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Chapter Three

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"Man slut!" he yelled. Well fuck him too.

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"Frank....." Gerard said hesitantly seeing Krisan standing there. We don't bring random chicks back stage seeing as we're all married except for Bob but he's in a serious relationship with some dude named Jake, anyway. "....errr, who's she?"

I motioned for Krisan to step a little more forward, which she did, with my hand. "Guys, this is Krisan. Krisan this is the guys; Gerard, Bob, Ray, and Mikey." I pointed out each of them, though she probably already knew who they were, but oh well.

"Erm, so where do you know Frank from, uh, Krisan?" Ray asked ver, very awkwardly. Couldn't blame him, as I said no girls are brought back stage... ever.

"Uh, actually I kinda just met him." I wasn't really listening to what she was saying because I was too busy judging the guys' reactions. Not good.

"Really? Well, Frank's always been a spontaneous one, hasn't he?" Mikey said coming to my defense a little bit.

"Yeah, well, I like to change things up a bit," I said dully.

Gerard bounced his head up and down. "Oh, Frank, Worm wanted me to give you something, it's in the dressing room," he lied. I know it was a lie, he only wanted me tom come with him so he could yell at me but I'm a man and I can handle a little yelling. Bring it on.

"Sure, Gee," I said and followed him to the dressing room. I don't think he'll be that bad.


"What the fuck, Frank? I know we've been on tour for a few years, but Goddamn it, you can't just bring random groupies back stage! You're fucking married! What the hell do you plan on doing with her any----"

I cut him off; he was being too much of an ass. "SHUT UP, Gerard! She is not a fucking groupie, so shut your fucking mouth! And I don't plan on doing anything with her, thank you, just hang out! I know I'm married, and it's not to you so I don't see why you're so fucking concerned!" I shouted at him, flaring up. Seriously, what the fuck is his problem anyway?!

"Fuck, sooorrry for not wanting my band to look like a bunch of man sluts! Think of what the motherfucking fans think, you douche bag!" He yelled back.

I could have punched him. "First off, it's not your fucking band!" I screeched. "Second, I don't give a damn what the fans think because it's not like that! And as for being a man slut.... I have nothing to worry about because I'm not, especially compared to you!"

I probably sounded like a girl, calling him a slut and stuff, but what the fuck ever. I don't care, he deserves it.

"Oh shut it, Iero! I've never brought a fucking groupie backstage! What is she, fifteen?" he asked incredulously.

"She's not a fucking groupie!" I shouted at him yet again. I don't know why I was so upset about him calling her that because face it, who doesn't love sex with hot as rock stars? That's what I thought. "And it doesn't fucking matter how old she is because I'm not doing anything with her like that!"

He rolled his eyes and shook his head and sighed all at once. "Whatever, Frank. Just don't get caught, and if you hurt Jamia I swear I'll break you in two, got it?"

He walked off before I could come up with a smart remark.

This could not go well.



Hope you liked it, she's inroduced, and I know it's short but so's Frank and he's great.

I rest my case.


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