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DAY 13

by canustakemyheart 12 Reviews

... it's day 13.

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  • 17 Days

    (#) olinda_13 2009-01-09 03:40:32 AM

    AAA meeting there a weird thing to go to i had to go with a family member i sat at the back and drew random stuff in my sketch book while pretending to listen to my ipod i heard some pretty fucked up shit in there

    anyway great chapter you definatly described and got the vibe right kat and gerard are soo cute =]

    Author's response

    Yeah definitely. It does put things in perspective though. You think you're a real screw up until you meet some of the other folks!

  • 17 Days

    (#) lisa_lou 2009-01-09 04:26:23 AM

    Another cool chapter, i have never been to an AA meeting but that is exactly what i thought it would be like.
    Oh and i had a look at the bread thing, why do you guys get all the cool stuff in the US?!
    Lisa xo

    Author's response

    I really didn't know what to expect going to one of those meetings, but it was weird.

  • 17 Days

    (#) HellOnHigh9 2009-01-09 05:55:23 AM

    I like how you described the meeting, it's interesting to know how those kinda things work you know.

    I went to the site and read about Dave's killer Bread. First of all, that is the coolest name for any product ever. But his story was quite moving and interesting. It shows you that no matter what if you screw up you can still manage to make something of yourself and turn your life around. Like Gerard managed to overcome his alcoholism and become an icon looked up to by many people looking to make sense out of their lives and he has done that through music, the guy has saved many people with a simple song.

    Oh and the site dondon created is awesome isn't it? Shes so happy that its gotten a good response so far.

    Cant wait for day 14.

    XO CaT

    Author's response


    Yeah, "Killer" Dave's story is a messed up one, but it just goes to show that it's never to late for a fresh start and all.

    And yeah, the new site is great!

  • 17 Days

    (#) easykeys 2009-01-09 06:11:29 AM

    I loved this!!

    I agree with olinda- Kat and Gee are so cute, I honestly can't get enough of them haha.

    I could feel how nervous Gerard was going to that AA meeting, he was brave for doing it though. I hope he goes back to one and feels better about it.

    Thanks for the little note at the end whoring up the site haha.

    Cant wait for more!

    dondon xo.

    Author's response

    Thanks, dondon!

    I wonder if the real Kat was that cool? LOL I figure she kinda had to be to deal with Gerard all those years!

    Yes, I'm just a total man-whore for your new site. ha!

  • 17 Days

    (#) ilo9vemcrgmfrb 2009-01-09 02:13:38 PM

    Ugh, Kat and Gee are so perfect together!! It's almost horrible how amazing they are together.

    And isn't that site so amazing? haha

    When I woke up this morning, it was the very first thing I checked. haha

    Author's response

    I overlay me and iwillstakeyourheart a little too much on Gerard and Kat in this story. LOL

    We're all so cracked out on that site. It's made of awesome. That was the first thing I checked too! HA
  • 17 Days

    (#) xxinSANExx 2009-01-09 04:12:57 PM

    That was cute... in an odd twisted sort of way. Sorry for the unintresting comment. I have just been notifyed that we get to watch an in-depth sex-ed video... and the guys and girls will not be split up. AWKWARD!

    Author's response


    Eee sex ed huh? I can't imagine what that entails these days ... surly they aren't showing the same movies from the 80's that they were when I was in high school?? lol
  • 17 Days

    (#) MCArmyWife 2009-01-09 06:42:03 PM

    I would say "another great chapter" but I would be saying the same thing over and over. Of course it is the truth. The meeting was very well written, I loved "hearing" how the words of others made Gerard think about his own life. I think sometimes we all need to step back and look at others to really see ourselves.

    Author's response

    Yeah totally, huh? I mean, things could always be much worse and all that.

    Thanks again for the review =D
  • 17 Days

    (#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-09 10:26:00 PM

    I loved the dream bit. And I loved the dialog that occurred when Gerard had woken up from konking out after having sex. lmao

    The AA meeting was, of course, well written as well. Yup, I liked the whole thing.

    Good job sweetie!


    Author's response


  • 17 Days

    (#) girlinthemoon 2009-01-11 07:51:47 AM

    Going to an AA meeting was a big step in the right direction. I’m interested in seeing if he thinks it was a good experience or not.

    The dream, I’m not to sure what to think of that. He was her, she was him?

    It seems like their sex life is back in full swing. lol…

    I clicked on the link to the bread site. I haven’t read the guys story, but I did look to see where you could find it to buy. Only listings were for the Pacific Northwest. It made me a bit homesick. I haven’t been back in a long time and I miss the trees and mountains.

    Author's response

    I'm going to write up some more thoughts on the meetings for Day 14.

    That dream was one of the weirdest yet because it doesn't really have any deeper meaning to the story. LOL But I did have a dream like that during that time period. I've had other dreams where I was a chick in them. I always thought that was kinda weird.

    Ah yes, the "sex life" ... lol ... I only have one word for that: RANDOM. ha

    Ooo now you know where our secret base is located! lol This area is awesome though.
  • 17 Days

    (#) girlinthemoon 2009-01-11 11:51:32 AM

    Lol... It’s a big area. It’s not like I can pinpoint where you’re at.
    I grew up in Oregon. Now I live on the east coast. I miss it out there.

    Author's response

    lol. Yeah Oregon is really beautiful.

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