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gohans special bath

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on the way to namick gohan needs a bath and bulma takes up the mother role

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Bulma,Gohan - Warnings: [Y] - Published: 2008-12-29 - Updated: 2008-12-29 - 384 words

On the way to namick bulma decided gohan smelled and told him he needed a bath. - cmon gohan your starting to smell like your father used to when i first met him you need a bath said bulma - oh no replied gohan cant this wait ?. the little boy asked. - no gohan BATH NOW dont make me come over there she yelled - bulma put on the water and filled the bath up - gohan baths ready she yelled - ok came gohans voice bitter - ok gohan take your cloths off and step in. gohan took his shirt off then his shorts and underwear and stepped into the water - turn around and put your head back she said - ok gohan replied and he did as he was told then she took the shampoo and washed his hair and rinsed it out then she took out soap and washed gohans arms then back then belly moving down to legs and feet then up to the groin - mmm gohan moaned quietly - oh my bulma thought. hes starting to get a hard on - she then took the soap up and washed his crotch - mmm it feels verry soft and tender and it looks cute bulma was thinking - she droped the soap that sunk underneath gohans balls and she brushed her hand past them as she tried to find it. sending a jolt of pleasure to gohan - its hard even tho its small she thought - then she gave up on the soap and grabbed his penis so fast that it sent water on her yellow and black outfit - looks like we need to wash this by hand she told gohan as she started rubbing it - she tightend and softend her grasp on his penis to see his reaction and then started jacking him off slowley then her other hand stroked his balls - your starting to smell nicer gohan she said - then she quickend up the pace making gohan cum then she bent down over him and licked his dick clean - there all clean she said - the END this is my first story hope you all enjoyed it[/ i own none of these characters nor do i profit in any way
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