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The Beginning

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Needless to say, I don't own Dead Like Me or any of the characters mentioned. This story takes place shortly after the graveling comes out of Ray. It goes au from there.

Mason was busy doing something he'd never done before, and hoped he'd never have to do again. He was digging a grave. For Ray, Daisy's psychotic ex-boyfriend, who didn't accept her dumping him. He was still a bit drunk, but even that buzz was wearing off and reality was setting in. He glanced up to see Daisy in the window, silently watching him. He hadn't meant to kill Ray, but he wasn't going to mourn the man's death either. Ray had been an abusive asshole. He'd seen the way the man had gripped Daisy, hurting her arms, when they'd been in the bar. He hated seeing Daisy, the woman he loved, being treated so badly. And part of him had been angry with her, for allowing Ray to harm her.

Daisy watched Mason in the backyard, feeling a bit numb. It had all happened so very quickly; one minute, Ray had been choking her and the next, he was dead. She shivered, knowing it was all her fault. She shouldn't have hooked up with Ray, should never have slept with him, or been on his horrible excuse for a television show. And now there was going to be trouble. She knew it, and sooner or later Rube would find out. Then he'd send her away, just like Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. She didn't want to be transferred again. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her rushing thoughts.

Eventually, Mason finished the job. He walked back into the house,

“Daisy, love. It's done.” She came over to him, her facade firmly in place. She nodded,

“Thank you, Mason, you should probably go home now. I can handle things from here.” Although her voice radiated calm, Mason knew she wasn't all right. And she probably wouldn't be for a good while. He looked at her, feeling the effects of being sober and the weight of what they'd done. He noticed that her face was relaxed and her voice was steady, but her hands were shaking ever so slightly. He gently touched her hands.

“Love, you'd be a lot more believable if your hands weren't shaking.” He guided her over to the couch, “Sit down, and I'll make you a nice cuppa, like me Mum used to make for me, when I was upset or couldn't sleep.” He ignored her quiet protests and headed to the kitchen. She could hear him banging things around, running the water. She sighed, knowing that Mason could be as stubborn as Georgia. Sometimes, it was just better to let them both do their thing. He came out several minutes later, with two steaming cups. Whatever was in them smelled all right. She took a cautious sip, surprised at the taste,

“Mason, is that brandy in here?” He shrugged, nonchalantly as if adding alcohol to drinks was perfectly normal. Which for him, it was.

“What, you don't think my drinking habits just appeared outta nowhere, did you? My Mum taught me all about alcohol. Fuck. By the time I was in primary, I knew more about whiskey and booze then I did about me bloody abc's.” This news wasn't shocking to Daisy, but it wasn't happy news either. He moved his free arm around her shoulders. In normal times, she'd have dumped the tea in his lap, as she'd done with her soda their first meeting. But this was anything but normal. Her nerves were severely rattled, and she was enjoying the warmth. “Just relax, we will get this all sorted in a bit.”

Daisy didn't protest, as she drank the tea. She started to feel a little less frazzled and on edge as the brandy took effect. After she'd finished the tea, Mason took her empty cup, and set it aside. He didn't try anything, didn't make any moves on her. He just held her, as she drifted off to sleep. A little while later, he dozed off as well.

Mason was woken what seemed to be just mere minutes after he'd dozed off. Daisy was whimpering in her sleep. She was clearly having a horrible dream, so he started talking to her softly. It wasn't really surprising. After the day they'd had, especially all the shit with Ray, a bad dream was to be expected.

“Daisy, come on, it's just a dream. It's me, Mason.” Daisy woke up with a jerk, taking a gasping breath. “Easy now, it's all right. You're fine.” Mason tried to comfort her as best as he could. He hugged her, while starting to rub her back tenderly. She was tempted to pull away, but for some reason, it just felt right. When she finally calmed down, he released her from the hug, noticing the tears in her eyes. She refused to cry, though. She wasn't going to give that asshole Ray the satisfaction, even when he was dead, of reducing her to tears.

“I'm okay, Mason. It was only a bad dream. Thank you for waking me.” She took another deep breath, trying to relax. Her nerves were taut and she was feeling it. She didn't think she wanted to go back to sleep. Not with the dreams she was going to face. She remembered Ray, his hands on her throat. If Mason hadn't stopped him, things would have gotten even worse. Ray couldn't have harmed her, not permanently, but that was just as bad. No one was supposed to know about their real purpose, and she did not want to be responsible for repercussions of that magnitude. Hell no. Mason cut into her thoughts,

“Why don't we get out of here for a while? I know Der Waffle Haus is open, and I'll take care of the bill.” Daisy looked at him, confused. Mason was almost always broke. He spent what little money he had on booze and other illegal substances. How would he be able to afford to cover bother of them? She didn't need to voice her concerns, because Mason dug out a wad of bill, easily two hundred dollars in cash. Which made her wonder about where it came from.

“Where did you get that kind of money, Mason? Last I knew, you were flat broke. Were you holding out on me at the bar?” Mason smiled and shook his head,

“Well, luv, let's just say your ex is payin' for us. And why shouldn't he?” Daisy knew what had happened. It was perfectly clear and she wondered why she didn't realize it in the first place. Mason had taken the money out of Ray's wallet. Which made sense, Ray certainly didn't need it anymore. Unless he wanted to buy drinks in hell. She grabbed her coat, and checked her make-up quickly before they left.

Let me know what you all think. Is this worth continuing? Reviews would be heartily welcomed.
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