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A new world

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Tifa is tempted by a naked president... just a little.

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They found somewhere and centred themselves around the desk in the bar. Rufus had also discovered their money was of very little use but Ada came to the rescue with that too and settling down with them they talked about the worlds they were in, versus the world Tifa and Rufus had come from. Rufus gave them a little information about Midgar, Edge, and the history of the company he ran and Tifa told him from her point of view about some of it.

Leon and Ada listened interested in the idea of their SOLDIER as it seemed like a sort of successful version of what they had just been investigating, with the virus, but the differences were highly different. The world the two people had come from was vastly different with talks of magic, the dog that the president had and the tales they were telling.

"Well in essence it looks as though we are all going to have to stay together. We don't have any missions to do and we can hopefully help you out." Leon nodded. "It sounds like you're going to need it."

"I hate to admit it but yes." Rufus let out a soft sigh of annoyance. Dark Nation had been made to sit in the jeep outside and he knew the beast would be hungry. "I need to get the animal something to feed or he'll try and eat someone. He's only had a handful."

The sick smirk did nothing to warm him to Tifa at that point. She found Rufus to have his good and bad moments but the whole idea of being stuck near him was confusing her. Should she be mad or should she just enjoy the aesthetic quality of him and push it aside? Either way she knew one thing, she was missing Cloud and the children around them back home.

"Where can we go? We don't have your money here and to be honest I won't feel good taking from you like this." Tifa said her eyes soft towards the two American's.

"Well I think we should consider heading out of Spain at least." Ada smiled. "Leon can you get the helicopter called in? I think a break in London might be nice and we do speak the language."

"London?" Tifa asked her curious.

"It's the capital of a country called England. There's a friend there we can house ourselves in his place until a plan can be put together."

"Well excuse me for interrupting but that puts us further away from the tunnel we came through and if that is the only focal point towards getting home I am not sure I would like that." Rufus pointed out. "What if we can only access our world through that? My people are going to be somewhat concerned if I don't return and honestly I dread to think what will happen if I am not there to oversee things. Some of my staff need closer watching than others."

"You're worried about the Turks aren't you?" Tifa snickered. "They are big enough and stupid enough to look after themselves."

"Well I will agree on the point of big enough." Rufus conceded and looked at them both. "Might we at least consider driving back there tomorrow and making our investigations?"

"I think I could agree to that." Leon nodded and stood up. "Right now it's late and I need some sleep. Ada?"

"Let's go." She smiled.

The room was next door to Rufus and Tifa, sadly with just one spare room left and it being a double bedroom Rufus realised that he would be taking either a chair or the floor. He opened the bedroom window and whistled. Dark Nation yawned, his large row of teeth on display as he guard hound looked around and then concentrated and disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Seconds later he arrived in the bedroom and then sniffed around. He found the bathroom and lapped at the toilet water before flopping down by the entrance door. Tifa got up and put the lid down before noting that the place was used to one stop visitors with disposable toothbrushes and other essentials.

"Let's get a shower." Tifa handed Rufus a fluffy dressing gown. "You go first Rufus I'm going to get to grips with the television and see what their news is like okay?"

"Um Tifa?" Rufus blushed bright red. "I don't know how to run a shower. I... I never had to do it."

"You..." Tifa looked at him, he was quite sincere. She headed through and turned it on. "Do you have servants to wipe your ass too?"

"No." Rufus snapped. "I am not a domestic person that's all." He was embarrassed and now she was making it worse.

"Oh Rufus I'm sorry." Tifa realised that making jokes of his situation was not going to help. It must have taken some swallowing of pride to admit his flaw. She took his jacket from him and kissed his cheek. "It's okay I'll help where I can. I forget how the other side lives that's all."

Rufus nodded and closed the door, undressing and doing his best to fold his clothes to preserve them as best as he could. The water was hot and soothing on his skin but was doing little to ease the tension of their current plight. Rufus hated not being in the know and to be the one in charge and as he stood under the water he sighed wishing to gods he was at least home with comfort and data he could use. Tifa realised he had been alone for a while before she knocked on the door and let herself in.

It was a mistake as she looked up and down the presidents’ body, gods he looked so well built and cared for. In the end she took his hand and pulled him out and wrapped a towel around him as she undressed and washed down too. Rufus snapped out of his current funk when he saw her. She was beautiful and kind. Rufus had over the years come to appreciate kind very much.

Rufus settled with the cushion from the chair on the floor pulling the gown around him and Tifa walked in and looked at the giant bed. She was an adult not a hormonal teenager so she pulled him to his feet and onto the bed with her. Rufus lay rigid for a while unsure of how to get comfortable with her there. If he turned towards her he was going to end up very aroused and knew it so he took a deep breath and turned away and closed his eyes because he was used to being alone anyway. Tifa heard his soft sigh, took a deep breath and moved up behind him and put her arm around his waist. His hand moved around to hers and he dozed off. Tifa decided as she slowly slipped to sleep that it felt pretty comfy.
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