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... it's day 5.

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  • 17 Days

    (#) HellOnHigh9 2009-01-01 01:33:25 AM

    damn that was well written again. As I've said before I can understand this 'moment' more from the Kat point of view.

    My friend went through something like this, I'm not going to say it was similar because as far as I know it wasn't, but it sucks to see them struggle through it and you just want to be able to make it all go away and for everything to be fine for them but as the addage goes, things usually get worse before they tend to get better.
    This part made me want to cry.
    Rate is forthcoming.

    XO CaT

    Author's response

    Thanks, Cat.

    And being the person going through it, you don't always realize - or maybe you're just not able to because you're going through so much shit - what your friends and family are going through.
  • 17 Days

    (#) olinda_13 2009-01-01 01:38:05 AM

    aww your authors note is so ccccccuuuute pinches your cheek lol

    i like how you fast forward a little bit and give us like certian time and feel to it
    i also liked how you described the nightmare i thought it was a intervention at first but when i read the rest i realised what it was

    new years eve was boring for me i was planning on going to bed and when i checked the time it was 11:55 so i decided to stay up for 5 more mins an watch the countdown on tv anyway great writing even tho i dont need to tell you that :)

    Author's response

    Thanks xD

    I kind of set the "tone" with the nightmares with the one he had on the plane. The only "clue" really, is that vibe (and the fact that the whole thing is in italics! lol)

    I've had so many crazy new year's eves that I'm ok with the boring ones now! LOL
  • 17 Days

    (#) easykeys 2009-01-01 05:55:12 AM

    Wow. That was definetley my favourite so far.

    I feel so sorry for Gerard, but also sorry for Kat. Im just pleased they are not fighting or whatever.

    This chapter really made me feel like I was there.

    Authors note! 150% on the "awwww" scale!

    dondon xo.

    Author's response

    Thanks, dondon.

    This is really a terrible story ... I mean what's going on in it and all. I'm making everyone feel terrible! lol

  • 17 Days

    (#) girlinthemoon 2009-01-01 06:22:29 AM

    I feel like I keep repeating myself in these reviews. But the most honest thing I can say is that you have, once again, made me feel like I am going through this with him.

    You’re very lucky to have someone like iwillstakeyourheart to stand by you and support you the way she does.

    Author's response


    And I truly am lucky.

  • 17 Days

    (#) MCArmyWife 2009-01-01 08:07:47 AM

    I loved the chapter but I have a favor to ask - Could you please give iwillstakeyourheart a hug for me? You indeed have a wonderful woman at your side.

    Author's response

    hug given!

  • 17 Days

    (#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-01 01:08:16 PM

    (((hugs you)))

    You didn't even have to say it - back then -because I knew. I also knew I wanted to spend my life with you. You did scare the fucking crap out of me at points during this time though, but you already knew that. I didn't want to leave you and I didn't want you to leave me. I knew I couldn't let you give up on yourself and I'm glad you didn't.

    I'm really glad you're writing this whole thing. It's even been insightful even for me to read your thoughts while you were going through some of this. And I'm sure Gerard probably went through much of the same shit when he got clean.

    love you.

    Author's response

    (((hugs you back)))

  • 17 Days

    (#) izziebella 2009-01-01 01:40:42 PM

    This is really a terrible story ... I mean what's going on in it and all. I'm making everyone feel terrible!

    Yeah, this chapter made me cry...It was full of emotion and the nightmare sequence was very well written.

    Sorry that I haven't reviewed the past two chapters...but I'll read a chapter of this and I'll feel like completely speechless. This story is really good. I really felt like I was there when this all was happening.

    I feel kinda sorry for Cat too, 'cause she had to deal with everything that was going on with him at the time, and I can kind of
    symphasize with her.

    I think that this whole story is very insightfull and moving and you do a great job portraying the way that Gerard feels.

    This is the best chapter yet. (although all of them are amazing.)

    I would rate it, but I'm out of rating points...I'll rate it on sunday.


    Author's response

    Thank you ... for reading and for reviewing.
  • 17 Days

    (#) neve 2009-01-04 09:21:24 AM

    I loved the way you wrote Kat, it was so touching and beautiful.

    Your wife sounds like such an amazing lady and to have been there for you.

    Can't wait to read more

    Author's response

    Thank you.

    I'm very thankful to have her. She is amazing.


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