhi nodded no, and said “Actualy it means im just as powerfull as before but now I Have to stay with everyone to complete what life I would have had before I died. But being a shimigami I would still control life and death.” “when will this happen?” Asked Kyoya. “Tommarow.” Replyed haruhi.

The next day
DING-DONG! “I’ll get it” said Mori-Senpi He opened the door to see Haruhi, but she wasn’t a ghost but looked like her normal self. “Haruhi! Your not a Ghost your human again!” He said happily. “Well im not human, Im a Shimigami…” replyed Haruhi She continued, “Im assained to finish my life with everybody here!” She then followed mori senpi to the living room where everybody was talking. After she explained everything to everybody. She went to Tamaki and said, “ it looks like your no longer a widow!” Tamaki smiled, giggled and huged her.

Later at the shore!

Tamaki had talked Haruhi into going swimming with him. Everybody was having a lot of fun until Haruhi slipped and hit her head on a rock, and was nocked out cold. Tamaki took her inside and watch over her until the aboulence arrived and took them all to the hospital.

20 years later

“please Haruhi wake up I don’t want to lose you again!” Cried Tamaki. Then suddenly Haruhi’s eyes started to open slightly, than fully and she said, “Tamaki where am I?” “The hospital you were nocked out cold for 20 years happy 36th birthday. Replyed tamaki. Haruhi Screamed “where is everybody else where is my dad!” than everybody else and her dad ran into the room, And started crying, Haruhi! Your awake! Your awake! We thought you would never wake up!” Haruhi looked at herself she no longer looked like a guy alright her hair was to her knees and she was taller and more lady like. The doctor checked on her and in a few days sent her on her way. And everybody lived happily ever after.

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