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Just a Locket Around Your Throat..

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Sydney has her dream to come least she thinks so. But will she be wrong?

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Just a Locket Around Your Throat

"I really enjoyed dinner tonight, after we finally decided on somewhere to eat" I jokingly pick with Chris. "Well I'm glad you did and I don't mind taking you out at all" he replies.
As we're approaching my house I suddenly flashback into the awful vision created in my head after talking with my mom minutes before we arrived at the restaurant. I'm slowly brought back to reality as my vision is blinded by swirling blue and red lights engulfing my driveway and street.
My heart leaps into my throat as I see the fire department and ambulance sitting without motion in front of my house. As we turn in, my dad walks up to my side of the car. "Your mom had a really bad asthma attack. You need to follow us to the hospital." my dad says worriedly. Nothing left to say he rushes over to jump into the ambulance.
Never would I have imagined this would begin the most eventful unexplainable story of my life.

Chapter 1: The Beginning (my POV)
From backstage I glance nervously at the crowd that I soon would be performing an acoustic set for. Doing so, I grasp the locket my mother had given me when I turned 16. It was the only thing I had left of her. My song writing had helped me through her death to an extent but it seemed as if things had just gotten worse after that. My boyfriend at the time had broken up with me because he thought I was too depressed all the time and that I was bringing him down with me. So be it, but he still had both parents to be there for him when he needed guidance. Also, soon after my mother’s death, me and my dad stopped talking as much and I moved in with my best friend Abbey. Everything had been worry free until tonight.
"Hey rockstar! Are you ready to blow em away?!" Abbey exclaimed excitedly. She was always such a big support, but sometimes, I just didn’t need that. I mumbled a bit under my breath before actually replying with "I guess so, but I'm just so nervous. They just don't look like the kind of people that would appreciate my music." Abbey gave me that look she always does when I'm being insecure. "Oh shutup you'll do great and I bet you all the money in the world that you'll leave here with a few numbers." She winked at me and mumbled something under her breath.
I wanted to know what she had said but I had no time to ask as it was my time to shine. I cautiously walked out on stage and sat down on the tiny stool they had set up. From then on out, I just went off into my on world, not noticing if anyone was favoring what I was singing or not. I just performed.

~In Wilmette, Chicago~ (petes POV)

"Hey guys come check this out" I yelled through the house hoping to get at least one of my lazy ass friends up and running. "Don't make me get the hose dammit!" Patrick Slowly stumbles into my room, obviously barely awake. "What is it? A girl send you nudes again?" he chuckles. I scowl at him. "No, trick, actually I think I want to sign this girl to Decaydance. She’s got an amazing voice and her lyrics could put mine to shame. Take a look." I slide the laptop over to Patrick. As he watches, his face changes from bored and uninterested to a certain look he only gets on rare occasions. As the video ends, he snaps out of it and trys to play it off like I hadn't been sitting right in front of him. "Yeah, she sounds ok, but hey it’s your call man." He says as he hurriedly escapes my questioning glance, leaping into the bathroom and shutting the door.
As I sit and watch the video again one more time to make sure I'm making a good decision, this feeling of happiness comes over me. "This doesn’t happen often”, I think to myself. Smiling, I run downstairs and make a phone call that could possibly change two lives greatly.

Chapter 2: What’s Happening?? (my pov)
"Now why can't I be that lucky?" I question as Fall Out Boy's video for Dance Dance is playing on my TV. "Haha, Sydney, there rockstars, who would want to be with them? I mean they probably never shower and they probably have every STD under the sun." Abbey replies smoothly. I just roll my eyes. Ever since I was 13 I've had, I guess you could say, "A crush" on Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy. Now, being 18 years old and single, it’s gotten worse. "But, I mean, I'm a musician right? I could be a rockstar one day. Will you say that stuff about me then?" I choke out between chewing my cereal. Abbey falls over on me almost spilling my cereal and hugs me. "Of course I will!" She laughs. "No, you are my best friend, plus I would be out there getting STD's with you DUAH!" At that, I throw a pillow at her and the pillow fight breaks out.
Feathers are flying everywhere as we collapse on the floor laughing. Then all of a sudden "A little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me" blasts out of my phone. I scramble off the floor barely getting to it in time.
"Hello?" I say non-enthusiastically.
"Hey, um is Sydney there?" a low yet somewhat nasally voice speaks from the other end.
"This is her." I reply, thinking it’s just another damn telemarketer.
"Oh um hey Sydney" the voice says awkwardly with a lot of mumbles and whispers from the background.
I was getting a little frustrated. "Yeah hi. You called for what reason?"
"Huh, Oh um sorry. Anyways, I was watching a video of you performing your acoustic set the other night. I think you've got a lot of talent. So, I was wondering if you would like to be signed?"The voice finally speaks out.
"Wait what? What video? Who is this? How do you know me?"I burst out.
"Sorry again, this is Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, um I don't know if you've heard of Decaydance but.." He couldn’t finish the sentence before I began.
"Holy shit no way. You've seriously got to be kidding me right now. I think I'm going to..." I manage to get out before I collapse to the floor.
Abbey runs over and picks up the phone. "hey thanks for watching that video Pete and we'll meet you at the coffee shop on the corner in about 2 hours, does that sound good?"
"sure, haha. Um, I hope she’s ok. See ya then I guess." he replies surprised and hangs up.

~At Petes House~(Patricks POV)
“Hey Patrick! You want to go get some coffee?” Pete yells up to my room. I stop folding my clothes and think. “There is no way that Pete just wants to go get coffee. There has to be something else involved.” I slide my “roots” shirt on and casually walk downstairs. “Yeah, so tell me the real reason why you want me to go to the coffee shop with you and maybe I’ll think about it.” I question Pete. Pete laughs. “Come on dude, can’t I just want to go out with my best bud and get some coffee?” He grabs for the keys to the van and starts to head out the door. “Pete, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what else is going to be there, or should I say who else.” I’m thinking he’s trying to set me up with just another slut he met at a show. Pete sighs. “Fine, the girl that I want to sign to decaydance is going to meet us there. I mean if you feel like I’m trying to hook you up with her, then you don’t have to go.”
This turns over a new leaf in my mind. That girl… was so elegant, so beautiful, so…”PATRICK!” Pete awakens me from the daydream. “Answer please? I’m already going to be late as it is.” I think about it for just another second before I pretend to reluctantly answer. “Ok, but don’t try anything funny peter.” “Oh God Patrick you sound like my dad for Christ’s sake!” He jokingly punches my arm and walks out to the van.
I follow but all I can think about is her face, her smile, her eyes. What do I do? What do I say? I don’t want to stare that will seem creepy. But what if I do it involuntarily? Oh…what am I getting myself into???

Chapter 3- I’m Living with a Rockstar! (sydneys POV)
Excitement fills my head as me and Abbey shuffle into the coffee shop and sit down at the corner booth. “Oh my God! I still cannot believe you did not tell me you were sending in a video!” I exclaim to Abbey. She smiles. “Well if I would have told you then you would have wanted to critic it and everything. Then it would have never made it to them.” I laugh at the thought. “Yeah I guess you’re right. But thank you again so much! You’re the best friend a girl could yell at!” “Wow thanks a lot girl. That means so much” she replies sarcastically.
Just then I glance up in time to see the “Pete Wentz” waltzing in with Patrick following behind him. I hide a shriek of excitement as he walks over and sits down.
“Hey hey” he greets us.
The words seem to be stuck inside of my mouth until Abbey pinches me. I manage to squeak out a shy “Hi Pete.”
Patrick perks up. “Hey there” he smiles.
I give my best smile. “Hey Patrick” It’s so much easier to talk to him for some reason. The thought is pushed out of my head when Pete gets down to business.
He begins “Ok, so basically I’m going to sign you to Decaydance and you can start recording…well tomorrow if you want.”
I look at him dreamily. “Oh how I do. I’ve wanted this for so long Pete. It’s all finally happening.”
Pete stumbles with words. “Ok…um..well..Oh and you will be moving in with me and the guys because that’s where most of the recording will take place.
I look over at Abbey. She immediately answers the questions bouncing around in my head. “Hey girl you go ahead. It’s what you’ve always wanted. I’ll be fine, just as long as you come back and visit and bring some visitors with you.” She gives me a wink. I laugh. “Ok, ok, of course I will.” I look back at Pete. “Um … do you like attics? Because that’s the only room open right now in the house.” He questions me.
“Wow, I’ve always wanted an attic room. That’s great Pete.” I reply. “Well ok, here’s the address, just go and pack up all of your stuff and we’ll help you unload everything when you get there.” He smiles.
I get up to leave. “We’ll be there soon. I’ll see you then” I wave at Pete and Patrick. Pete hugs me and Patrick throws up a shy wave.
On the way home all I can think about is the fact that I’m going to be living with Pete fucking Wentz! There’s is nothing greater in my life right now. I reach down and grab my mother’s locket. “Thank you mom” I say to myself as I realize my life is amazing.
(At petes house) (patricks POV)
That girl…is the essence of perfection…I scribble into a notebook filled with broken lyrics in hopes to write a decent song. As I’m contemplating other lyrics, Pete walks in. “Dude what is up with you? Ever since we got back from the coffee place all I’ve heard is humming and walking, humming and walking.” I stop and wonder if I should tell him about my new found feelings for Sydney. How could it hurt? He’s my best friend. I cave in. “Well, Pete, that girl is absolutely stunning. I mean I can’t stop thinking about her, it’s like I’ve..” Pete cuts me off. “Patrick, seriously, you just met her. Are you trying to tell me that you like her?” I frown. I knew this was going to backfire. “Well, I know I just met her but everything about her feels so right. I mean her eyes nearly took my breath away and not to mention when she smiled at me. It gave me the biggest..” “Woah, ok ok, I get it, you like her. No need to get into details.” Pete says disgusted. “I was just going to say the biggest chill through my body.” I mumble. “Well anyways, you remember how she’s going to move into the attic right? Pete questions me. “Yeah…and…your point?” I answer not knowing where he was going with this conversation. Pete slaps his forehead. “Patrick, don’t you remember the only way to the attic is up the pull out stairs in the ceiling in your room?” he points over to the far left corner of the ceiling. “Ohhhh…great. The girl that I fantasize about is going to be coming through my bedroom at anytime. Just Lovely.” Rubbing my head at the sudden news, I begin to pick up around the room and tidy everything up. Pete says nothing but laughs and walks out and down the stairs.
My mind is racing with thoughts and ideas while cleaning everything. As soon as I finish and have a chance to sit down the doorbell rings. “I’m not prepared for this and neither is my heart” I say to myself but before I walk downstairs I jot it down to add to the lyrics for my new song.

Chapter 4- What’s Going On Here? (Sydneys POV)
As I walk towards Abbey’s car to start unloading stuff, Pete walks up behind me and hugs me. “Well hello to you too” I cherish the moment. “Don’t even think about unpacking anything, that’s what I’m here for.” He pretends to flex his arms. I laugh. “Well ok then, I guess I’ll go and check out my room if it’s ok.” “Yeah sure, Patrick will show you around” He winks at Patrick. Patrick comes up to me. “Hey yeah, just follow me.” I follow Patrick into the house and upstairs into a room that could possibly be a male version of my own. “Wow I really like this room” I say, looking around and examining everything from the posters to the books. Patrick excitedly replies “Really? Thanks, I try” He pulls down a set of stairs leading up into the ceiling. “When Pete said attic, he meant attic.” Patrick smiles. I study the stairs for a second then reply “Hey this is cool though, we can totally be room buddies.” I start climbing up the stairs. About halfway up my shoe slips and I begin to fall. The next thing I know I feel a support on my ass from Patricks hand. He quickly lets go and apparently embarrassed says “Oh I’m so sorry.” I smile down to him and reply “Aw, don’t worry you’re not the only guy who’s pretended to save me with a hand on my ass.” I continue up to the attic, leaving Patrick behind speechless.
As soon as I stand up in my new room it feels like home already. It immediately reminds me of my mother, which saddens me but is also a comforting feeling. I walk over to the beautiful stained glass window, it sets in that this is my dream coming true.
(Later on) (Patricks POV)
“Dude, Patrick are you ok?” Joe asks me. “You’ve been staring at your hand for a whole ten minutes” I snap out of my daze . “Yeah I’m good” I reply, walking up to my room. It’s been a long day. Pete finally got everything moved in for Sydney. Now he’s in his room pouting because he messed up his hair in the process. All I want to do is lay down. Lay down and dream about her. The incident that had happened today was actually not an accident at all as she had pointed out. Another reason to fall for her. She’s so smart and she’s obviously not going to let her guard down for anybody to mess with her. As I open my door I kick something across my floor. Reaching up to turn on the light I grumble at the fact I had just cleaned my room this morning. “Dammit Pete..” But in fact it was a simple golden necklace and golden locket. “Where did this come from?” thinking out loud I simply put it on my night stand, took of my shirt and pants and got into bed.

Sleeping would have came easy, if it wasn’t for the faint sound of crying from up above. It was the sound of soft tears not the obnoxious hard falling ones. I reached over, pocketed the locket, and grabbed a shirt. I climbed up the stairs quietly and when I reached the top I saw a dim light and the outline of sydneys body sitting at a desk in the corner. I didn’t want to scare her so I whispered “Sydney? Are you ok?” She quickly turned around and wiped her face. “Oh hey Patrick, yeah I’m ok. Just looking at some old stuff and writing new lyrics.” I didn’t believe that for a second. I walked over to her and sat down on the edge of her bed. “Well um, I found this on my floor about an hour ago. Is it yours?” I held out the locket. She immediately jumped up and hugged me. The feeling was amazing and she smelled so great. “Patrick! Thank you so much! I can’t believe you found it!” She even went as far as to give me a kiss on the cheek. I could have died. Trying to regain my words I replied “Well you’re very welcome. But if you don’t mind me asking, why is it so important?” Her smile faded to sadness. “It was my mothers. She gave it to me 2 years before she died. It’s the only thing I have left of my best friend, Patrick. If I lose it, I lose her, If I lose her, I lose everything.” She explained to me. I could see the forming of a small tear in her eye. It rolled down her cheek and fell onto what seemed to be a photo album of nothing but her mother. Just seeing her cry, I felt a wave of sadness and tears burning at my own eyes. I wanted to reach over and take her in my arms and tell her everything was ok. That I was here. Before I could react to anything she spoke clearly. “This has been my dream, to make music and to be around…you guys. I know that this would make her so proud.” Excitement jumped into my stomach at the thought of what she was going to say instead of “you guys”. Could it be me? No, it couldn’t. Could it? I had to pry, I had to know. I laughed. “Well that’s awfully flattering that you want to be with us. But I’m sure there is a person in particular. There always is.” She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes. “You know me so well Patrick. But I guess I just don’t want it to get out to him. I mean, it’s not like he’d like me anyway.” My heart beat sped up at every word she said. “It’s ok, I won’t say anything. Come on, it’s not like I talk to those guys anyway.” I joked. She hesitated but then gave in. “Fine, since I was 13, I’ve had a huge crush on..” My held my breath. “Pete.” This time I couldn’t find my breath. PETE! I screamed inside my head. This whole time? I should have known. I hoped that the sadness hadn’t shown on my face and I was very happy for the darkness at the moment. I couldn’t just leave though. “Don’t worry Syd, your secrets safe. I won’t say a word. Goodnight.” I leaned over and hugged her. Then I climbed back down to my room and got in bed. That night was a restless night. The nightmare of what had just happened replayed over and over in my head. Finally I just gave up on it all, the sadness, the disbelief, and somewhat of the new found love. With this new bitter feeling, I rolled over and went to sleep.

Chapter 5- You Did What?! (sydneys POV)
It seemed as if I had just laid down when the Sun lit up my room. I groaned and threw the covers over my head wanting to close out the day and bring back the night. The sun won, so I threw back the covers and got up. I wanted a fresh new start so I striped down, threw a towel around me and set off on a search for a shower.
When I climbed into Patrick’s room I noticed he was still sleeping, so I quietly crept across his room, even though I felt as if he was watching me. I made my way across the hall to a room full of artistic weird things. I figured it was just a spare room not remembering what Pete had said about the attic being the only room available. As I walked into the bathroom I was met with a deep red paint on the walls and an antic feel to the sink, toilet, and shower. Because of my sleepiness I dropped the towel and jumped in the shower not caring to lock the door at all.
I was just getting used to the warm water when I heard the door open. I froze. Even more fear shot through me when I heard Pete’s voice. “Huh, I guess I started the shower before I went to get a towel. Oh well” Soon the shower curtains opened and he slipped in with his back facing me. I was so terrified at that moment I couldn’t breathe but at the same time I ran my eyes over all of his glorious tattoos. I just wanted to trace them all with my fingers. Finally after he felt his back had adjusted to the warm water, he turned around and his mouth dropped. We were both speechless at the fact of seeing each other naked in the same shower. “Well I didn’t expect this to happen” he chokes out a laugh finally after what seemed like an eternity. My eyes had been glued to the bat tattoo right above his… but now it’s like I had no choice but to travel further. As soon as my eyes filled with the glory of Pete Wentz’s junk, a funny feeling aroused in my stomach. He could tell because he stated “You don’t look to bad yourself there miss Sidney.” His eyes were surveying me all over but stopped when he got to my tattoo similar to where his Bat tattoo was. He came closer to me our bodies pressed up against each other. Skin to skin, chest to chest, … He whispered in my ear. “You look very sexy right now.” As he planted a smooth soft kiss on my lips. This broke out into a make out session. He pushed me up against the wall. All of sudden I felt this intense sharp pain, but it slowly faded into a sensational feeling all over my body. I looked down and snapped back to reality. “Oh shit, Oh shit!” I repeated over and over again. Pete grabbed me and hugged me. “What? What’s wrong? Wait…you’ve never done this before have you?” I looked at him with tears in my eyes. “I was waiting until after I was married for my mom.” He let me go and punched the wall. “Dammit!! I’m so stupid! God!” He continued to punch the wall for a few seconds until I grabbed his hand. “Pete its fine. If I had to lose it to someone, I’m glad that it’s you. I’ve loved you since I was 13.” He just looks at me with tears in his eyes. “Its not that Sydney, I’m an asshole. I can’t do this.” With that, he gets out of the shower, quickly wraps himself in a towel and leaves. I’m standing there trying to register what just happened, when I burst out crying and sink into the water. I lay there for what seems like an hour just letting the water fall on me. Finally I get out, put my towel around me, and slowly walk out of Petes and into Patrick’s room with tears silently coming down my face.
Patricks awake at this point. He’s messing around on his computer, so he doesn’t look up when he says hey. Probably because he can tell I’m in a towel and that’s all. But when I don’t reply he looks up and immediately gets up to come towards me. I just keep walking with tears streaming down my face by now and quickly climb of the stairs. What happened to the perfect life I was having yesterday?
(Patricks POV)
What could have possibly happened during her shower for her to come back so upset? I mean did she use all of the shampoo or something? I’m pacing back and forth in my room wanting to go check on Sydney. She’s been up there all day and it’s almost dinner. The trap-door to her room has been shut the whole time. I climb up the stairs and knock on it, but I know I can’t be heard because I can hear her playing a fiercely sounding song and singing. “You never turned out to what I thought you’d be.” “You took the only part of my dignity” “Now everything in me has wasted away” “You’re the monster that never wish I could create.” Wow…her lyrics are amazing. But that’s beside the point. Hmm..
I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Joe and Andy are sitting munching on our dinner. Pizza. “Where’s Pete?” I ask either of them. “I haven’t seen him all day.” Joe manages to get out between bites. Okay so both of them have been held up in there room all day. Something happened in that shower and I’m going to find out what.
(Petes POV)
Why’d you do that to an 18 year old girl?! What the hell were you thinking man?! You’ve got to get yourself under control! You betrayed your best friend and now you’ve hurt a really awesome girl! These were the thoughts floating in my head all morning, all afternoon. My body doesn’t want to move. Yet I wanted her so bad…and I still do. I just want to touch that skin, that soft skin. But Patrick really likes her. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
Just then the door flies open. “Okay what happened between you and Sydney this morning? I want to know and I want to know now!” Patrick, trying not to get angry forcefully sits Pete up. I shake my head. “Man, I don’t even know, I don’t know what to say.” My eyes are filling with tears once again, at the thought of what I did. “Dammit Pete! What the fuck did you do!?” Now Patricks mad. I can’t keep it from him forever. “Patrick, I’m…I’m sorry. I…I..she…was there and it was right and it was only a second. She stopped me.” I’m trembling at this point. Patricks infuriated. “How could you do that to her? How could you do that to me? You are a Son of a bitch Pete.” With this, he pops Pete right in the face.
But before Patrick could hit him again, a hand grabs his arm. Patrick stops and looks back, to see Sydney standing there. “Patrick….I thought you were the kind of guy that didn’t resort to fighting.” She says in a disappointed tone. Before Patrick could reply, she walks over, grabs Pete and helps him out to the car, looking back just to say.” I hate you Patrick.” At that moment in time, everything that Patrick has ever felt in his entire life has been washed away by those 4 words from the girl he has fallen for. He stands there in disbelief for a few minutes, then sulks up to his room and locks the door.

Chapter 6- Is This Really What You Want? (Sydneys POV)
I had driven to the nearest park I could find so I could nurse his wounds. Rubbing Pete’s head and softly singing his favorite song hopefully would bring him to wake up. Finally, Pete opens one eye and once he sees me he smiles. “Hey sexy.” He says in a half pained half normal voice. “I swear, you always make the best of situations don’t you?” I replied smiling. He sits up. “Ouch, do I even want to know what happened? He looks at his bruised cheekbone. “Well you and Patrick got into a fight. More like Patrick punched you and after that I told him that I hated him.” I replied as if it was not a big deal at all. “ said you hated him?” he turned serious. “Yeah, because he hurt you. I’m not fond of people who hurt who I love.” I returned in all seriousness. He smiled then carefully approached the subject of this morning. “look, I’m really sorry for what I said. You know about not being able to do this.” He says as he comes closer to me. I’m pretty surprised at this point, but I go along with it. “it’s ok just as long as we can start over” I smile devilishly. He takes a hint and begins kissing me. Thank God for tinted windows. I’m experiencing all of this for the first time and I don’t show it. Immediately his tight jeans are off and so is his shirt. I can’t go without tracing those tattoos. He wastes no time with my pants and soon that sharp from this morning does not return but the overwhelming feeling of pleasure hits me even more as he pumps faster and faster. Pete moans as his hands are searching my whole body trying to discover every inch. I let him know my satisfaction to of course, my fingernails digging into his back. “Oh shit, I’m going to Sydney…this is everything I had imagined it to be.” Pete squeezes out the words between moans. In my mind, I’m trying to figure what he means by “I’m going to Sydney” I never took any sex education classes. I’m completely incompetent when it comes to sex. I was about to ask but before I could his “O” filled out the car with sheer pleasure and his body fell limp against mine. He was lightly shaking but so at peace that he was smiling. I looked down at him and smiled also, knowing that I had just indeed had sex with Pete Wentz and It was the most enjoyable experience of my life. Almost good enough to write a song about.
Finally after a little while Pete regained strength ,and began to redress. Halfway through he paused and nervousness crept over his face. He started searching everywhere immediately. I was almost too tired to notice but I figured why not ask. “Hey Pete, whatcha doin?” He looked up at me for a second and then replied “Um just making sure I have everything. Could you please drive home?” A quick smile and that was all. I didn’t really think anything of it. Just the fact that my life had went from bad to great once again.
(Back at the house) (Patricks POV)
I just don’t understand. I was protecting her. Now..she hates me. God…she hates me. Here come the tears once again. I bury my head into my pillow as soon as I hear the door open. I had planned to keep it there until I felt my bed sink just a little and a hand on my back. I decided to go with it and look up. I’m sure I looked like a mess, because Sydney’s face was almost sympathetic. “Hey Patrick…I’m really sorry. I don’t hate you. I just overreacted. I think your such a great guy and a really great friend.” She smiles. This makes me feel like a burden has been lifted from my chest so I reach over and hug her. I automatically smell nothing but Pete. I pull away. “It’s okay, I forgive you. But where’d you go with Pete?” I question. She perks up. “Okay here’s the great part about everything that happened today. We actually…” she stops. “Oh crap, my phones ringing. I’m sorry! I swear I’ll talk to you later!” She gives me one last hug and leaps up the stairs. What did they actually do? This worries me. With Petes problem and everything. No, she couldn’t have went all the way. That’s why I fell for her, because she’s not that easy. I just washed those thoughts out of my head and laid back down to wait for her. But she never came down again that night. All I could hear were happier lyrics and singing. Why am I so in love??

Chapter 7- Say Goodbye To Your Life Darling (Patricks POV)
It’s been 3 months since my fight with Pete. We’re better now, but the weird thing is, Sydney and Pete never talk anymore. Only when it comes to album making time. Which by the way, she’s sold millions already. I’m even more in love with her. The only thing is she’s been acting different. She doesn’t feel too great a lot of the times and a few times she’s called me up to her room crying and I’ve laid with her until she’s fallen asleep. That part I don’t mind, but I hate seeing her so upset. She also claims she’s getting fat, but it doesn’t make since because she has extremely high metabolism. I don’t know, I’m about to go check on her.
As I get up her trap door opens and she’s flying down the stairs. “Woah what’s wrong!” I catch her before she falls. Before she can get words out of her mouth, a fountain of puke goes everywhere. On me, on her, on my floor. I’m thinking well I deserved that, I should have just let her run. But instead I say “Sydney are you ok? What’s wrong with you?” She bursts into tears. “I’m so sorry Patrick. God. I’ll clean it up.” She tries to stand but fails. “Oh no you don’t. You don’t worry about this. I’ll clean it up. But first let’s get you in the shower.” I begin to pick her up. At that moment Pete walks in. “Hey is everything ok.. Aw sick. What happened?” Then he notices Sydney and turns white. “Um is she ok?” I stare at him suspiciously. “She’ll be ok, everything’s fine. Just if you will, get me a few towels and some cleaning stuff?” Pete runs off.
“Sydney, it looks like I’m going to give you a bath as funny as it sounds, ok?” I laugh. She laughs weakly. “Ok Patrick” and then she smiles which makes me want to just hold her a minute longer. As she undresses, I don’t notice what guys would normally notice on a girl, but I notice that her stomach is getting bigger and it doesn’t look like fat. The scariest thought runs through my mind. “Well on second thought, do you think you can manage a shower with the supervision of somebody?” I purpose. “Yeah its cool, I can handle it.” She smiles again. I kiss her forehead and run out of my room grab the car keys and head to the drugstore praying I’m wrong.
(Sydneys POV)
I have no clue what happened to me this morning. It was just a nightmare. But now I’m clean, with Petes help and I’m up in my room waiting for Patrick. It’s funny, I’ve actually grown to like Patrick more than I had before. I just sense there is something wrong with Pete and I can’t talk to him like I can Patrick. I clutch my mother’s locket in my hand as I lay in bed. It’s been with me through a lot. It’s beginning to turn just a little but it will always have the same meaning as when it was so beautiful.
The trap door opens and Patrick pops his head up. “Hey there my hero of the day” I smile. He smiles warmly and beckons for to come down. I follow him down and plop on his bed. “What’s up buttercup?” I reply. “Sydney, I want you to take this, for me please. I know what it looks like, but I’m just worried about you.” He hands me a pregnancy test. I laugh. “Patrick you can only get pregnant if the guy goes all the way…Me guy didn’t.” I put the test down. Patrick picks it and me up and carries me into the bathroom. “Take it.” Is all he has to say and he walks out.
I look down at the box and the pain and pleasure pop into my mind of what happened between me and Pete. But he didn’t go all the way, I know it, he would have told me. Whatever, I’ll just do it for Patrick, because he means so much to me. So I follow the instructions and by the time its ready, I’m actually starting to bite my nails. What if Patricks right? I mean of course I have no clue what going all the way is. What if I’m….pregnant? I’ll have to tell Patrick. I forget about all of that and pick up the test. The plus sign is for positive and the dash sign is for negative…ok. Flip it over and hold your breath. I tell myself. I flip it over but I have my eyes shut. I open one eye..can’t see it. Two eyes...
My heart hits the floor.. it’s positive. “Holy shit!” is all I can say in my mind. What do I do? Patrick knocks on the door. “Can I come in?” he asks. “Um…um…” is all I can manage before I open the door myself and fall into his arms sobbing…
(Patricks POV)
Holding Sydney in my arms, my minds racing. I’m not the dad, I know I’m not. I haven’t done anything with her. Andy and Joe never see her. Pete…my anger flares. “Ok, it’s ok I mean Sydney. It’s going to be alright. Just stay here. I’ll be right back.” I whisper in comfort in her ear. Then I’m off across the hall and on Pete so fast, he has no clue what’s going. “Pete.” I say through clenched teeth. “You didn’t pull out did you? DID YOU?” Petes face sinks. “No, I didn’t. I’m sorry…I..I..was into the moment. I just forgot. I’m sorry. But Patrick I can’t be the dad. Me and Ashlee are dating now. Please Patrick, can you please help me. You’re a better person anyway.” I’m at a loss for words in anger and in joy. Anger because he did this to her and joy because I’ve always loved Sydney. “God Pete, you need help.” That’s all I say as I drop him to his bed and walk back into my room.
I walk back over to Sydney and smile. “It’s going to be ok. I’m here now.” Ah, the words I’d be longing to tell her for months. Sydney looks up at me and smiles also. “Patrick…I love you.”

Epilogue: (sydneys POV)
It’s been 3 months since I have birth to a healthy baby Boy named Oliver Martin Stump. Yes, that means me and Patrick are married. His proposal was amazingly sweet. He wrote a song for me and at the end said Would you marry me. Then he handed me a ring and my mother’s golden locket. He had the locket fixed and polished so it looks amazing to go along with everything else in my life. So our wedding happened 5 months before our boy came. I am only 19. But it all worked out for the better. I’ve never seen Patrick so happy. We both decided to move up to the attic, just for the sake of privacy. I’m so in love and finally with the right three people. My two boys and my daughter on the way.
(Patricks POV)
I didn’t think it would end up with me being happy. But for once it did. I have an amazing wife, an amazing son and an amazing band. I love everything and I even have another girl I can call beautiful on the way.

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