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I was about to call out to him from underneath the bed, when the bedroom door opened. I heard something crash on the floor and shatter from the way of the drawers, and whoever was at the door screamed. Loudly.

I could tell it was a girl from the pitch, and also the fact that I could see her legs.

This is bad, very bad.

It was even worse when I could both feel and hear the thumps of feet coming to the room. Maybe around ten others.

We were totally screwed. Did I mention we were on the second floor? I might be able to jump it, but I’d have to open the window first, and I doubt I’d have that much time before someone managed to grab me, unless… unless I surprise them to where they’re too stunned to do to much as I ran away.

I wouldn’t even have to worry if Jennings got caught and told them all who I was. It’s not like they’d be able to find me. I mean, I live in the slums, and it’s a fucking maze. Even if they could navigate their way through, no one tells no one nothing, whether its for one of there own, or a stranger.

But it’s still not worth the risk.

In the end, I decided to stay underneath the bed until everything cleared up. That is, unless Jennings told anyone I was here.

At first, I couldn’t really tell what was happening with my idiotic partner, and I was silently screaming him to run, or at least do something instead of just standing there, but he didn’t.

This is the biggest reason I don’t work with partners. You can’t trust them.

With that thought, I knew I had to get out of here as quick as possible. I watched from underneath the bed as Jennings was apprehended, and heard one talk about calling the police, which is what one of the employees went to go do.

As I laid under the bed, biding my time to run off, I wondered what had made the maid walk in here. From what I had seen, no one came in here, not from what I could tell.

Maybe I had miscalculated? Besides, if Jennings really did have someone working on the inside for him, then we would have been told. Something feels off…

I could hear the police sirens in the distance, and I knew my time was running out quickly, though I still had a couple of minutes to get out.

The thing is, the people weren’t leaving.

I also couldn’t tell which way they’re looking either, because, like I stated earlier, all I could see where their legs.

I knew what I would have to do. I was going to have to run out, and see if I actually could surprise them enough into immobility, and run out.

Of course, I’d feel sorry for Jennings, but more about the fact that I wouldn’t be getting any of the promised money. I knew I should have asked for some before I took the job. You know, make sure that they actually intended to pay me. Down payment, if you will.

I guess they knew I’d probably run off with that without doing the job first though.

“You have a partner?” I asked one of the male workers say gruffly, and needlessly strained my ears to hear Jennings answer, silently promising to put him in serious pain if he’d given me away.

“Yes,” he said quickly. That bastard!

“Where is he?” the same guy asked, and I got ready to jump out, though I had to move some stuff around quietly but fast, so that I wouldn’t be hindered.

“That little shit ran off!” Jennings yelled all of a sudden after a long pause. I would have laughed if I wasn’t in this sort of position. He’d probably not seen me crawl under here.

“Look around the house, he might still be here,” the other man ordered, and all but him and one other left.

Okay, this partnership is finally starting to work out. Not for him, of course. He’d just unknowingly gave me a much bigger chance of getting out.

I crawled to the end of the bed, and looked out to get a better view, hoping that I wouldn’t be seen. I wasn’t.

I saw that Jennings hands had been tied behind his back, nor did he even look like he was trying to figure out how to get out of that situation. The other two people, one was distinctly Spanish, and was standing behind the one who’d given the orders, who seemed a to be American.

The man who’d spoken seemed the most dangerous, since he had largish muscles, and he was standing near the door. I’d have to knock him out first before I could leave, and then I’d be home free. That is, if I didn’t get caught anywhere else.

I was readying myself to jump out, and I could hear the sirens practically outside the house now. Now was the time that I had to get out.

Before the other three even knew what was happening, I’d launched myself from underneath the bed, which was tall enough for me to do so.

They didn’t even see me until I slammed into the man by the door, causing him to crash into the wall and slump down, and by then, I was already out of the room and racing down the hallway.

Only then did I realize that I was still holding onto the box. I’m not sure how I’d manage to forget about it, or at least not drop it, but I was glad I did what I did. Whatever was in here was worth quite a bit, and I could use that to my advantage. If the person who’d hired me for this job wouldn’t pay for it, then I’d find someone else who would, unless whatever in here wasn’t important to anyone else. I’d figure something out.

Right now, I needed a way to escape. I heard the door slam open, and a few people, policemen, running up to the second level.

Shit. If they reached the landing, then I’d be seen, I needed somewhere to hide.

Thankfully, there was a door nearby, and I opened it, shutting it when the footsteps leveled out, meaning that they’d reached the top.

I let out a large breath that didn’t know that I was holding, and slumped against the door, then took in my surroundings.

Oh, shit. I was in a bathroom. An occupied one. With a woman. In the shower. And she saw me.

I practically slammed into the door in my hurry to get out, and was again down the hallway. The policemen had already passed, but I could hear their footsteps stop when the woman I walked in on screamed.

And then again when someone went to investigate.

I could tell I had been spotted when the policemen group split up, one going the way of the master bedroom, and one coming my way.


I knew better than to go out the front door, since it led to a large, wide open space. The kitchen door was the best bet, and was also where I came in from, so I knew exactly where it was.

I ran down another hallway, past one of Richards workers, who tried to grab me, but I dodged, and managed to get my way into the kitchen. Thankfully, there was no one in here, and locked the door behind me, soon to hear banging, and someone yelling at me to open up.

I made my way quickly to the back and out the door, racing as fast as I could with the box without tripping, towards the woods in the back.

The thing is, there was a car at the back too. Not a police car, no. A regularish, blue one, that had a man sitting on the hood.

The minute he saw me, he quickly pushed himself off the hood and pulled a gun out, aiming it right at me. I stopped dead in my tracks, and I knew that I probably looked like a deer caught in headlights.

I shifted my hold on the box, putting it slightly to one side, my hands tightening on it protectively.

“Drop the box, and put your hands up,” the man said threateningly. He seemed to be a few years older than me, maybe twenty four, twenty five, somewhere in that area.

I shook my head, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I really don’t like guns. They smell and they’re dangerous, and being shot hurts. And besides, I can’t afford medical help. Even if I could, I couldn’t go to a hospital. It would be the end of me, especially if I had to stay there by the time of the full moon, which, by the way, was tonight, actually.

This was a horrible night to try and burglarize anyone.

Easily figured at by the gun pointed at my head.

“I said drop the box, and put your hand on your head.”

By now, I wasn’t listening to him anymore.

I made a mistake. A big, big mistake. I let the promise of money fog my mind to the point that I waved off the fact that tonight was the last night of the full moon.

I was too preoccupied with scoping out the place that I forgot the number one rule of my kind.

Do not get caught on the third night, especially by a human.

Not the exact wording, but practically the same. If anything, we were supposed to follow this rule. We had to, it was essential to survival and to stay in hiding.

Tonight was the night, and the moon was almost at it‘s zenith. I could tell, just a few more minutes, and it would mean the end of my life, if I couldn’t get away.

There was only way one way I could think of getting out of this.

I dropped the box, and did as the man said, raising my hands up to show that I was unarmed.




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