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Study Date

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-smacks forehead- Why am I such an idiot?

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I followed her out to the hallway full of students eager to start the weekend. She walked up to what I assumed was her locker and stopped in front of it. "Don't you need to go to your locker?" she asked. "No," I said quickly, "I already have everything I need.""A'ight," she said trying to sound like a gangster. She laughed and then pulled a screwdriver out of her pocket. She turned back to her locker and deftly unscrewed the lock. She pulled out her bag and then put a book with a unicorn, of all things, on the cover in her bag. She closed her locker without putting the lock back on."Aren't you worried about getting your stuff stolen?" I asked."No, they wouldn't do that," she answered and then smiled deviously, "They're all too afraid of me."
Maybe I shouldn't hang out with her... I gave her a weak smile and for a moment she said nothing. Then, suddenly, she grabbed my arm and said, "Come on, let's go." She pulled me toward the front door. I was momentarily dazed. She's touching me...
(No this chapter is not finished I will finish it in about half an hour)
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