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Mother Natures Furry, Teethy, Monthly Gift

by Kaitluvsfob08 1 review this chapter. They'll be best friends forever. Even if they are all supernatural freaks hehe

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Patrick awoke first the next day, surprised to find that Pete had slept next to him. Patrick savored the moment with Pete's arm across his body before getting up. He pulled the covers back up for Pete and went to eat breakfast.

Joe awoke the only to find himself lying on the cold hard basement floor. He groaned in pain and sat up reluctantly. He shook sleeping Andy awake and Andy glanced around curiously before standing up.
"What are we doing sleeping down here...?" Joe asked. He rubbed his chin and felt a substantial ammount of stubble.
"I have no idea, dude. But I had the weirdest dream. You and me were attacked by a giant wolf and it tore the house apart and then it was like I was a wolf or something....freakish right? Haha...." Andy exclaimed.
Joe stared at Andy for a moment. Andy looked confused, but Joe said,
"Andy, that wasn't a dream...." His face was grim.
"That's impossible, dude! We're not..." Joe nodded. Andy's face fell.
"So like, we're.....werewolves?" Andy asked.
Joe replied, "We were bitten by some demon hound from hell, I guess we are
w-werewolves." Joe said. The word stuck to his tongue terribly.
"What are we gonna do about this?" Andy asked.
"I dunno...." Joe admitted, but he started up the stairs and Andy followed.

As Patrick poured his cereal, he heard someone's footsteps coming up the basement stairs. He rushed to the door and threw it open, not knowing what to expect. There, in the frame of the door, was Andy and Joe, alive and well.
"Joe! Andy! You're okay!" Patrick exclaimed.
They each hugged each other and Joe said, "Not exactly dude....we have an..uhm....issue..."
"I know. You guys are werewolves...." Patrick said sadly.
"Yeah but that doesn't change anything. We're back to normal and good as new!" Joe said and Andy nodded in agreement.
A minute later Pete and his bedhead wandered down the hall and met the three guys.
"Hey! Are you guys okay?" he asked.
"Yeah....fine. Just a little sore..." Joe replied.
"Good. We really need to talk...." Pete said. Then they all got dressed and sat down at the makeshift table amongst the remaining mess of broken furniture. Joe told Pete and Patrick all about how the huge animal had attacked, and how they had no idea what they were doing when they were in wolf form.
Then Pete explained what he had found out last night while doing his research.

"So, we only have to worry about this once a month?" Joe asked.
"Yes. But you'll have to.....go out... for a while on that day." Pete said looking at the floor.
"We wouldn't want to hurt anyone...." Andy said quietly.
Then there was an awkward silence.
Pete remembered his own supernatural burden.
"Patrick, I...." Pete began, but Patrick interrupted.
"Pete I need to talk to private." he stated punching out the word 'private'. Pete followed him into the guest bedroom and closed the door.
"Pete, you know how I have these....visions....right?" Patrick asked. Pete nodded and stared at Patricks lips as he talked.
"Well, the other day....I mean....yesterday, I saw something that really made me worry about you..." He said. Pete nodded again, being sure not to look Patrick in the eye.
Patrick looked first at the floor but then lauched himself at Pete. Patrick's body was on Pete's, holding him down. Pete flailed his arms in surprise, but Patrick pinned them down. Pete opened his mouth to protest and Patrick saw what he had intended to.
Then he backed up off of Pete allowed him to stand back up, and said to him,
"So its true. You're a vampire." Patrick stated staring at Pete in horror and disbelief.
"Patrick, I swear I'd have told you sooner than this, but I thought'd hate me..." Pete said sadly. His voice sounded different since his fangs had extended during their little scuffle.
Patrick sighed, "Pete just because you're a vampire doesn't mean I hate you. In fact I don't hate you, I love you and you're my best friend. I could never hate you, no matter if you think you're a freak of nature or anything else..." He said.
"Thanks Trick. That means a lot to me..." Pete said in relief.
"No problem Petey. I'll be standing at you're side for as long as you and I live." Patrick replied. Pete hugged Patrick tightly and they stared into each other's liquid eyes for a good minute before going back out to Andy and Joe.
Pete explained to Joe and Andy about his....uniqueness.....and he told them all how it had happened.
"So, I have an idea. Since Pete drinks his home-made elixor as not to hurt people, you guys can eat animals only. Then you can't hurt people..." Patrick suggested.
"Its not that easy, us supernaturalists are resisting temptation to drink your blood or lick your bones clean every second of every day....." Pete said sarcastically
"Oh, that makes me feel safe...." Patrick joked.
"Don't worry, we aren't gonna hurt you. You're our best friend. Besides, we wouldn't want to harm our Pattycakes...." Joe replied.
They all laughed and decided on a game of cards.
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