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Part Eight

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Wait, this girl isn't dead, shock

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The darkness that surrounded her as she opened her eyes frightened her. She did not know where she was, and she could barely remember what had happened. She remembered the love of her life leaving her, and that she had spent the night crying in an abandon Warehouse. Everything after that seemed a blur, all she could think about know was how worried her parents must be, especially since she was out the whole night.
She stood up and saw the room spining around her, she leaned against a wall to keep from falling back to the floor. She could feel a throbing pain in her head, and began to feel like she would vomit. As scared as she was, all she could think about was how much she hated throwing up.
It was not long before she was stable enough to move. She slid along the wall so she would not lose her balance. When she reached the closed doors of the elevator she pressed the button. Even the thought of stairs made her want to puke. As she waited for the elevator to come she glanced around and realized she was already on the first floor, and could just walkvright out. Slowly she stepped away from the wall, making sure she could stay balanced. As she passed the stairs she heard running steps coming from the bottom. As she listened to the sound of someone running up the stairs she remembered what had happened to her.
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