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The Magic of Video Games

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Amanuma is bored. Luckily, Itsuki offers a trip to the arcade.

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The Magic of Video Games
“How cold is it outside?,” the small brunette asked, putting a jacket on over his long-sleeved shirt.

“Nineteen degrees,” a calm, soft voice replied, watching the boy sigh as if to say “Aw, man!” or something along those lines. “If it is the video game arcade you are wanting to go to, then I will be glad to take you.”

The small boy looked up, “Nah, it’s okay, Mr. Itsuki, you don’t need to waste your time.”

Now Itsuki sighed. Amanuma could be so strange sometimes. The yaminade knew that the boy’s only wish was to have his freedom at the arcade. He spoke softly, “Whatever you say, my little fried, but I will keep my offer on the table. If you wish to go now, I would still be glad to take you.”

“Nah, that’s okay, I’ll just go play the Wii and wait on Mitarai to wake up.”

Amanuma broke the conversation there.



The brunette laughed as the game of tennis intensified on the screen. He was still waiting for Mitarai, who usually played for hours with him. However, after a few hours, there was still no sign of him.

Amanuma took the white controller off of his arm and placed it by the matching video game console, and then fell down onto the floor

“Amanuma? You’re still here?,” Itsuki asked, smiling at the boy.

“Yeah, I really wish Mitarai was awake, how much does he sleep, anyway?,” the eleven year old asked to no one in particular, looking down at the carpet beneath him.

“Hmm, you’re bored, huh?” the youkai asked, walking over to the boy, crouching down beside him.

“Yeah, and I’ll bet you are too, Mr. Itsuki,” the brunette said, looking up at the teal-haired youkai.

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, then, can we go to the arcade now? Maybe it has warmed up!”

“Sure,” the yaminade smiled.

“All right!”


The neon lights flashed before the two, and Itsuki was shocked.

“What are those lights?,” Itsuki asked, pointing toward the front of the arcade.

“Those are games, Itsuki,” the boy replied. “Gees, you really don’t know much about the human world, do you?”

Itsuki smiled and shook his head, “No, I only know of the literature, and the Chapter Black tape, of course.”

“Oh, um.. Whatever...” Amanuma said, walking into the arcade, with Itsuki following behind.


Hours and hours passed, and Amanuma taught Itsuki just how much fun human video games were. This would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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