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If Only...

by Rous 3 Reviews

Double drabble written for OSA "Long Story Short" challenge.

Category: Lord of the Rings - Rating: G - Genres: Parody - Characters: Elrond, Other - Published: 2006/03/21 - Updated: 2006/03/21 - 100 words


  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) Ithilwen 2006-03-22 11:23:39 AM

    Heh. Amusing.
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) ann_arien 2006-03-23 03:16:43 AM

    Oh, indeed! I have often asked myself why didn't Elrond throw that stubborn man in the fiery chasm, rather than just stare and wring his hands? I think I'm going to enjoy this series of drabbles a lot!

    Author\'s Response: "Tis the question that has haunted intellectuals for hours, at least. I never figured it out. Unfortunately, this is it for this story, but I have another similar one that I may post. It is from a woman's POV on the same subject. As long as the rating system does not bury the stories, I may continue to post them bit by bit. I have about a hundred, but as has been pointed out to me, most will not do well here because they are not pointed enough for most people. We do this drabble thing as a game, kind of like it was intended at its inception. We all understand what they are about, but I am finding out that the outside world is not as accepting. We will see how things go here. Thank you, again, for the comments.
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) Michelle 2006-03-24 06:31:22 AM

    Haven't we all wondered about this? But Elrond's a prissy elf, maybe he wouldn't condone pushing humans into a fit of fire:)

    Author\'s Response: Well, while I disagree with the prissy elf thingy, I do think he would hesitate to rid Arda of the evil to come by chucking Isildur into Mt. Doom. However, in retrospect, he may well have wished, three thousand years later, that he had done so. I think the movies made him appear prissy. After all, as Gil Galad's nephew and right-hand man, he had to have seen some pretty hard times during the first war. Personally, I pretty much hate what the movies have done to most of the characters. We cannot tell the story as it should be because it would be boring to the majority of the planet. So, we should just rearrange who does what, make some more angsty than they were and just generally make another generic war movie. So much was lost. But, on the other hand, the scenery was breathtaking. So, whadda ya do?Thanks for the input.
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) armourdude 2006-03-26 10:16:47 PM

    You know I sat in the theater and whispered over to my wife. "Hey why dosent he just take the ring and toss it it himeself?" I of course had read the books, but still thought that this was a funny thing to say. She told me to be quite and to quit hoging all the popcorn.

    Author\'s Response: I know the sentiments. I have often wondered the very same thing. And about the ring also. LOL
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) Raksha_The_Demon 2006-03-27 11:16:03 AM

    This isn't precisely bookverse - in the book, Isildur seems to have taken the Ring more as weregild for his slain father than for a desire to better Arda, and the plot twist isn't totally new (I've seen it before, but written in retrospect). Nevertheless, it is well-told, not easy to do in a drabble when one is limited to a specific number of words, and very funny. No need for any more books, eh? Where would we all be then?

    Author\'s Response: No, it is not bookverse. And, I know it is not original as far as plot goes, but I needed something for the Long Story Short challenge, and this seemed apropo. And, it was the only one written for the challenge. Must have been harder than I thought. As for books, yes, it would have been a great loss if Elrond had taken matters into his own hands. This was just my twisted little bent on things. And, I did warn readers it was parody; if not actual parody, at least they were warned. LOL Glad you liked it. I enjoy your comments on HA's list. I just do not get time to read everything I would like to. Too busy writing, I guess.
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) Gandalfs_apprentice 2006-08-05 10:10:48 PM

    I like this AU better than the one with the "woman's touch." There were any number of places one of those wise Elves could have intervened to stop things! Go, Elrond.

    Author's response

    You would think, huh? I suppose if they had, we would not have the story we do. LOL
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) JesusKetchum31 2006-12-22 06:21:35 AM

    Somehow, you manage to capture the grace and formality of Lord of the Rings... but with added snark! I really like the closing line... way to lay it on!

    Author's response

    Thank you. I am glad you like it. Just doing my small part, 100 words at a time. LOL
  • LOTR Condensed

    (#) EatThePath 2007-10-17 10:44:58 AM

    I liked it. I suppose it's not a particularly shocking twist, but amusing enough and works well within the limits, and well written to boot.

    Just one question: Does Elrond fall in too?

    Author's response

    The challenge here was to tell the story in 100 words. I figured if I edited out all the angst and fighting, it would work out nicely if Isildur just tossed the ring. As he was not inclined, Elrond needed to nudge him a bit. And, no, Elrond did not fall in. Although, maybe he should have.


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