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IMDA, Institution of Music, Dance and Arts

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Hinata got into the best music school in the country.She got inot almost every art program but she focus on dancing. What happens when she meets a guys that is all about music? Can he draw the musi...

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Institution of Music, Dance and Arts (I.M.D.A)

Chapter 1:

(Hinata's POV)

'I cant believe I got in' I though as I looked out the window. My dad was driving me to I.M.D.A, The Institution of Music, Dance and Arts.

The best school of arts in the country. Any art you name it they would have a class for it. Sense grade school I have been dreaming of going here and now I am here.

"Hinata" my dad, Hiashi, called interrupting my thoughts. "now Neji will be coming here in any minutes to help you oh! I almost forgot" he reached down to his pockets and handed me a credit card.

"dad" nothing else came out of my mouth I was shocked

"I know this is new, and we never talked about giving you a credit card but if there is anybody that I can trust with this is you, Hinabi on the other hand" and he laughed and I joined him

After that he said nothing, and I sat there looking at the credit card in my hands. Dad got out of the car and I soon followed him. I open the door of the back seat and got my cello out and two dark purple carry on; while my dad got two big dark purple matching luggage.

I looked the other way and I could see Neji, Ten-ten, and my all time dance partner Rock lee. I put everything I had on my hand on the floor and ran to them. As I ran I could see Lee getting in front of them and positioning himself to catch me and before I knew it I was flying.

Lee and I became dance partners when I was about twelve year-old and he saw me dancing like baby form the movie dirty dancing. He claimed that I was natural and he had taught me a lot of what I know and because the movie brought us together that's how we say hi to each other. No hand shake, weird language, just the best part of the movie; when baby runs to the guy and he hold her up in the air. Once Lee put me down Neji said.

"It is nice to see you too" "I am sorry Neji how are you?" I asked and hugged him.

"Don't forget about me" said a voice from behind.

"how could I ten-ten" I said and hugged her too.

Even though those were Neji's friends I saw them all the time and you could say I grew up with them and also because ten-ten and Lee though I was the cutest thing ever and till this day they have not changed their minds.

"Kids little help here" said my dad. He had the most innocent look on his face, he was standing next to all my luggage and everybody went to help.

I took my cello. Ten-ten took one of my carry-on while lee took the other one and my dad and Neji where left with the big luggage. We walked up the drive way of "my new house".

That was one of the reasons that people loved I.M.D.A because they assign students to houses with other students, of course same sex. I.M.D.A had a huge campus bigger than most of the collages it was like it had it's own town with out stores though, if you wanted to go shopping you would need to go "out of town".

"ok, ok I have a surprise for you Hinata" said ten-ten and got in my way to stop me. "welcome to our new house".

"Oh my God!!!!!! Why did you not tell me before we would be living together" I said very exited

"well one because I wanted it to be a surprise silly and two because I just found out recently, you see once I found out that Sakura would be living with me I had to get out that house and one of my friends Temari said that there was space in her house and after what I told her about Sakura she does not want her there 'cause she knows that she would probably move there sense Ino is with us too" explain ten-ten

"Ino is here too this is great" and I hugged her

And then I started hearing music playing on the background. 'who ever they are they are good'

Ten-ten could read my face and said "I know aren't they great? lets go so we can meet them" she said and lead the way to the back yard. I saw lots of people laughing, eating dancing and lots of them I recognized but there were a couple that I could not say who they were.

"TEMARI !!!!!!!!!" screamed ten-ten

The everybody stop and looked this way and I saw a girl with dirty blonde hair, jean mini-skirt, orange flats, and a orange halter top.

"is that her? The girl that you go on and on about?" asked the girl which I assume is Temari.

"Yes that's her, Hinata meet Temari" right after ten-ten said that Temari jumped on me and hugged me.


"YEAH GO HINATA !!!!!!!" screamed somebody but once I turned I saw Kiba with his very well known grin.
I just laughed and looked back at my dad that was smiling "well I think I should go it looks like I am not need it any more" he said with a sad look.

"dad don't say that" I said almost crying and I hugged him and he left.

"do you want to meet the band?" asked Temari

"she knows most of them she just doesn't know Sai and your brother" said ten-ten.

"well why are we standing here for" said Temari and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the deck/stage.

"don't break her Temari I value my dance partner way too much and remember she is Neji's little cousin and he has a very big attitude" screamed Lee and laughed.

(third persons POV)

"hey guys come and meet Hinata" said Temari.

"long time no see Hinata" said a man with navy blue hair said while putting his bass-guitar down.

"it's been way too long Sasuke I am so glad you got in maybe now I can see you more often" said Hinata smiling at him.
"I hope so" Sasuke said while looking at her. 'when did she get so cute, no not cute, HOT'.

Hinata had changed a lot over the years. Hair navy blue hair was down to her waist, the look in her eyes had matured, her breast where pretty big she was 36DD , she got a bit taller not that much everybody still taller than her, her waist was well defined and she got big hips and a nice big firm rounded butt, beautiful legs what do you expect she IS a dancer and the best part was that she still look as delicate as ever. Her outfit was complementing every little part of her. She wore a dark gray tube shirt with a pearl necklace and she had matching pearl earrings; she wore white pants that starter on her waist and went all the way down almost to the floor but it was one each off because of her baby doll black heels baby doll meaning the shoes were not pointing they were rounded, the pants went straight on a tube shape but they were big, the pants where tight on the upper part of them you know the waist but upper thigh but as it went down it seemed that they were getting bigger but they weren't they were just not as tight as they were in the upper body.

"you know Sasuke?" asked Temari

"yeah" said Hinata "we are childhood friends"

"OH!! Who else do you know?" Temari asked

"Hey Hinata" said Naruto answering Temari's question.

"Naruto" Hinata said not looking at him in the eye

"you know Naruto too, Hinata you know everybody" said Temari trying to avoid any confrontation.

"well not everybody" said Hinata eyeing the pale skin dark hair boy and the fiery red hair guy. Once Hinata made a eye contact with the red hair guy she blushed. 'why cant I look away, Hinata come on look away' but who blames the poor Hinata for getting lost in the green beautiful eyes of Sabuko no Gaara.

"Hinata meet Sai he is the drummer of the band" said Temari.

"Nice to meet you Hinata, you know you are the most beautiful I have ever seen would you mind if I draw you?" said Sai while kissing her hand.

"Sai back off she is new don't scare her like that" said Temari while jokingly pushing him. "and Hinata this my little brother, Gaara he is the singer of this great band and he was the one that got them all together and he writes the songs-"

"Temari please" said Gaara.

"sorry I cant help being proud of my little brother, umm... I'll be back in a sec. ok Gaara take care of her" said Temari and she ran to Kiba and Kankuro which look like they were about to start a food fight.

" you really got into almost every art program here?"ask Gaara kind of impressed and he also wanted to break the awkward silence.

"yeah, it just that I was scared that I would not get it and I told them all I could do but I am more into dancing and music" Hinata said and smile at him.

"I can see you play the cello so you will be in orchestra, you play anything else?" he asked taking an interest on her.

"yeah I play the piano too I have been meaning to learn guitar but I can never find someone to teach me or time" said Hinata while laughing innocently.

"she can sing too" said Sasuke from behind.

"that's not true, just because I don't sound terrible does not meant that I can sing" said Hinata.

"Gaara you know I do not get impressed so easily and she impressed me in a karaoke night Naruto had last year, this girl is gold, but not just any gold white gold, it can be confused with sliver but it is more valuable" said Sasuke while sliding his hand on her waist.

"well if you say so Sasuke" said Gaara not wanting to argue.

"Hinata come over and dance with me" screamed Lee.

You could hear the loud tango music. You can see Lee coming over to her to make her dance with him and ten-ten taking her black high heels dancing shoes out of her carry on.

"ok fine Lee let me just put my shoes on ok" said Hinata while changing her shoes.

After that she went over to where Lee was standing. Lee put an arm in her wait and brought her really, really close. Hinata did not mind that because she knew that Lee did not feel that way about her she felt very save with him.

As they started dancing all eyes where on them. Everybody was amazed at how they flutter around the floor. Temari was making her way to Gaara who was standing and watching Hinata dance.
"she is quite something, isn't she"

"what do you mean Temari?" asked Gaara.

"Almost every art program, you know what I mean" said Temari and strolled back to take a seat next to Shikamaru.

He knew what she was talking about. You had to be excellent to get into almost all the programs, it's hard enough to get into one how did she manage. Maybe her that made some arrangement for her to get in.

'what are you thinking, look how she dances, is like sex in her body, she is amazing' thought Gaara.

Once the song was over everybody clapped and cheered.

"my my Hinata is quite the dancer, you weren't exaggerating when talking about her Lee weren't you?" as Temari

"nope she is as great as I told you or better" said Lee.


The leaders of Temari's dance crew were hanging out after the meeting.

((a/n: I will explain Temari's dace crew in others chapters so don't be afraid if you are kind of lost everybody is ok you did not miss anything. Thank you so much for reading))

"are you guys ready for the frosh to come?" asked temari

"not one bit" said Itachi.

"but your brother is coming" said Kankuro.

"Exactly my point" said Itachi pointing at him as he said that

"I don't understand you Itachi, our brother is coming and I cannot wait" said Temari very happy. She adores his brother and she has been counting the days.

"I know how you feel Temari" said Lee.

"what do you mean you are only son right???" ask Temari "well I am but my amazing dance partner is coming Hinata" said Lee.

"oh my god Lee don't start I mean I love her too but you are crazy about her" said Ten-ten

"wow Lee is crazy about a girl" Temari , Kankuro and Itachi said in unison.

Itachi was very at ease with this people he was only open to this group of people oh! And of course his band.

"not in that sense" said ten-ten "but he is crazy about her"

"she is amazing I am serious Temari after you look at her you will have a new definition of a great dancer. You think I am good HA! Wait till you see her and when she dances is so sensual and it so funny 'cause she is the shies person ever. I mean I am sure Kankuro would get a his pee-pee up just watching her dance ballet" said Lee

"ballet is not sexy" said Kankuro with a face.

"that's my point she makes it is crazy and the best part is that she has no idea!!!!!" said Lee almost screaming and standing up.

"If you say so Lee, I trust you" said Temari.

"you mean Hyuuga Hinata, Hiashi's daughter?" asked Itachi.

"Yeah, who else would I be talking about" answered Lee.

"I know, she's a dancer really? Hhmm... is she good?" asked Itachi once again.

"DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO WHAT I SAID!!!!!" screamed Lee and Itachi just looked at him with an "excuse me" face. "yes she is fantastic" finish Lee giving Itachi an apologetic look.

"why so interested Itachi? that's no like you" wondered Temari.

"I know her well... knew her and I am interested on how she looks like and how good of a dancer she is" said Itachi

"oh well... we can just wait and see" said Kankuro.

End of Flashback

"you were talking about me?" asked Hinata a little bit taken aback.

"of course, I need to brag of how lucky I am to have you as my dance partner" said Lee.

"that's was very great dancing" said a voice from behind Hinata.

Hinata turns around to see...

"I...Itachi" she whispers.

He smirks and says "it is nice to see you too after so long. You look beautiful you have grown very nicely and it all the right places" said Itachi. Hinata having no idea what he was talking about but all the other people did. "Maybe we can dance together" he suggested.

"maybe one or too songs Lee is my partner and I am no thinking of changing him but if he gets hurt I would love too" Hinata said smiling thinking she said nothing wrong, but she does not know she just hurt his big man ego.
Everybody wanted to burst into laughter but they hold it 'cause people were not that cruel.

"you deserve that Itachi from trying to take her" said Temari with a smirk. And he just glared at her.

"HINATAAAAA!!!!!" screams a random person. Everybody turns around to see Ino with short jeans the went above her knees but just a little and a empire waist dark purple shirt, (A/n: if you don't know what and empire waist is you should Google it because it will be easier to imagine the outfit), and purple flip-flops. "you look absolutely amazing" said Ino dropping all her bags and walking over to her "look at you" she grabbed Hinata's hand and moved her so her profile was to Ino "Look at you! Oh my god when did this grow?" Ino asked pointing at her boobs.

"well they just...pop up" Hinata said innocently "and look at this" said Ino and grabbed her butt. "Hinata what ever you are doing... keep doing it" Ino said and laugh.
"hello to you too Ino" said Ten-ten.
"sorry Ten-ten, how are you? You have a boyfriend yet?" Ino asked "fine and no, by the way I want you to meet Temari she is one of our room mated just like Hinata" said Ten-ten "SQUUUUUEEEEEEAAAAAL" squeal Ino "you guys are my room mates that so cool, ok where is Temari?"

"hey, how you doing" said Temari "you are so pretty, sorry, Hey I am just great you? Nice to meet you" said Ino shaking Temari's hand.

"this is stupid just give me a hug" said Temari and they both hugged and laughed.

"you look well Ino, how was your summer" said Sakura from behind. She was next to Naruto; his got his arm around her waist and she is wearing a pink summer dress.

"Just because I was away this whole summer does not mean that I don't know what happened so be careful in what you say to me" I no said while taking her earrings off and giving it to Ten-ten "what you did was the worst and to Hinata of all people, but don"t worry I will get you for that

"INO NOOO!!" screamed Hinata while Ino ran over to Sakura. Sasuke got in the way and stopped her. "Ino please it is not worth it" Hinata said walking up to her.

"For me it is" said Ino angrily "Hinata come on you can't let her do that...fight for it, fight for what you want" said Ino as Sasuke release her.

"I don't want him anymore" says Hinata looking at Naruto "she can keep him" "aw... Hinata" said Ino and hugged her feeling her pain.

"O.K there is too much drama already so lets just relax, have a few drinks, and most importantly have fun" said Temari with her big smile.

As soon as she said that the party kept going. Everything went smoothly and everybody had a good time and enjoyed it.
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