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Fine Thread of Hope


The months following the completion of the devastating war, the wizarding and Muggle worlds took the time to rebuild their lives. Kingsley Shacklebolt was voted in as Minister of Magic and he led the way into the clean up. Using his power and goodwill, he successfully managed to lure both Ron Weasley and Harry Potter into the Auror Department. Hermione Granger, the other third of the 'golden trio' decided against it and headed back to Hogwarts, to complete her NEWTS and to help the Professors repair the destroyed grounds of the final battle that changed everything in their lives thus far.

For Harry, while helping out a good friend, this was much like an imprisonment of sorts. What he longed to do more than anything, was to go away from the wizarding world, live as a Muggle and have a chance at a slightly normal life, away from the pressures of fame and fortune. But alas, that was not they way things went, and he was forced back into the 'real' world. Harry understood the need for the public to constantly see him going in and out of the Ministry.

It was like Rufus Scrimgeour said to him back at the Christmas dinner of 1996, his going in and out of the Ministry shows that people can hope for the better, even if the war had ended long ago. At this point in time, Harry fully agreed, but not at his expense.

"What the Wizarding World needs now," Kingsley explained to him, "is someone to show them the way forward. What better person than yourself, the very person who held the light at the end of the tunnel and gave our combined worlds a new hope in life." To this, Harry couldn't disagree, and so reluctantly extended his hand, but it somehow turned into his whole worth in life.

Up until the defeat of the overpowering Dark Lord, Harry was either ridiculed, looked up to, or mercilessly clawed at by the media. He could barely last a day without his face splashing across the front page, or announcing some private part of his life somewhere in a form of newspaper, magazine or via radio. He never could stand the idiots writing the articles about him, but this took it to a whole new level. Constantly, he found himself being treated as the Muggle Celebrities were by the paparazzi and media. For them, it was chosen. For Harry, it was undesirable.

Harry, just on the brink of turning eighteen, was shoved into the spotlight once more. He originally thought that by the time Voldemort was defeated, the spotlight would be taken off of him as the Boy-Who-Lived, but now it was only put back on him even brighter as the Man-Who-Conquered. Needless to say, Harry James Potter was one unhappy man, and there was nothing he could do about it. Help would need to come from an unlikely, but helpful outside source, and that source is where our story begins.

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