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Vampires will never hurt you (I promess)

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Light flooded in the small cramped place waking me up. My eyes adjusted to the light quickly.

"Hey Kayla you awake? You can come out now." Whispered Mikey. I slowly got up and walked out.

"Hey Mikey," I mumbled not feeling like talking much.

"Hey... um I’m supposed to bring you to get some food well the are out." I fallowed him into the restaurant gas station.

"A table for tow" he told the waitress. She lead us to the back tables by the window.

"Can I get you anything to drink,” she asked focused only on Mikey as she placed the menus down. he gave a gentle smile and turned to me.

"umm... coca cola."

"Is Pepsi alright," ( don't you hate when they do that ) She smiled a flirty smile to him.

"Make that two please" I whispered she turned and glared and left making sure her ass was shaking all the way.

"Slut," I muttered. I picked up the menu and looked for something good.

"Here you go to Pepsi," She smiled,” Are you ready to order."

"Yes ill have a slice of pepperoni and garlic pizza.” I wrinkled my nose garlic eww gross.

"I'll have fries and gravy please." She glared and smirked at Mikey and left.

"So." I let out a sigh and gave a small meaning less smile.

"Mikey," I whispered knowing it would hurt.

"Yeah Kayla," he said calmly well pushing up his glasses.

"I'm sorry,! what I said about hating you all that’s not true I can't hate you, Bob, Ray or Frankie, I can be mad but not hate him" I looked up into his brown eyes and saw happiness and sadness.

"Thank you Kayla, But... um... what about Gerard," I let out a small sigh and looked back into his eyes.

"Here you go your pizza and fries," she smiled at Mikey again and walked away. Phew save by the food. We ate in silence enjoying our food. I finished soon and we both left.

"You want anything to snack on Kayla? Chips, pop, candy bars." I walked over to the cooler and grabbed a bottle of Pepsi and a bag of salt and vinegar chips, I handed the to Mikey. Then I spotted it, A bathroom.

"Mikey I have to go pee pretty badly."

"Okay Kayla hurry it up though or I’m going to come in," I nodded my head then walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I looked around a window was visible and big enough to fit through. I jumped on the counted and tried to open it. Wouldn't budge. I looked for something to smash it with. I saw the lide to the toilet, I smiled and jumped down and grabbed it quickly. I got back up and thrusted it through the window.

BANG, BANG, BANG "Kayla you better be out here in three seconds or im coming in. I lifted myself through the shattered window. RIP I felt a sharp pain go through my leg. I could hear Mikey twisting the knob to get in.

"Kayla let me in don't do anything stupid," too late I was through the window running to my sweet sweet freedom. I saw another gas station down the street I ran towards it and through open the door.

"Umm... do you have a phone I could use.?"

"Yeah there’s a pay phone outside miss,” then I heard Mikey voice.

"There you are Kayla! Ive bin looking all over for you." He smiled at me.

"Hey you look a lot like that girl that went missing, Kayla,"

"Oh you didn’t hear yeah she was found already," Mikey smiled then gestured for us to go. I fallowed.

"Geez you are a trouble maker, you better hope Gerard doesn't find out about this attempt,"

"I'm sorry Mikey," I mumbled he sight then turned to me.

"Why do you keep doing this you know you just makes him mad."

"I’m sorry I don’t know why but Mikey how did you know where to find me," He smiled

"I followed the trail of blood from the bathroom window." I looked down at the hole of torn fabric with blood seeping through I looked up and saw a flash of read go through Mikey eyes.

"Aw crap Gerard is going to kill me isn't he?"

"I don’t know! will just tell him you fell or something." I smiled and embraced him in a hug.

"Thanks Mikey I'll never forget this," he smiled at me and walked back to the van in silence.

"So where did you to do go?" I looked up into Gerard smirking face it soon disappeared when he saw the ripped fabric and blood. Just like Mikey I saw a flash of red go through his eyes.

"We went for a walk and she tripped and ripped her sweats and cut her leg." His eyes shot to Mikey.


"Gerard." his eyes snapped back to mine.” Gerard we went for a walk and I did trip and rip the sweats and I cut my knee by accident." I mumbled, he only grunted and stalked away to the van.
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