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Chapter 10.

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Getting ready for Warped Tour.

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If this didn't get fixed, yeah, I wrote Chapter 9 again. But this is 10, I'm sorry hahah!
Warped Tour started in a week. In that week, Kinsie needed to pack everything she was going to bring and learn to play every single My Chemical Romance song by heart on the drums. So far she only knew seven. That was definitely a problem. Gerard e-mailed her a practice schedule for when she'd meet with the band for practice. It was absolutely insane, about 7 hours per day. But, it was needed, and a good way to get to know the band.

"Okay," Frank said, tossing a pair of drumsticks onto Kinsie's lap. She was sprawled out on the floor of and old high school music room they rented out, with her head in Gerard's lap. He was braiding her hair, clearly exhausted. They'd been practicing for 3 hours, and it was 11 at night. "Time to get back to work, dear." They all grumbled their own opinions in unison, except Mikey, who was asleep on the other side of the room. Kinsie got up, smiling brightly.

"I'll take care of him." She gestured over to Mikey. The boys exchanged confused glances as she walked over to the drum kit, sticks in hand. Picking up a symbol, she casually walked over to him. She sat down on the table he was laying across, and raised the stick above the symbol. The guys covered their ears, realizing what was coming next. Kinsie slammed the drumstick against the symbols, immediately waking Mikey up. He screamed like a little girl getting her hair pulled and practically flipped off the table, knocking it over on top of the both of them. The room went completely silent as the two layed next to each other. Kinsie turned over to Mikey and said "Well, you're awake." It was silent again for a moment, and then they all burst out laughing.

That was basically how the rest of their week went. But don't get me wrong, they worked their asses off. Kinsie was able to learn every song, almost to perfection. It was amazing, because she hadn't done so much as touch a drum kit in two years. The band had never been more excited to go on a tour, to be honest.

It was the night before the boys and Kinsie were off to Warped Tour. To celebrate, they all went out for pizza. Kinsie brought Adam, because she knew they weren't going to be seeing each other for a long time. The group sat in a booth in the back, goofing off while they waited for their pizza. Frank and Kinsie were having one of those straw fights, where you blow the wrappers off the straw into peoples' faces. So far he was the winner, there were several wrappers littering her bright red hair. Then, Gerard started picking them off making them into spit balls.

"Ha-haaah!" Kinsie yelled victoriously. "Gee's on my side!" She grinned putting an arm around his broad shoulders. Gerard smirked and put an arm around her shoulder. "We're a team!" He shouted, causing an older couple near them to stare disapprovingly. Frank opened his mouth to yell something to them, but the pizza came. Instead, he screeched "YAY FOOD!", and grabbed himself a slice. At that moment Kinsie realized these guys had become like family to her in just a week.

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