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Crawl Away

by sickly_ill 3 reviews

Mikey tried to crawl away.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Published: 2009-01-21 - Updated: 2009-01-22 - 465 words

Chapter 1

Mikey saw something that night on his way home from work. He was walking in the dark, dim lit streets of New Jersey. It wasn’t uncommon to have a stalker following you at 9 pm. Mikey felt that he was being followed but every time he looked back nobody was there. “Calm down Mikey.” He said to himself taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly. He continued walking. A while later he heard footsteps. They sounded like heels. Ladies pumps. The small tap every time they hit the pavement. He looked back and saw nothing. He shook his head and turned back around only to see a woman standing right in front of him. He was frightened and gasped at the very sight of her. “Oh god Val! You scared the shit out of me.” He gasped. He panted for a while placing his hand over his chest. He stopped and noticed Val was very stiff and said nothing. He looked at her confused. “Hello? Val?” He asked waving his hand in her face. She looked odd. Her eyes were an icy blue not brown. And she had blood dripping from her arm. Her eyes were glowing bright in the dark. Mikey knew that they weren’t glowing cuz of the lights. It was too dark to be possible. Something was wrong. “Valary you okay?” He asked circling her to see if anything else was wrong. She didn’t respond. She just stood there. Mikey finally was in front of her again and she attacked sinking her teeth into his arm. “Shit! What the hell Valary?!” He screamed at her. He tried to pull away but her grip was too strong that he couldn’t. And every time he tried to pull away Valary sank her teeth in deeper making him scream out in pain. After a while she let go and cut herself on the wrist with her sharp teeth and mixed their blood together. After she mixed their blood she stared at Mikey. Her face was paler than ever and she had blood shot eyes with pink circling them and around her mouth was blood. She panted. Then, suddenly the clouds in the sky uncovered the pale full moon. Then it started to rain out of nowhere. They heard thunder and saw lighting strike the planet. Valary looked up at the sky and so did Mikey. They watched the storm for a while. Then Val turned to Mikey and screamed at him. “What the fuck!?” Mikey yelled. He saw what Val was. She was a vampire. He saw her fangs, her pale white skin and her glowing pale eyes in one strike of lightning that lit the night sky. He fell back in fear and tried to crawl away.
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