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The Epic Battle of Bloodshed and Peace....

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Wait, Bloodshed AND peace???

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The next day, all they did was practice. Pete even set up a target on the wall in the basement for Andy and Joe to practice with the wooden stakes that he had already mastered. Pete practcied controlling his super speed and learned how to best use it.
Patrick on the other hand, could'nt find much to do but occasionally helped with the wooden stakes. He had done his job of outlining what they were to do tomorrow night anyway.
Pete stood at the counter making his special elixor for him and Patrick to drink before bed. Pete downed a blender full and said, "This stuff will never be equivalent to how you tasted." he said gruffly wiping the elixor from his mouth.
"Uh...thanks?" Patrick said.
Pete laughed and made some for Patrick.
Patrick drank hs whe it was finshed. Ugh. It was horrible, but he'd get used to it.


On Friday morning Pete shakily made breakfast. They were all too nervous to eat anyway, which was probably a good thing considering what the finshed product had looked like. Patrick read a book all day. That was a common sgn he was nervous and troubled. Pete stared into nothingness while Joe and Andy tried to watch television but it just couldn't keep their attention

The whole day revolved around the midnight battle.

It was all any of them could think about. They were extremely anxious to get the whole thign over with. Finally at around 10:30 PM Pete started packing anything they would need. Wooden stakes, holy water, energy drinks.
Patrick sighed nervously and they each put on a backpack.
By eleven o' clock they were shaking in their shoes.
By twelve, Joe and Andy were waiting outside. They had turned in the moonlight and were now pacing anxiously. Pete and Patrick followed the two wolves down the street. Joe and Andy had hunted earlier so they would be under control and know what they were doing for tonight.
When they arrived at the alleyway, werewolves were aligned on the West border and were vampires on the East. Pete snarled viciously at William who stood in front as he bared his own teeth at Harley. Whe the clock stuck 1, William dropped a white glove in the street. All was silent until the silk white glove hit the pavement. Then the hundreds of werewolves and vampires lunged at each other. Pete attacked a nearby Dandy fiercly. He punched him in the jaw, and dodged the Dandy's flying arms. He was good, but not fast. Pete pinned him to the ground and knocked him clean out.
Meanwhile, Joe was fighting off two Dandies and Andy had just plunged his stake into a Dandy's cold heart.
Patrick had thrown a stake wiht had sailed through the air like a large bullet only to pierce the closest Dandy's heart.
Battle went on like this for at least a half hour before Patrick realized how total chaos this was. He glanced around at the war before him and grimaced as a Dandy sunk its fangs into a nearby werewolf. At the same time a werewolf was clawing two Dandies to pieces. They are equals, Patrick thought. And they are ripping each others throats out!
There were less than fifteen Dandies left and about twenty werewolves. The rest had either been driven off, knocked out, or killed.
Finally, since most of the noise had subsided, Patrick stepped up onto a car.
"STOP!!!!!!!" he screamed.
Everyone looked. Dandies stopped biting the nearest werewolf, and the werewolves all stopped biting the nearest Dandy. They all stared at Patrick.
"Don't you see this is pointless!? You, equals, are fighting each other to the deaths! Ripping out the troats of your brothers, tearing out the hearts of your sisters, friends, and lovers....don't do this! We were all born equal people, just because one has fur and one has fangs doesn't mean hostility shold happen! Can't we all get along, share the territory. No, FUCK the territory!!!! Scrap it altogether. Live by your own rules in harmony. Befriend one another instead of killing each other. Why can't you see your all the same?" Patrick finiched. Werewolves and Vampires alike stood next to eahc other, too embarrassed about this fact to speak. Silence engulfed the entire street. Patrick, now satisfied with himself, stepped off of the car.
Harley began to speak now, "Patrick is right, my friends. Why must we fight when we are all brothers? We MUST create peace."
William scowled at first. He had an angry glare fixated on Harley's face. All of his Dandies stared expectantly at him, as if waiting for him to either admit he was wrong, or lauch them back into battle. Williams face softened in defeat.
Pete walked up to Patrick and smiled. William feel to his knees, week with the agony of defeat. But if was not defeat of losing the battle. For no one has truly lost. They all won. And now as Ryan stood next to his lover, Brendon, all felt united. The bond between the seperate lifeforms broken. For they have all bean human beings. All are. And on the spot, William broke out into tears. Harley cracked a smile. As the sun came up over the horizen, the wolves changes into their human form. The Dandies gaped at the beautiful transformation. There was no scowl nor glare in sight. Seperated friends ran up and hugged each other. Ryan and Brendon kissed.
Patrick held Pete's hand.
All was won.
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