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I Was Born To Tell You I Love You.

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So theres this guy...And, I love Him more than anything in the world.....he just doesn't know I exist.

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Chapter 1.

I'm Jay, and I'm 16. I live with my parents; My strict, uptight, religious parents. Doesn't it sound just lovely?
I hate it.
Every morning I get ready as quick as I can, just to get out of the house, Not that coming to school is much of a treat, but it's better than being at home. Everything I do is never good enough for them, Ever. I tried to hard to be the perfect son that they always wanted, but I can't do it. So, school is my only safe getaway.

Everyone has a secret that their parents could NEVER find out. Ever. You know those kind of secrets, the Kinds where if they found out you could be killed and or disowned from your family.
I have one of those.
I'm Gay.
And if my parents found out I'd never be able to look them in the eye again, much less speak, or be around them.
I try to hide it as much as I can. They ask me why I never bring any girlfriends home, or why I never talk about girls. So, I'd make up some lame ass excuse, and they'd believe me.

I knew from early on, about 11 or so, that I wasn't like other boys. In 7th grade, all the guys would be flirting with the girls in Math class, and I'd sit and stare, because they just didn't interest me.
I developed little puppy dog crushes along the way.
But's a painful, heartbreaking, heartaching love.
And it's the only reason I'm still alive.

So, now, I'm sitting alone on the bench outside the school, going through my texts. Well...making it LOOK like I'm going through my texts. He can't see that I'm staring right at him. Watching every part of his perfect being.

His Name is Thomas. He has This perfect black hair, that goes over his left eye just a tiny bit, enough that it covers his eye, yet you can still see their amazing green color.
He has the most amazing flawless skin, and lips so perfect. I honest to god, daydream about them. He's perfect in everyway. But I can't have him.
He doesn't even know I exist.

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