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Chapter Five.

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Bert tries to stay away from Kinsie.

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Once Kinsie got out of the hospital, things seemed to go by in a blur. Bert decided against actually telling her he wanted to keep himself for her, she was too stubborn. She'd just fight him on it. Instead, he decided to just keep himself as far from her as possible.

This was a bit hard, considering the fact their punishment for their drunk driving accident. Every day they had to spend an hour at a retirement home called Sunny Gardens. Basically they talked to random old people. Bert found this fun of course, he liked to play bingo with all the old ladies, and they loved him.

Not even two weeks after their senior year began, Bert dropped out of high school. A few new friends of his, whom he'd left Kinsie for asked him to sing in their band, and he decided to keep his focus on that. The only time the two old friends ever saw each other was one hour every day at the retirement home, and they were too busy to converse at all.

Things were hard for Kinsie, all she wanted to do was talk to Bert, yet he'd done nothing but push her away. She'd moved back to her old friends once he'd stopped talking to her althogether. She was popular again, but she didn't give a shit. Now that she was popular, she was invited to a different party every weekend, and had countless "friends." It was just used as a distraction from everything that bothered her, though. In the back of her head she knew Bert was all she wanted.

Bert was taking things a little differently. Keeping himself from Kinsie was killing him, almost literally. He tried to forget about her using any kind of drug he could get his hands on. Almost every night he was completely trashed, and his parents caught on.

Right away they kicked him out of his house, and all the time he wasn't spending with his parents he was roaming the streets or partying. Every once and a while he'd walk to Kinsie's house, climb up the tree next to it and jump onto the balcony outside her bedroom. He just layed there and watched her sleep. But he thought she was happy, and that's all he wanted.
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