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The Claws and Paws

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Joe and Andy are a werewolf!

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Published: 2008-12-28 - Updated: 2008-12-28 - 352 words

Joe and Andy sat in front of the television set playing a Star Wars game for hours.
Finally Andy stood up and said, "This is getting really boring..." and stretched.
"Yeah right! You just hate getting your ass kicked by me every time!!! HA HA!" Joe teased.
Andy punched him playfully in the arm and went into the kitchen. He grabbed a diet soda and rooted through the cupboards for any snacks...
Just then Andy heard Joe shout and an eardrum shattering crash erupted in the living room.
"What the hell?!" Andy yelled as Joe backed against the wall. Andy went to his side and they both gaped at the huge creature in front of them. Joe's eyes were huge and round and Andy's lip trembled furiously.
Right in front of them stood a giant, furry, wolf.
It looked like a grizzly because of its size, and its razor sharp teeth glistened in the days last rays of sunlight. Andy saw where it had entered: the window, which didn't look like a window at all whatsoever, more like a giant blast hole, and it was smashed completely.
The creature jumped at them and attacked, ripping and tearing at the walls, the rug, and cutting and slashing the two boys. Blood was everywhere, and Joe and Andy had no defense mechanism. Finally the wolf stood on two legs, picked their mangled body's off of the floor and threw them agaisnt the opposite wall. They fell with a crash to the floor once again, and layed limp against the wall. The wolf turned and bounded up the slope in the backyard and ran threw the woods, unscathed.
Surprisingly, they were still breathing. Barely.
Just before Andy knew he couldn't hold on to life much longer, he felt a new energy rush through his bones. It happened to Joe too after a minute, and their breathing grew normal once again. Andy's skin burned like bad sunburn, and his blood boiled. He finally passed out against Joe in the corner, covered with blood and sweat. There both boys slept, unaware what fate had betrothed them for.
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