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Senior Year

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'Ahhh, time for school yet again.' I thought waking up in a bed that wasn't mine, 'What the hell?' I thought looking around, then I saw it, William sleeping next to me, 'Why am I still fully clothed?' I asked myself. I felt movement next to me and noticed that William was tossing and turning, like he was having a nightmare. I placed my hand on his cheek and his hand immedantly went to mine, calming down. I stared at him for a full minute before realizing that we had to go to school in less then 2 hours.

"William, Sweetie, get up." I whispered in his ear, I watched his eyes flutter open revealing his beautiful brown eyes.

"Okay, wow I'm happy that I didn't let you drive home last night." He mumbled wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"What happened last night?" I asked him, "Why wouldn't you let me go home?"

"You had a emotional break down again, you just kept repeating the same thing over and over again 'Why me?' that's all you said." He replied sitting up, showing his 'pecks', I prefer to call them manboobs.

"What happened before that?" I asked raising an eyebrow, a trick I learned from my mom.

"Uhm, I think that your ex girlfriend called you and started cussing you out and calling you a whore and a pig. Then you threw you cell into my pool, where I then dived into and saved it, so you still have a cell-" I cut him off to say,

"Yeah I remember now."

"I'm so sorry about that! I should have never handed you your cell when I saw the caller ID say Cassidy, I'm so stupid!" He said making a fist.

"No it's okay, it's all on me for going out with her, she wasn't the best person to be around." I said putting my hand on his fist and wrapping my fingers around it.

"I lovers yew JFner!" He said putting his head on my shoulder, I loved it when he called me JFner, it's been my nick name sence 9th grade.

"I lovers yew tew Willy Billy!" He absolutly HATED being called Willy Billy, I just do it cuz I love the way he reacts.

"UGH! What have I told you about that!" He exclamed looking into my, now, dark blue, almost black, eyes.

"To not too." I smiled.

"I...know." He mumbled being hipnotized by my eyes. I have that effect on people.

"OH SHIITE! We gotta get ready for school!" I practically shout, snapping him out of his trance.

"We have school? But it's Saturday." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Are you serious!?" I asked.

"It's either Saturday or I'm retarded." He laughed.

"Lets go get you tested, Retard." I said grabbing his arm.

"I'm not retarded Jen, it's really Sautrday." He said getting his are out of my grasp.

"But it's suppost to be the first day of out Senior year." I whined.

"No Monday is the first day of our Senior year, today we sleep." He said lying back down and closing his eyes. I did the same,

"I love you."

"I love you too."

I'm sorry it's short, I just havn't felt like writing. BUT i know what i'm doing for the next chapter! YAY! ^_^.
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