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Scary Movies Are Fun TWINCEST

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Tom and Bill watch scary movies

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Bill and Tom were sitting on the couch watching a scary movie and eating popcorn. Tom knew that Bill hated scary movies, he just love to watch them with his younger brother so he could hold him when he would get scared and jump and cling to Tom. “Tommy can we please watch something else I don’t like this movie” Bill whimpered in Tom’s ear. “Bill there’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s not even that scary, and besides its not a true story.” Tom said as he held his brother closer. “And I’m here to protect you. Ok” Bill snuggled closer and just nodded his head. “ if I have nightmares I’m sleeping with you tonight.” Bill looked up into Toms eyes and gave a little shy smile that made Toms heart flutter with happiness. “yes. That’s fine.” leaning closer to Bill. “But how do you know that I wont attack you…….. Billy.” Tom licked the shell of Bill’s ear, and started to nibble down his neck. “ Tom you pervert stop I’m being serious.” bill moaned. “And who said I wasn’t, I have been a good boy and kept my hands to myself.” moving his hands up and down Bill’s chest, playing with his nipples every other few strokes. “T-t-t-tom mmmmm s-stop please.” Bill was trying really hard to contain his moans. But Tom’s hand were just to talented. “ I no that you don’t want me to stop Billy. Your head might be saying no but this.” Tom gropes bill’s half hard erection. “is saying that you want more, all you have to do is ask… no beg for it. Beg for it on your hands and knees.” Tom groped harder and started to stroke it slowly. “mmmmmm T-tom please” Bill let out a low moan in his thought. “please what Bill” letting go of Bill’s erection and standing in front of him. Bill stood up and grabbed Tom by the hand and led them to the bed room. . Bill let go of Tom’s hang crawled on the bed. Bill was on his hands and knees his cute little ass facing Tom, he looked over his shoulder. ”Please Tommy, I really need you.” bill whimpered as he swayed his butt from side to side. Tom look with lust filled eyes at his brothers actions. He moved forward taking off his shirt in the process. “since you ask so nicely.” crawling up behind bill, tom trailed his hands up his brothers back under the shirt to take it off. Bill got the hint and help tom take off his shirt. As tom started to work on bills pants, bill began grinding his ass against tom clothed member. “ you must want this bad.” Tom grinded his hips roughly against Bills ass. When bill grinded back, Tom chucked and got Bill’s pants off. “Mmmmm I guess that’s a yes.” tom put one of his hands in Bill’s boxers, while the other one slid up bills stomach and played with is nipples. “ Mmmmm Tom more.” bill moaned as tom slowly started to stroke his throbbing erection. “more you say. What more do you want.” tom breathed lustfully in bill’s ear. “you freaking tease u know what more I want just give it to me please, the suspense is killing me.” moaning loud, Bill grinded his ass faster and rougher against Tom’s pelvis. Tom slide off Bills boxers and flipped him over so that he was laying on his back. ”Mmmmm fine more is what you want more is what you get.” taking off his pants and boxers at the same time, tom never losing eye contact with bill’s. tom moved so that he was now hovering over bills naked body. “ you look beautiful when your needy.” tom whispered to bill as he slipped inside of him. “Mmmmmm shut it or you’ll ruin the moment.” Bill gave a small smile and moaned. Tom pulled out and slammed back in “ahhhhhh ahh ahh.mmmmm” bill moaned “mmmm your so tight Billy it feels so good.” moaned tom. “ faster, tom, faster” bill moan loudly. Tom did as he was told. Going faster tom planted small butterfly kisses allover bills neck and chest, leaving small hickys as he went. “mmmm tom go harder, harder.” bill practically screamed. As tom when harder he pulled bill so that he was seated in his lap, bouncing up and down. As bill moaned loud and husk whispers, tom grunted and whispered bill’s name over and over. Getting closer to there climax. Tom gave his attention to bill leaking member, he started to stroke slowly but got faster as harsher as he kept nearing his climax. “tom I’m going to…….” “me to bill” “TOM” Bill screamed as he came allover there stomachs and toms hand. “bill” said in a hush whisper as Tom pounded in to bill a couple more time then came. “mmmm that was amazing.” tom said as he gave bill a small kiss on the forehead as he pulled out and brought bill closer to him and put a blanket over them. Blushing bill nodded and kissed tom on the lips and snuggled closer to tom. “I love you Tommy.” “I love you to Billy.” As bill drifted of In to dream land he heard tom say something like “ I love scary movies.” as he drifted asleep. And bill had to agree even though he would have nightmares he new that tom would help him forget about them.

The end!
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