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Yes, No Mikey!

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*Fifth Period: Science*

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Chapter 5

Fifth Period: Science
Science was one of my strongest subjects other than English, math, PE and well mostly all subjects. But the only thing I hated about science was that Mikey was in this class too. Oh how nice. I entered the science room and took a seat at some random table. On the table was three beakers, gloves, two pairs safety goggles and a burner. Then Mikey the entered the room. He looked at me and walked towards me and took a seat next to me.
“What do you want Mikey?” I asked him glancing at his binder that was separating us.
“I want you to take it back.” He said looking up at the board.
“Oh my God. You still want me to take that shit back. It was a fucking joke, okay?” I said looking at him.
“No, it wasn’t. I know. Just take it back and I’ll be fine.” He said trying to compromise with me again.
“Fine, I take it back.” I said sarcastically.
“Say it like you mean it Sky.” He demanded.
“Hey you said to just take it back not to mean it.” I shrugged. He looked at me with anger showing on his face.
“Fine, whatever.” He shrugged.
“Stupid.” I muttered under my breath.
“What?” Mikey asked looking over at me.
“Huh, what?” I asked acting like I didn’t say anything and didn’t know what was going on or know what he was talking about.
“Did you say something?” He asked still looking at me.
“No.” I cringed my face and shook my head.
“Whatever.” He said putting his hand in my face. GAY! I groaned and pushed his hand out of my face with great force. He just looked over at me and stuck his tongue out at me. I just rolled my eyes at his childish attitude.
Finally fifth and sixth period was over before I knew it. Now it was seventh period which was language arts/international languages with Bob. Yes! No Mikey!

A/N[] sorry for the short chapter. i hoped you like it though. and "Mikey" goes before "I=PxRxT" ficwad didn't let me move it.
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