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Somewhere of Not the Same Place

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And now for a plot twist!

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As a reminder, there is a difference between "Chapters" and "Passages". Chapters are for Sara, Passages are something else
First Passage
Somewhere Of Not the Same Place
Hunger. Must EAT. Need.... Something. Where am I? Who am I?
"WHO AM I?" Screams a voice in a dark as black pitch.
Who was that? Was it me? Or not me?
"Who cares if it was you, or I, or the dead, or anyone? When in here, all is dark and sanity is lost. Give in." responds the darkness
"NOOOO!" screeches the voice again.
Who is this? What is going on.....? HUNGER. Must find.......what? Light? Family? Food? Help?
"Prey is what you want." Something sinister and cold purrs deeply.
No, we, I, must resist. Must fight! Why? What am I fighting?
"What is the point of resisting me? I am what you want. What you need to make you powerful." Whispers the blackness.
"Because of sanity and reason!" A ghost responds vehemently.
"None of that will matter when I get out and the hunt begins." growls a demonic presence.
"STOP TALKING!" yells the first voice again raggedly.
"Only when I win." state the three other voices in unison.
The voice screams again in pain and longing for something it doesn't remember then all goes silent.
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