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How Adorable....A Seperation Of Love...

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Ryan confesses about his lover Brendon and how they are forbidden to see each other :(

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They followed Ryan for a good hour before he finally spoke.
"So where are you guys from?" He asked politely.
"Wow, a kind werewolf. We live right on the border of your territory, where it ends anyway..."
Ryan stopped and spun around. HIs forehead creased.
"Wait, in-in a big brick house? The one on Garfield drive?" he asked worriedly.
"Uh....yeah how'd you know?" Joe asked."
"W-well, I just....I've seen it...." he said.
"How do you know the street then?" Pete asked.
"Okay fine. I was there, okay. A few days ago, I-I was hunting, and-and I couldn't help myself. Couldn't control my....hunger." Ryan said.
"You turned us...." Andy whispered.
"Yeah." Ryan said and they heard his voice break as he began to cry. He dropped to the ground and broke down.
"I'm so sorry, guys. I didn't know what I was doing until-...until I almost killed you, then I w-went back to c-camp...I didn't know..." He said wiht tears streaming unstoppable down his cheeks. Andy patted him on the back and hushed him.
"Dude, its fine. We understand. You just lost yourself. We know the feeling. Its okay, we promise." Joe said and Andy nodded.
"Really?" Ryan said looking up.
"Yes." Andy said.
"Okay. Thank God you forgive me." Ryan said and sniffled.
Hestood back up and Pete asked, "So why are you so excited to go see the Dandies? What if you never come back?"
"Well, can I tell you guys a secret, and you won't laugh either?" Ryan said.
"Yes anything." Pete admitted.
"Okay. Well I know this guy who's a Dandy and I-I....I'm in love with him. But I can't ever see him because of the dispute between territories....."
"Awww, why would we laugh at that? Its so romantic and sad..." Andy said, clearly beginning to get along perfect with his werewolf friend.
"Because...he's a guy....and-and....I'm a guy...." Ryan sniffled again.
Pete grinned and lunged at Patrick and threw his arms around him.
"Me and Pattycakes are lovers too, so whats so wrong about two guys? Huh?" Pete said kissing Patrick allover the face. Patrick wiped the wetness from Pete's lips off of his cheek and giggled.
Ryan laughed at that and shrugged.
"So whats his name?" Pete asked. They started walking again.
"Its Brendon. I love him more than anything in this world, more than life itself..." Ryan said.
"Awww!" Pete said and glanced at Patrick who was smiling at Pete.
"Yes...but if William or Harley ever found out...." Ryan said grimly. Pete looked at the ground.
They continued on in silence.
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