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Prologue- Dead Guy

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McGee finds a new friend in the most unexpected person.

Category: NCIS - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2009-01-09 - Updated: 2009-01-10 - 323 words

It's a sunny, spring afternoon in a small local park in Washington D.C. A pair of joggers were going down a path chatting as the ran, an elderly man was feeding a few pigeons from a bench.

Timothy McGee stood on a grassy spot in the center of this small park and looked around. He had to squint to see his surroundings through the reflection of the sun. The warm sun on the back of his neck felt good after a long morning of doing nothing. Naval crime had taken a day off today, but DiNozzo and his jokes hadn't. After a while McGee had simply shut his brain off and got back to playing a computer game.

It was an online RPG, he could meet and talk to people all the time. Lately he had been talking to one young woman frequently. He had been absolutely taken with her from the moment he had started talking to her. She was intelligent, funny, and aspired to be a writer. A woman after his own heart.

He turned back to walk back to his building. As he turned he nearly got run over by a teenage girl running as fast as she could. She slammed into him and he staggered, but caught her by the shoulders. She was hyperventalating.

"Woah. What's wrong?" He stammered when she looked up at him. She had a face Tony would surely have approved of. A delicately square face with huge brown eyes. Her nose was as small as a button, her lips full. Tears streamed down her face dragging her dark blue eye make-up with it.

"Body... over there... in the trees! He's dead... he's dead!" Her voice cracked and McGee steadied her with one hand while he reached for his cell phone with the other. He dialed quickly and pressed the smooth hunk of plastic to his ear.


"Hey, uh, Boss, we have a problem."
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