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Part Ten

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The final installment

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Authors note:
Hope you like the ending, if not tell me and i will change it.

She stood in terror as he stepped colser. She nearly fainted when the elevator door closed. It seemed like everthing after that was in slow motion. She saw him spin around, and knew that she had to stop him, that it was now or never. So she quickly stuck he foot out in front of him and watched as he took a nose dive to the floor. She took a second to admire how well her plan worked, and then took off running as fast as she could to the stairs. She kinew she would have to get the girl and get out of here, and fast. When she reached the stairs she took them two or three at a time knowing he was probably right behind her. As she rounded the corner she saw a scared girl at the top. She began to scream at the girl to run for the doors, and thankfully the girl did, she took off to the left of the stairs. As she reached the top she made a left to follow the girl, she turned just in time to see the girl making another left at the end of the hall. She sped up trying to catch up with the girl, she did not want to loose her. When she made the last turn she could see the doors in front of her. She got within two steps of the door when she heard a loud crack and all went black.
He stood over her, blood dripping from the shovel. He was not in the clear yet, he still had one girl on the loose, he needed to find her and make sure she stayed silent about all of this. He opened the door and steped outside, a loud bang greeted himfollowed by a force slamming into his chest. Within seconds he was surrounded by cops aqiming dozens of guns at him. They were not needed, the one that had fired at his chest was enough. His head rolled to the side and he saw the girl who had caused this all just before he died.
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