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... it's day 9.

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  • 17 Days

    (#) olinda_13 2009-01-05 03:22:20 AM

    ahahahaha your author notes make me laugh so much dw i hate spiders too its even worse cos where i live we get alot of huntsmen in our bathroom and i hate it spesh 5 in the morning and i need to really go to the toilet.

    ur lady did really good in writing that bit claps to her

    when i read the bit about doing more excersize and the doctor smiled at ka i thought kat shoulda gone "perfect time to bring out that karma sutra book i have" just say lol :D

    this is my fave day i think now im off to go brush my teeth thanks to that lil dream

    Author's response

    There's actually 2 poisonous spiders around here ... black widows (which pretty much keep to themselves) and hobos. This was a hobo. Eeee. Seriously makes me shudder. LOL

    Karma sutra book LOL That was a pretty subtle little thing - the doc and Kat's silent little look though. ha

  • 17 Days

    (#) lisa_lou 2009-01-05 04:18:15 AM

    I really liked the bit iwillstakeyourheart wrote, she is defantly not a bad writter as you said she things she is. Please pase on a hug and a "I think your a good writter!!" from me please.
    You as always were great so why don't you go ahead and give your self a hug while your at it lol.

    I hate spiders also... even thinking about them is giving me the creeps. I am extremly thankful we don't get poisons spiders in England.
    Lisa xo

    Author's response

    Thank you! Hugs all around! ha

    Yeah, regular spiders are bad enough ... but poisonous ones? eeeeeee
  • 17 Days

    (#) girlinthemoon 2009-01-05 08:45:12 AM

    I know what was going on in the 8:08 section. Lol… Gerard had an erection. Or you could call it “Morning Wood”. ;) Very normal if you’re clean and sober. But if you haven’t had it in awhile, then….I guess you could be surprised to have it happen. And an interesting way to show the he is in fact getting better.

    The dream, man I get dreams like this when I’m stressed out too. I think it’s because that’s when I grind my teeth. It’s never a good dream. Ever!

    I’m glad to see that Kat was disappointed too. And I thought it was insightful to see what she thought of all of it. You should tell iwillstakeyourheart she did a great job on her part of this. I told you that I was disappointed in Gerard for having that drink but I didn’t go into why I was disappointed. It was the fact that he was able to find the strength to not drink that beer. But then he had the “last drink”. I just say it as a bit of a cowardly thing to do. But, I’ve never been in his shoes and I don’t know if I would have had the strength to not have that drink.

    So do I get a cookie?

    Author's response

    *gives you a cookie* lol Yeah. That ain't happening if you're wasted all the time.

    I get this other dream I call a stress dream where there's this giant tidal wave I'm trying to get away from and of course never do. I've heard other people talk about the teeth falling out one though. Never good.

    Yeah ... the not drinking the beer thing ... Personally, I think if I wouldn't have gotten pissed and broke the damn bottle, I probably would have drank it. : /



    Watched "Free Enterprise" last night. That was great. I got every single geeko drop in that thing. LOL And I loved the recreation of the "runner" scene from Logan's Run (one of my all time favs) xD
  • 17 Days

    (#) easykeys 2009-01-05 09:34:01 AM

    HAHA! Bit of Morning Wood there Gee!

    Your authors note make me laugh ! I hate spiders too. Im gunna tell you a story about one now.

    So I was at my friends house and there was a bunch of us, about four girls and three guys. So were home alone cause her dad went to Germany or something and we were playing hide and seek when all of a sudden you hear a really high pitched scream. One of the guys had seen a spider and was scared of it lol, so me and the girl who's house it was had to save the day. It was fucking massive, with long spindly legs and fangs im sure. So we put a glass over it and then I went over to get a better look and it had a gazillion eyes and some fangs and really hairy legs. Then we left it like that, go back to her house the next day and the spider is still crawling around in the glass then my friend decides to try and be clever and knocks the glass over, the spider darts out and scuttles somewhere while we all run away screaming.

    Pointless I know, but hey it was fun haha.

    Anyway back to the story, I think iwillstakeyourheart did an excellent job of writing Kat's part, really!

    I was scared for Gerard, even though I knew he would live lol.

    Cant wait for more!

    dondon xo.

    Author's response

    lol - you also get a cookie!

    Eeee Spiders do have this crazy ability to make you do girly screams. LOL ANd I hate when they spaz out and start running all over the place. They're too fast and unpredictable.

    I'm gonna have iwillstakeyourheart read all these notes =D

  • 17 Days

    (#) MCArmyWife 2009-01-05 12:59:45 PM

    I loved Kat's part of the story and how she is standing by him, giving him strength. Another excellent chapter!

    Oh and I've had those damn dreams about my teeth falling out and my hair. Totally freaks me out.

    And the spider? LOL. Good Lord you should see the spiders we have in Kansas. They are Wolf spiders and swear to God some are the size of a small dinner plate.

    Author's response

    Thank you =D

    Ooo I've also had the hair falling out dream. Creepy.

    This spider was a hobo spider ... 'bout the size of a dollar coin. I don't even want to think of one the size of a plate. Eeeeeee
  • 17 Days

    (#) girlinthemoon 2009-01-05 02:09:39 PM

    Watched "Free Enterprise" last night. That was great. I got every single geeko drop in that thing. LOL And I loved the recreation of the "runner" scene from Logan's Run (one of my all time favs) xD

    So glad you liked it! It’s one of my favorite movies. I love the song that plays in the closing credits. I looked for it for about five years and finally got it from the director of the movie. Long story that I’m not going to get into right now. But if you want a copy of it just send me an email. You can find my address in my bio. renew /renew/

    Author's response

    Renew! Totally.

    I so wished someone would have thrown me a "carousel party" when I turned 30! ha!

    Yeah that's a cool song. =D
  • 17 Days

    (#) HellOnHigh9 2009-01-05 03:00:32 PM

    First of all I loved Kat's POV, your lady friend definitely has talent so mad props go out to her lol.

    And yeah Gerard had morning wood I mean it was morning and he was hard right? You mentioned it in your 20 questions another moment you wrote.

    All in all this moment was awesome, that dream he had was odd, but then again you would have some fucked up dreams when you were coming off from such a strong addiction.

    Oh and thanks for pointing that name mistake in the first line of my fic lol I fixed it.

    Cant wait for day 10!

    XO CaT

    Author's response


    Have a cookie! LOL That's right ... that one was on the "Loveline" ... ha.

  • 17 Days

    (#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-05 04:32:37 PM

    Thank you everyone that posted that I don't suck (as a writer, that is HA)! When he'd asked me to help on that one I didn't want to do any of the writing because it's his story, you know? But like he said, he held my hand about it, so it got done.

    Now, as for the rest of it. What I thought was interesting about the dream was not only that the teeth had fallen out, but there wasn't even any picking them up. It really just screamed HELPLESS.

    Sorry, I had to laugh at the 8:08 bit! But it does show that slowly his body is getting back to a normal, healthier state. Can I still have a cookie?

    And I agree with the doctor - he's really lucky he quit when he did!



    Author's response

    I don't suck (as a writer, that is HA)!

    You're naughty, but then again ...

    And you can have all my cookies.

  • 17 Days

    (#) HellOnHigh9 2009-01-05 07:12:39 PM

    I did the rate thing that you told me about in that review. I hope this story goes green for you.

    XO CaT

    Author's response

    Cool! Thanks =D
  • 17 Days

    (#) neve 2009-01-06 04:13:56 PM

    I loved it. Iwillstakeyourheart did a brilliant job with Kat's POV, hope she does some more.

    I know this is flipping back to the earlier cat discussion but my cat eats bugs. It's flippin gross, i try to get to them before she does (afraid i'm one of those veggie can't kill anything) but she's just too fast. Yuch, thank god we don't have huge scary ass poisonous spidies.

    Author's response

    I'll see if I can coax her to write more!

    Our cat eats bugs too. I don't know what they're thinking with that. We're always terrified she'll try to eat some nasty spider. Granted, the other day was the first time we've found one of those poisonous ones IN the house (that we KNOW of at least!) but still. Eeehhh

    I could write a whole book on stuff our cat does. The other morning I was sitting in the shower (it's one of those walk-in numbers and I just wanted to sit there and relax before jumping into Monday hell) and I open my eyes and there's the cat staring at me through the glass. WTF kitty? Then she just laid down there. When I was getting out, of course she wouldn't budge ... I'm like pushing into her with the glass door and she's giving me this, "oh you are NOT trying to get me to move are you?" face.


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