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Basic Necessities

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Harry goes shopping...

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Chapter 2: Basic Necessities

Harry, while for the most part a self-dependant person, had almost rarely gone shopping before, especially alone. Practically the only time he had seen to all his necessities by himself was when he stayed in Diagon Alley for a couple of weeks before his third year at Hogwarts.

However, with a burst of confidence in himself and hoping to take the challenge of normalcy by the horns, he decided to go shopping.

Granted, Harry had already bought stuff before from all over town, but that was only the basic necessities, like clothing and toiletries. Now, he just wanted to buy things which any ordinary person would have, in terms of food, clothing, entertainment, or just about anything.

As much as Harry wanted to have new things, he decided he would follow one simple rule: Not to spoil himself. Spoiling himself, in his eyes, would put him down there with people like the Dursleys and the Malfoys.

This wasn't exactly the occasion on which he should spoil himself, either. This was just to make sure he had everything. A normal person would have.

Harry had a few sets of clothing, which had lasted just long enough for the past couple of weeks. So, his first stop was a department store.

Briefs, boxers, socks and a spare pair of shoes were all taken care of first. He then got jeans, shorts, and shirts, and a couple of belts. He topped that all off with some nightclothes. Finally, Harry reasoned to get new clothes for different seasons as they changed.

Harry was just on his way out of the mall when he realized he could do with a new watch. So, he decided to by a silver watch which had a flexband and was water resistant for up to a hundred feet. His mind briefly flashed upon the sojourn in the lake during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, but seeing as he had no other plans like that, he decided not to worry about it.

After returning back home to his apartment, Harry sorted and stored away the brand-new purchases and made his way back to the mall for a second round of shopping.

In regards to an entertainment system, he just decided to get a modest-sized TV (he had grown up watching little or no television, so it didn't matter much to him) and a VCR, just in case. Those would get delivered to his home in a few days.

After that, there was a trip to the computer store to purchase a basic computer with access to the Internet. The computer itself, monitor, keyboard, speakers, modem, and a few other goodies were purchased, and those would arrive in a package at his home within a week.

The furniture had all been purchased beforehand, during the two weeks while Harry was severing his last ties to the wizarding world, among the other few basics he bought before today. Today was just to make sure he had all the basic necessities.

There was one last kind of thing Harry would need: The proper tools to educate himself with if he wanted a job in the Muggle world.

Making one last trip to the mall, Harry headed for the bookstore. There, he brought self-teaching books on math, history, science, and a few other odds and ends.

The young woman at the counter was rather perplexed, to say the least, to see a teenager buying all these textbooks within the first few weeks of summer vacation. "A lot of work to catch up on?" she asked, trying to make conversation.

"You could say that," Harry responded.

Later on, Harry was walking through town on his way to lunch when he passed a gym. Here, he realized, almost as though for the first time, that he needed to learn new means of self-defense, as he couldn't always rely on magic from here on out. By this point in time, Harry was beginning to look healthy again and he was now the height he should be at (he took a potion during his training at the Founders' Temple to make himself grow to that height, since the Dursleys' treatment of him didn't help in that department).

After lunch, Harry went back to the gym and signed up for a year's membership to use the facility. He would be sure to come here on a regular basis.

For the rest of the day, he merely perused through his new textbooks and learning various things, mainly about math and law, two things which he knew he would need to know as an adult.

As the sun set, Harry dwelled upon whether or not he should change his name and appearance. In the long run, he decided not to do that. Harry James Potter wanted to keep the title and the looks both his parents had given him the day he was born. While it was primarily a matter of how he considered honoring his parents, it was also because he wanted to be called by his name without the hero worship or prejudice he often got from the wizarding world. Harry wanted his name to be unassociated with any of that from now on.

However, he wouldn't forget his parents or godfather. In fact, the more he thought about that, the more he was somewhat grateful in a bizarre and perverse way that Sirius wasn't alive to witness his betrayal. Harry shuddered, having to think about whether or not Sirius would have let history repeat itself or prevent that from happening. In the end, Harry was merely grateful for the small fact that never happened.

As the first few stars began to twinkle in the night sky, Harry put the books aside and went to bed. He wanted to be up and early, especially if he was going to go out looking for a job.

(End of Chapter 2.)

A/N: I've seen other stories where Harry goes on luxurious shopping sprees. This isn't meant to be one of those shopping sprees, and there won't be one... yet.

Next chapter is Harry teaching himself and trying to get a job. -Quillian
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