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Mama We All Go To Hell

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In the beginning..

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Franks POV

'You bastard!!' I squealed as Mikey emptied an ice bucket over my head. It was bloody freezing!

'Eeeep! Brainfreeze!' I giggled, dancing around flapping my arms. From behind me came the blissful sound of a Mikey in extreeeme pain. I turned and, to my hearts delight, saw Mikey trapped in a headlock, being given a merciless noogie by his dear brother Gerard. Suddenly, I heard a moan. It was just out of earshot. I turned and motioned for the guys to shut up. They stopped attacking each other and joined me on the pavement.

'Did you hear that?' I asked.

'Hear what?' whined Mikey, rubbing a throbbing ear.

'That----' I broke off, Gerard had turned and was running towards an alleyway. And that's where we found Ray. Lying there and covered in blood.

Gerard's POV

'Oh Jeeesus! Mikey, Come here I need you to call the police! Some monsters...err...animals...THINGS have attacked Luna and Ray! Actually screw that idea, just call an ambulance!' I tore off my shirt and used it to staunch Ray's bleeding (there wasn't much point me helping Luna). Behind me I heard a noise like someone being sick. It was Frank. Being sick.

'Eww...Frank please go help Mikey or go for help or something just stop that!' Maybe it was all the noise of the cold breeze that was blowing but Ray stirred. Straight away, as soon as he saw Luna, he cried out,

'Luna? Someone? OH GOD!' I put my arms around him, making him jump.

'Gee? Is it really you? I've really fucked up this time haven't I?'

'No, no it wasn't your fault' I rocked him in my arms like a baby 'Can you remember who did Ray? Who killed Luna?'

'I did'

'No mate, you didn't, now who was it?'


'Really Ray, I'm being serious. Who was it, you can tell me.

'Fuck Gee! It was me!'

I fell silent. I couldn't believe it. Ray, a murderer?

A.N/ I was gonna end the chapter here but its really short so I'm gonna continue it now. Enjoy Chucks XD

Then he turned to look me in the eye. His eyes were amber. Just like a wolf's. An ancient memory stirred in me. Running, fighting, screaming.

Flashback 1392

'Burn, burn BURN! Burn the beasts!' I recoiled from the window and turned to my mother.

'Mama? What shall we do? The peasants have come for us!' She turned around, her blood red lips outlined in the half-light.

'I can see that Gerard darling, I am deciding whether we should feed, fight or flee.'

'We must fight the mortals mother! Regain our name! Show them that we can fight without an army or weapons!'

'No darling, I fear if we did, Micheral [AN Yes Micheral] would not be strong enough to survive.' I turned slowly.

'What? What do you mean? We are both of the same blood, the same family, the same skills!'

'No dear, quite the contrary, Micheral is not of the pure blood...'

'Not a pure blood Vampire? How can that be?'

'It is none of your concern. The fact is that we must fly this place and escape the clutches of those foul humans' She spat the last word with such venom it shocked me. Suddenly I heard a banging at the iron door and knew that the mortals had arrived. A cry echoed through the hall. Looking up, I saw Micheral balanced on a beam, high up in the ceiling.

'Gerard help me! My wings won't unfold and the people are here!' The look on his face showed that he had not overheard the conversation below. Muttering reassurances to Micheral and curses to mother, I glided upwards and gathered my brother in my arms. He was painfully slim. I wasn't exactly average weight (we were vampires) but I could feel every line in every bone and every sinew. Then, from below, I heard something that would change our lives forever. A scream. The scream of a dying Vampire. Then it broke off.

'Mama?' whimpered Micheral.

Flashback End.

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