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Something Golden.

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"I want to go camping!" Those words would haunt Patrick forever. Patrick/Pete

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What is a place that you've never visited before but that you really want to go to?
asked by danii_22_13 on August 8, 2008

north korea, iraq, burma, the congo. a couple of places in northern camping. i also have an extreme desire to go camping right now for some reason.
answered by peter on August 8, 2008

blame Pete. Not me
disclaimer : no, I don't own Patrick, or Pete, or any of Fall Out boy, otherwise they wouldn't be out making music, they'd be in my house making babies with me.]

Patrick breathed in the fresh mountain air, his eyes fluttering closed, as he became one with Mother Nature. then his foot hit a log, and he tripped and fell flat on his face, and the blissful tranquillity faded rapidly.

Pushing himself to his feet, Patrick grumbled random obscenities under his breath as he brushed dirt off of his jacket, a permanent frown pushing the corners of his lips downwards. behind him, Pete dragged his feet, and all of the camping equipment, because it had been his idea, and Patrick's feet were sore already from their five mile hike. Pete was so giving him a foot rub when they got back.

'So, when are we stopping?' Patrick grumbled finally 'You do realize I wouldn't even be seen near a forest if it wasn't for the fact that you're currently in possession of my heart right?' Pete shrugged, looking around,

'Um..what about here?' he asked hesitantly, looking around as if some sort of sign would pop up with YES written on it. Patrick whipped around so fast he caused a light breeze,

'You don't /know?' he asked through gritted teeth, as Pete lowered his gaze to his Timberlands, lacing them up nonchalantly. As Patrick poked him lightly, Pete must've decided that the knots were far too loose, for he unknotted them, and did them up, for fear of meeting Patrick's accusing eyes. He wasn't looking up, but he knew what they looked like, and it was best not to meet them.

Luckily (or not) Patrick was distracted from the fact it was Pete's fault his feet were throbbing in his too small shoes, as he slapped a mosquito lazily on his arm 'Hey, Pete, where's the bug spray?' he asked, and Pete shrugged,

'You had it.' Patrick gritted his teeth again, busy grinding them into dust as he replied,

'No, I thought you had it.' Well. At least he knew what he'd forgotten now, it wouldn't keep him up at night wondering. He contented himself with a glare and the fact that 'You're rubbing lotion into my bites when we get back Wentz.' Pete's smile appeared almost by magic on his face, and it was so big it hurt to look at.

Patrick wasn't sure why Pete was smiling, it could be anything, but he was pretty sure it was because they hadn't spent anytime alone for weeks, it felt like forever. Even though so far this excursion had been a complete disaster it would've been much worse if he was with anyone but Pete. But, then again, he wouldn't go camping for anyone other than Pete. So, really, the only way this could get worse was if Pete abandoned him.

But Patrick doubted he would. Apart from the fact that Pete didn't have a clue which way to go to get out of here, and would probably be eaten alive before he got out, he just wouldn't do that to Patrick.

'I'm cold.' The silence that followed Pete's statement was fairly awkward until Patrick said simply,

'Well then. Light a fire.' Pete stared at him,



After an hour or so, Patrick had to concede defeat; rubbing two sticks together over a bundle of wood didn't seem to work. Pete had, meanwhile, been trying to set up the tent, but when it collapsed just as he got it right, he kicked at it in frustration and went to sulk.

'Swap jobs?' Patrick suggested mildly after Pete's sullen sulking began to get to him, and Pete shrugged, grabbing the sticks off of Patrick and rubbing them half heartedly. Patrick's eyes widened as they caught alight, and the stick wet up in flames,

'How did you - what the - you just - what?' Pete smirked at him lazily, gesturing at the bundle of canvas that was supposed to be their tent, and going to find some marshmallows. Patrick sighed, frowning at the lump - there had to be some instructions somewhere, right? He fidgeted with it, picturing a tent, and racking his brains for the method he had used the last time he went camping, and finally he stepped back to admire his work, as Pete wandered back humming and pushing a marshmallow into his mouth,

'Okay, who are you you sexy knowledgeable camper and what have you done with my Trick?' Before Patrick could think of something witty to way, Pete had pressed his sticky marshmallow covered lips to Patrick's.

He could deal with this whole camping thing. Just about.


'Uhh..Trick?' Patrick looked around, licking his fingers and raising a quizzical eyebrow as Pete emerged from the tent 'We have a problem.'

'Whassat?' Patrick mumbled, his mouth full of soft, gooey marshmallow as Pete ran a hand through his hair, fidgeting,

'We have only one sleeping bag.' Patrick turned around properly to look at Pete, who was staring at the floor, scuffing his Timberlands slightly, and looking up startled as Patrick said with a smile,

'I'm sure we can both fit.' Pete giggled softly, curling his fingers around Patrick's hand and pulling him inside,

'Lets see.'


'So.' Patrick turned to look at Joe as he sat on the table, tuning his guitar. Joe smirked, sititng himself besides Patrick, and watching him for a few seconds,

'What?' Patrick asked finally, setting down his guitar,

'Did you have fun? On your little camping trip?' And Patrick smiled, pushing his guitar away, and pausing,

'Despite the fact we were both bitten to death, my feet have blisters on them the size of craters, we froze our asses off, the tent fell down on us during the middle of the night and Pete broke his arm when we had to run away from that bear?' Joe nodded expectantly,

'If he asked me to go again, I'd say yes in a heartbeat.' Just then they heard Pete's thumping footsteps, as he poked his head round the doorway, beaming despite the fact his am was in a sling,

'Trick? How do you feel about going [i] ski-ing?[/i]'
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