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In the End

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Oneshot. About what happens when the jewel is complete and Naraku is dead. You'll either hate me or love me at the end.

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In the End
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters.
Author's Note: Heh... this used to be a songfic, but I turned it into a oneshot when I found out my story could get deleted for having lyrics interrupting the story. If I would have know that, it would have been a one shot the whole time.

"Inu-Inuyasha..." Kagome stuttered. She half crawled, struggling to reach Inuyasha, who lay against the Sacred Tree.
"Ka...Kagome?" He asked softly.
"It's me... Can you believe that it is complete...the Jewel, I mean. And that our time together is almost over."
"Kagome...don't talk like that. You and I will still see each other even after the Jewel is gone."
"What happened to you becoming a demon?"
"Kagome... you love me as a half demon. Why would I have any reason to change into something..."
Inuyasha's eyes closed and Kagome watched as fatigue took over him. He was always so peaceful when he slept... Come to think of it, the first time she ever saw him was right there, pinned to the tree by Kikyo's arrow. Kagome walked over to the tree and leaned against it, trying to get some well-deserved rest.
Inuyasha woke up and looked over at Kagome. He wished he could just tell her what was on his mind. About all the times he'd called her stupid and useless... If only he could take it all back...
Kagome woke up and knew from glancing at him that Inuyasha had something on his mind. Normally she would have asked... but this time she didn't have to. She knew what he was thinking.
"Kagome... I..."
"Inuyasha... I know. It's fine. Let's just worry about it another time. Ok?"
Inuyasha looked at Kagome in shock. He really wanted to repent for how he had treated her over time. He still couldn't admit that he loved her... Why? He couldn't think of a good enough excuse...
"Kagome... why haven't... never mind."
"Inuyasha... I know how you feel. I've been the same way... but it just meant that now we can look back and laugh... or feel like crap... your choice..."
Inuyasha looked at her... and thought how much sense she was making... but he still didn't believe he would ever laugh at it... he would always feel guilty... no matter what...
Inuyasha watched as Kagome struggled to lift her giant yellow bag. She waved at him and almost toppled over, then solemnly walked back to the well jumping in and leaving Inuyasha all alone
Kagome landed in the well and struggled up the ladder in the well. All she thought about on the way to the house was a nice hot bath. And the events of the day before.

Kagome, now half submerged in the bathtub, couldn't help but wonder if Naraku was really finished. And about what had happened to Sango and Miroku. They had run off to visit and care for the graves at the slayer's village. Inuyasha had finally got the revenge for Kikyo that he had sought after for so long, but not before she died again. Still, she thought it was better than never getting it at all...

Inuyasha was cursing himself for just letting her go when he still had so many things to tell her. About how he really felt about her... About... just everything. He hoped that when she returned he would be able to speak what was nagging at his mind.

Kagome started to pack her bag so she could return to Inuyasha. She had so much to tell him. She had been too cowardly to admit her love to herself until she thought she would never see him again. Hopefully she could just spit it out.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome climbed out of the well. He walked over to her with one of his few and far between smiles across his face. Kagome ran to him and hugged him, watching as the confused look crossed his face but then returned the hug.

"Kagome... I missed you. I have so much... to tell you."
Inuyasha bent down and kissed her softly. Kagome eyes widened in shock, but she kissed him back. Then she pulled away from him, blushing deeply.
((At the Slayer's Village))
Miroku and Sango were walking to the old Demon Slayer's village with Kirara and a sleeping Shippo riding on her back, to visit the graves of the dead villagers. Sango hadn't been to the village since Kaguya was released from her mirror almost a year ago. A few minutes later, they had arrived at the village. Shippo and Kirara ran off to sleep somewhere while Sango collapsed between her father's grave and her brother's, hot tears sliding down her cheeks.
Miroku wasn't exactly sure how to comfort her, but he did know that now was not a time to be lecherous. He kneeled beside her and put his arm around her shoulders in a soothing gesture. He didn't know much about comforting people... but he did know a way to distract them.
A huge slap echoed through the forest. Kirara and Shippo ran out of the hut to see Miroku hunched over with a huge welt growing on his face.
"No need to get so violent, Sango... I was just trying to get dirt off of your yukata. Honest."
"Yeah, right. You are a shameless pervert! I thought even you would be mature enough to keep your hands off of me while I'm grieving!"
"Sango... I was only trying to make you feel better. I hate it... when you cry."
"Is it necessary for you to stroke my leg when you're talking to me?"
"I was only trying to comfort you!"
"Comfort this, lecher!"
((Back to Inuyasha and Kagome))
Inuyasha looked at Kagome blush and he wondered how he could have ever been so cruel to her. He had chosen Kikyo... but then had second thoughts. The pure and benevolent Kikyo he had once known and loved had been turned into the walking dead and it was just too much to bear.
"Kagome... I...I... never mind..."
"What were you going to say, Inuyasha?" Kagome said, looking at him while he carefully avoided her eyes.
"I said never mind."
"You were thinking of Kikyo again. I can tell. Why can't you ever look at me when you think of her?"
"Kagome, it's not like that. I just... can't explain what I feel about you. You make me feel light... and happy."
"What's so bad about that?"
"Nothing... it's just... Never mind."
"Inuyasha just tell me!"
"Kagome, it's just...when I look at you, I remember Kikyo. You're almost exactly how she was before...her death. Before I met you, I never trusted a soul. I didn't even tell Kikyo that I changed into a human on the night of the new moon. But I told you and the others..."
"Is that such a bad thing?"
Kagome and Inuyasha sat there, staring at each other in silence as Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara walked up to them.
"Inuyasha, what have you and Lady Kagome been doing? You have that enlightened look on your face again. You surely haven't attained enlightenment."
"Shut up you shameless lecher. We were just talking."
Kagome sat on the riverbank, fidgeting with the folds of cloth on her skirt. She had been thinking for a long time about what she should do and she had finally decided... but that didn't mean she had to like it. But she knew she had to anyway.
"What?" Inuyasha asked, annoyed. He had been enjoying the silence and had started to drift off to sleep.
"Never mind..." Kagome looked at her feet as if she were trying to memorize them.
"Feh." Inuyasha retorted impatiently.
"I... can't explain why... but..." Kagome stated, still staring at her feet, unshed tears threatening to fall down her face.
"But what?" Inuyasha said, finally beginning to get worried.
"Never mind." Kagome started playing with the hem of her skirt, choking back the tears that began spilling down her face, trying to blink them away but failing miserably. She didn't want to make this a tearful goodbye. She just wanted to tell him what she had finally decided.
"What the hell is it, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, concerned that he had done something to upset her. He couldn't stand it when she cried... It was one of the few things in his life that have ever made him feel guilty.
"I said, never mind." Kagome managed to choke out.
"You tell me right now! This is getting stupid," Inuyasha said, immediately regretting it.
"Sit boy." Kagome shouted as she sobbed.
"Inuyasha... I think I've finally decided what to do." Kagome had finally calmed her tears enough so she could speak without choking.
"What is it, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked gently, letting her know he was confused and worried about her.
"I've... decided I should live in my own time. I have things I have to do; high school, possibly college. I won't have time to play superhero in a place I don't belong in anymore." Kagome said flatly, trying not to drag the conversation out.
"What... what do you mean?" Inuyasha said, even more confused than he had been moments before.
"Goodbye, Inuyasha. I'll miss you...and I will always love you." Kagome smiled sadly from behind freshly renewed tears.
Kagome walked to the well, the Shikon Jewel in her pocket. She was crying hysterically now, but she had made up her mind and she was sticking to her decision. She couldn't stay here any longer. The jewel would forever be hunted in this world; in her own time, however, demons weren't as common, so the jewel would be safer. She would miss Inuyasha with every fiber of her being... She loved him but she didn't want to see him cry over her. It would only lead to second thoughts, which she couldn't afford now.
Inuyasha watched as Kagome walked away. He was glad she couldn't see how sad he was to watch her leave his side forever. After all that they had done... all the awkward moments... all the pain... it was going to end with him watching her walk away one last time. The only comforting thought he had was that she would be safe. No matter where she was, in her time, she wouldn't have to worry about dying on a daily basis.
Kagome lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. She missed him already... the stupid arguments and all... but the only thing that bothered her was he didn't even care that she was leaving. As if he thought she would come back. But that chapter in her life was finally over, and Kagome could go back to a normal life.
Ten years passed and Kagome had moved on from her past. She had given her heart to another and was happily married to him. She had two beautiful twin daughters, both six years old, who she loved with all her heart. She had left Inuyasha and gotten on with her life as she planned...but she would never truly forget him.
But things had been quite different for Inuyasha during that time. He had spent nearly eight years in hiding, hoping and praying that she would change her mind and return to him. He had sat by the well many times, staring into its depths and willing her to come through. And when she didn't, he tried to go through himself only to find his way blocked somehow. He constantly thought about Kagome and how things could have been and how if he had treated her better that maybe she would've stayed. But for him, all hope was gone. Sango and Miroku had finally settled down together, with a young boy and another on the way and let Kirara prance about the village happily in her cat-form. Shippo had disappeared the day Kagome left and hadn't been seen since. Maybe I should go look for him. Inuyasha thought, leaving the side of the well once again. Then we can miss her together.
Author's Note: I know, I know... it's sad but bleh... I was wanting a sad ending for some reason...
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