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The House Of Borealis.

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This isn't your average Adam's Family Reunion...

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Here are some Family photo's and Profiles i made!
Check. Em. OUT! :D
Aeria Borealis [Mother]:
Zia Alessio Borealis [Father]:

The House of Borealis: an elegant, and yet haunting home. The Gothic mansion overlooked an old forest that whispered haunting tales on the winds breath. The discoloration of ages had been plastered on the cracked bricks and the chipped statues that laid in the yard. A garden (that had been well taken care of) laid in the front of the house, along with a grey fountain that held beautiful shining fish inside. A grey cobble stone path pierced through the black gates, the Gothic archway, and up to the black wood door that withheld the many chilling souls that resided there.

Cree looked at herself in the mirror, brushing her bright blond hair with the silver comb she received from William. She hummed to herself a soothing tune from Emilie Autumn as a light knock sounded at the door.

"Cree darling," A small voice soothed,"Your family is expecting you downstairs."

Cree turned around and looked at her maid Ambrosia. She was a small woman, very pale looking and frail. All her years of service were shown on the wrinkles of her skin, and yet, she maintained such beauty. She wore a cameo necklace and a black lace dress that went up past the neck. Her silver hair was wrapped in a tight bun that was held together by a black jewel pin. Cree smiled lightly and nodded.

"Thank you Ambrosia, I'll be down in a minute" Cree replied. Ambrosia bowed lightly and gracefully glided out of the room. She lightly shut the door and headed down the stairs. Cree let out a sigh. She hated being home with her family. They were so strict and boring. She wanted to be back at her home in the city, back with Pete and William. Her heart suddenly fluttered. Pete and William were still at each others throats. William was the one who converted Pete into who he is now, and Pete was the one who wanted him dead. William thought this was all in good fun, a sick twisted game he loved to play.

"The dog can never kill it's master"

William would always say that. Cree had no idea what he meant. She let out a small sigh and walked out of her room, pondering on whether or not she should actually sit down with her family.


Ambrosia walked in with a crystal pitcher filled with rich wine from her Aunt's vineyard. She walked around and poured each member a half glass full.

"Thank you Ambrosia," Aeria, Cree's mother thanked.

"You're welcome m'lady," Ambrosia soothed as she left the family to their business. Aeria Gloris Borealis had 4 beautiful children. She had three daughters: Aurora, Elizabeth, and Cree; and one son, Aiden. Aurora was the oldest of the borealis children. She was beautiful, smart, and quite simple. She wasn't seductive or mysterious like Cree and Aiden were, she just didn't find that appealing. She was a gifted vampiress, she was given the ability to alter the emotions of others. If aurora wanted to, she could make every human fall in love with her. She could make the president act like the most malicious being, and Fidel Castro act like a patron saint. Her gift was a blessing and a curse, as was all the powers inherited by the Borealis children. Elizabeth was the third oldest. She was a simple girl as well, very mature for her age. She took joy in things such as painting and playing piano. She was her fathers "precious jewel". He paid extra attention to her, guided her, and led her in the path that he felt was best. She obeyed his every whim, all in the hopes that she would some day summon the courage to tell him her true want, and that he would recognize her as something other than what he expects her to be. The second oldest Borealis was Aiden. Now Aiden was the typical vampire: Seductive, cunning, mysterious. Aiden was much more laid back. He'd always be hanging off walls listening to loud music, or out in the city roaming around for victims to suck dry. Zia Alessio, their father, would always try and steer Aiden into the traditional ways, but Aiden would always bounce back. He didn't believe in the old ways, he believed that Vampires must roll with the times and change their ways.

"So my children," Zia spoke out softly,"Anything interesting happen while you were away?"

The Borealis children didn't stay at Rose Manor, they all hated it here. As rich as they were, as much knowledge they gained here, their childhood was horrible. The minute each of them were old enough, they all left the house and would only visit on occasion. Ambrosia came back in with their meals and set them at each of their spots. Elizabeth picked at her food and looked up at her father.

"The Maxim family took one of the dandies hostage the other day," Elizabeth spoke,"They tortured him to the very last inch of his breath and sent him back to Beckett's coven as a warning."

They all watched as Zia's pale lips formed a smile. He held his glass slightly and toasted to that success. Aeria took a small sip of wine and looked over at Aurora.

"And how are you doing, love?" She asked as she patted her daughter's hand. Aurora looked over at her mother with cold eyes and looked back down at her food.

"I'm fine mother..." she muttered.

Cree began to play with her hair out of anxiousness. These reunions were always awkward for her. She wished she was back in the city with her cat White.

"Aiden dear," Her mother called,"How about you? Did you find a place to stay yet?"

Aiden continued to look down at his food as he nodded his head. Cree turned her head and watched her mother's face fall a little. She felt a little bad for her mom, she just really wanted a nice conversation with her family.

"And you Cree?" Her father spoke out.

"hm? What?" her father smiled at her lightly as he sipped on his wine.

"How are you?" He asked curiously. Cree gave a small smile and a thumbs up. Aiden snickered a little and shook his head at her.

"Did you ever get together with that one gentleman?" Her mother asked with excitement,"You know, that man with the blond hair, oh-what's his name,"

"Daniel Nojovak?" Aiden asked.

"Yes! Daniel! Oh Cree dear, he's such a charmer," Her mom sighed,"Tell me he's with you."

"Not yet mom," Cree answered with a slight giggle.

"Yeah, she's too into this other guy," Aurora teased. Cree's eyes quickly darted over to her older sister and she gave a slight hiss. Aurora hissed back, her eyes turning a bright grey.

"Actually i would say a couple of guys," Aiden sneered,"She's a bit of a whore you see,"

"Shut up Aiden!" Cree hissed coldly. Aiden merely showed his fangs to her in a satisfied smile. Aurora clapped her hands a little.

"Come now children," She spoke sternly,"Let's be our age now. Ambrosia! Please, bring in dessert."

Ambrosia walked in with a number of maids that were holding beautiful trays of silver. Each of them held delicious, sweet smelling European pastries and cakes. Ambrosia came in holding small bowls of Creme brulee and passed them out to each of the family members. Cree looked at her own dish and smiled a little. She remembered getting this dessert all the time when she visited France with her family. She wondered if they ever remembered her. Of course they were long dead now, but she wondered if her family ever spared a thought to her whereabouts. She wondered if they ever stopped looking for their precious daughter, their Figlia Amata*.

Figlia Amata - Beloved Daughter in italian.
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