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Sexy Naughty Bitchy Bill

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Tom walks in on Bill dancing

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Title sexy naughty bitchy me! !one-shot!

Tom walked up the large metal stares to the apartment that bill and him shared. When tom got his floor and walked to his door he could hear music and someone singing with it.’mmm sounds like bill’ tom thought as he opened the door and walked in.

I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy
Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty
When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy
Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me.

What a sight to see when tom walked in. bill was dancing seductively to the song he was singing to . He moved is body in synch with the music. Tom could feel a nose bleed coming as another problem to. ’ try not to jump him tom.’ tom thought to himself as he looked at his brother. Bill’s hair hung down over his shoulders. From what tom could make out, he wasn’t wearing any make up. He wore a tight black hoody and shorts ……. Short shorts..!!!! ’how am I suppose to tame myself when he looks like that..

I'm the kind of girl that girls don't like
I'm the kind that boys fantasize
I'm the kind that your momma and your daddy were afraid you'd turn out to be like
I may seem unapproachable but that's only to the boys who don't have the
Right a approach or ride that makes a girl like me wanna hop in and roll

People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent

Bill started to sway his hip more seductively (if possible) as the beat became faster and frantic. He would dip down every once in a while and come back up in a slow sexy motion.’ were he learn to dance like that….. So sexy and seductive.’ tom was going crazy just watching

Sexy... naughty...

People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent

Tom got tired of watching and went up behind bill and slid his arms around his waist, causing bill to eeep
“tom your back, what took you so long, were you go again, don’t sneak up behind people you…..” bill was cut off with toms lips crashing on to his. Hungrily, tom ran his toung over bills soft pink bruised lips asking for entrance. Witch he granted not wanting to keep his brother waiting, After exploring bills wet cavern, tom pulled away earning a whimper of protest from bill. “what the matter you want more Billy” tom teased as he started to slowly grind against bill. Bill grinded back as he nodded his head as his reply “ I do…. can I have more.” bill lean in to his brother and licked the shell of toms ear. ”Tommy.” tom groaned as he grinded harder against bill. Bill moaned in toms ear.

I like all of my shorts to be a little too shortly
Unlike all of my guys I like them tall with money
I love all of my nights to end a little bit nasty
Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

I pick my skirts to be sexy
Just like my thoughts a bit naughty
When I'm out with my girls ...bitchy
Can't change I am
Sexy naughty bitchy me

As the song was coming to an end tom moved away from bill. All bill did was pout. “ you know that you shouldn’t pout it makes me want you more then I already do.” tom said as he looked bills ravished figure up and down. “mmmm you want me how much cuz if you want me to ill show you some new dance moves in our bedroom” bill said as he licked his lips and swayed his hips. Tom groaned and took bill my the hand and dragged him to there room. As he dragged bill he said “ your new dance moves better be better then the ones you had a few min ago.” “o they are much better much MUCH better.” bill giggled

Fin……………….maybe idk yet
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