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DAY 17

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  • 17 Days

    (#) xxinSANExx 2009-01-25 09:15:06 PM

    wipes tears That's an amazing end to an amazing story. The whole story was pretty awesome. You deserve a standing ovation!

    Author's response

    Thank you, really, it means a lot that you guys really liked this one xD
  • 17 Days

    (#) somethingorother 2009-01-25 09:53:15 PM

    Amazing. Freaking amazing. This was one of the most incredible and motivating stories I have ever read. I loved how self-reflecting(is that a word?) this chapter was.

    Congrats on four years. And I'm not sure if you are in the same boat as Gerard on being a father, but if you are congrats on that too.

    We'll definatley miss you! I agree with xxinSANExx, standing ovation.

    Author's response

    Aww thanks. That's really awesome to hear.

    Um, yeah, I may be in the same boat so to speak shortly.

    I'll still write stuff though. Just haven't decided what. I've been drifting over to the original section and posting a couple things.

  • 17 Days

    (#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-25 10:58:42 PM

    *sniff* It was a beautiful, fucked up. painful, joyous tale. Thank you for taking the time (and the many late nights) to write it.

    love you

    Author's response

    Thanks for reading it ... and for everything you did back then.

    love you
  • 17 Days

    (#) olinda_13 2009-01-26 12:20:50 AM

    im going to miss this story :(

    it was very awesome and epic as hell

    Author's response

    Well I'm glad you thought it was awesome and epic!
  • 17 Days

    (#) Sassy 2009-01-26 12:24:03 AM

    I don't really know what to say. I loved it, but I'm really sad that it's finished. Sadder still that you thik you may not write more here. I don't like the sound of that :( You're too good to stop.

    By the way - I really think you should gather the chapters togather, change a name or two and send it to a publisher. This deserves to be in print! Do you have any idea how many people that would help? How many more people would just love it? Please consider it.

    Sas x

    Author's response

    I'll write more. I just may not continue with the "moments" series. I'm glad you think I'm too good to stop though!

    This is the only story I have saved on my computer. So maybe someday I'd do something else with it. I have a feeling a publish would want a bunch of stuff changed though :/

    Thank you for the lovely review, Sas!
  • 17 Days

    (#) lisa_lou 2009-01-26 05:04:38 AM

    I have to agree with Sassy on that one. This is probably one of the most challenging things i have read in a long long time. It's kind of one of those, "oh crap, if he can do "that" i really have no excuse not to do..." moments if you know what i mean.
    Thank you for making the effort to write all this down, it has been awsome.
    Lisa xo

    Author's response

    That's awesome to hear, thank you.

  • 17 Days

    (#) lacerationgravityxxx 2009-01-26 06:11:43 AM

    aaah it's over. and i only really just found it, but hey atleast i did!

    thank you very much for writing this story and sharing your experiences with us.

    and continued good luck with quitting the cigarettes!

    Author's response

    I'm glad you did find it and read it!

    And you're welcome. It was definitely an experience to write it all out.

    Thanks! I'm doing pretty good with the no smoking thing =D
  • 17 Days

    (#) MCArmyWife 2009-01-26 09:00:54 AM

    That was so perfect. I love the way you ended this so much. You are a great writer because you put your heart and soul into your work. I really hope you write some more stories here. This may sound weird but reading your "Gerard" stories is something I really look forward to. They are like a bright spot in my day and I can really use that. Take care.

    Author's response

    Thank you, it means a lot to hear stuff like that!

    I'll write more I'm sure.

    That's awesome to hear my stories are a bright spot in your day!

  • 17 Days

    (#) easykeys 2009-01-26 09:36:27 AM

    Like I said- "It was like at the end of a movie when the character has gotten through all the sad bits and realises that it is a new start- I could almost hear the violins playing in the background as I read it"


    Even if this is the end of the moments series, it was a perfect way to end it. Everything is calm and okay now :)

    Excellent job C, cant wait for whatever you write next!

    dondon xo.

    Author's response

    And I love that description. The last chapter is very "movie-like" now that I think of it. It'd make for a good screenplay huh? lol Who would they get to play Gerard?? haha

  • 17 Days

    (#) HellOnHigh9 2009-01-26 04:10:50 PM

    Fantastic ending to a piece of fine art.
    Applause go out to you C, I know this must have been hard to write.

    XO CaT

    Author's response

    Thank you cat, appreciate that xD

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