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Why Karasu thinks the Kurama and it perfect

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: Description of the contents of actually only the thoughts of Karasu over it and Kurama and why the two for each other are so perfect. (this is when i was just starting out in english it was first...

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Karasu, Kurama - Published: 2006-03-24 - Updated: 2006-03-25 - 503 words

Why Karasu thinks the Kurama and it perfect are few Description of contents; actually only the thoughts of Karasu over it and Kurama and why the two for each other are so perfect. Àh, reliably it is true! Naturally Kurama and I would deliver perfect few. It and I, we both look very good, and naturally it loves me exactly the same as I it liebe (Auch if it that would at present never admit! But it will already do that with the time.) Just like I it love to fight, then it does its dark side in him. We both possess marvelous singing are correct, also whom my on one of these albums had to be never heard! (which personal, as I find, a dishonor is!) I believe those was only jealous on it that it me more like than those! What? You do not believe me that? Naturally he loves me! It would have me never so hard attempt to kill whom that differently lasts. You want prove? How would it be then with this, when I had seized it from the rear, right after the before-round fight? It trembled forwards to divert, when I shed it over painted. Its dear to me and his unstillbares require for me were the whole time from its are correct to hear out. As he spoke! Did you know that it only to the fights came around me to watch? How dear of it! Or as it its Kitsune form accepted hat(Yoko) only for me, exactly knowing like much I its yoko Kurama form admire. That was terribly thought full from it and for me proof enough which it me loves! More unquestionably point, he would have undressed and... now you surely completely already point, if not all the spectators last there been! So much he loves me! I always thought that our dear had to be noticed rather easily, while we fought! The way as it to me rangeschmissen themselves has the whole time or like its eyes to have radiated and shine, it was really very romantic. It really surprises me that so many did not notice it. It fought me the whole time with its heart in its eyes and with sweet curses on the lips. It was really better than each film and everyone eats which I ever had, which you can believe me Even Bui was my opinion which we perfectly to each other fits. Its unbelievable, rothaarige beauty, contrary to with my dark appearance. We are the accurate contrasts of one that and like everyone let us point put on these. Yusuke has this weak humans child, Keiko, Toguro had gene dock, and I... I have Kurama. My more sweetly, more beautifully and soon very dead Kitsune! A dishonor is that I not able was it during our fight to be killed! But there is always next time, how I tend to say. Footnote; I possess only which I wrote here, otherwise nothing and that is everything!
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